March 2015 Monthly Guidance – And The Beat Goes On

Last month, February 2014 hit with some unexpected and unforeseen nor predicted bouts of chaos, anxiety and conflict. As difficult as February may have been for many; this month (March) comes “marching in” with strong, decisive energies and there feels to be little to be confused or conflicted about. Join me as my guides share their insight, guidance and on overview of the coming month.

Although one of the longest months of the year both in calendar days and the shifts of both sunrise and sunset the Universal pace will speed things up so that March will all but appear to disappear.

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We look at the Universal lessons and Collective energies, both in our spiritual purpose and highest life path and any warnings on how to avoid blocks or obstacles. Weather as always will be a key factor in the symbolism to our true purpose and we will also look at the media, politics, economy and the resent uprisings or unrest among various insurgents and those causing conflict and threatening world peace under the guise of “freedom”. Please note that in NO way are my guides judging such groups, however violence, bias and threats in no way serve the highest good or lead to a peaceful outcome, it is the way not necessarily the actual intention that brings upon the wrath of Universe and/or Divine.

1) Our Universal/Collective lesson:

In part due to the challenges we faced in February March is a very charged and highly motivated month. It is literally overflowing with potential and possibilities in all areas, specific to each of our life paths’ and intentions however there is a great need for trust and risk taking. For those that are able to “march ahead” and hold out the faith or belief that the risks are worth the potential to be gained, this month can be truly limitless and many may find themselves making change after change all with positive outcomes and surprising results. For marching-band-568740_1280those that are somewhat “shell shocked” and reluctant to take chances or risks, there is the ever present opposite risk of missing out on success, whether one defines that currently as career or relationships. Just as February seemed to be somewhat of a consistent conflict with stability, March will Universally and continually be offering us new and positive potential. So even those that may remain cautious during the first half or even throughout the majority, it only takes one leap of faith to advance on the ever present potential that literally is unstoppable. Relationships are not necessarily specifically in the light this month, however for those that are manifesting love or yearning for a life partner; again the potential appears to be almost everywhere and unless you lock yourself inside (not so much literally as emotionally and spiritually) it will be virtually impossible NOT to have random and possibly numerous encounters. Those in healthy relationships will find that March brings again that energy of “marching to the beat” and camaraderie will be high and almost effortless. In the case of those barely clinging to that which is simply not meant to be or offers no past or present realistic potential, March will be an empowering month for most as our inner spiritual energy is quite profound and in those cases many humans will finally be ready to make that final break, again my guides show us the “marching to the beat”.

2) Weather patterns and symbolic meanings:

Weather patterns show to be in a state of almost constant change and very powerful. Although technically many Countries and areas such as the US view March as the beginning of the end of Winter, the weather feels to be following its own inner call, leaving much unpredictable and that which may be predicted or attempted to be, still somehow find a way to move outside the box, with a myriad of almost each of the 4 seasons giving us a bit of a taste. My guides have always upheld the theory that our weather is directly related to our Universal or Collective energies, and March is another prime and easily seen example. Although there are or will be some stable patterns, these are somewhat sparse and the weather seems determined to give a performance of its true and profound capabilities. Not only possible but quite likely are all types of systems from upper level, electrical thunderstorms to those that occur within the earth’s core such as volcanic, earthquakes and just about everything in between. My guides do not feel that there will be any significant or major world disasters, but more as we have already experienced, just strong or powerful enough to cause disruptions, chaos and related to our personal challenges and ability to adapt and continue moving forward with personal intentions and goals or desired outcomes.

3) Career/jobs and finance

Again the importance in success versus complacency lies in our ability to tap into our spiritual energy, rely and have faith in our empowerment and remain determined to persevere. For those that all the “beat to go on” and refuse to be intimidated or fearful or risks or mistakes, careers, job changes, promotions and financial abundance will be within reach, and quite often we may be faced with choices and complex decisions on which path seems to offer the highest outcome. handshake-440959_1280When making such choices, we should always place our intrinsic satisfaction and stay as close to our true path, ideals and desires as possible. So if you have always secretly hoped to work in the clothing or fashion industry, a job opportunity in that field should easily take precedence over office work even if for the moment the pay or financial aspects appear challenging. This is where hope and belief in self, the future and being true to ourselves will always pay off in all ways versus settling for that which we feel obligated to do. For those that have recently begun or will be staring new business ventures, again success and the possibilities that lie ahead are infinite, so long as we “march to our own drum and beat”, refusing to let fear or negative assumptions rule our spirit and/or choices. To reap the rewards March has to offer it requires we put ALL efforts in and overcome fears or abstain from letting fear, caution or the past define us in any way.

5) Terrorists, security threats and war or the threat of wars:

Because March IS such a powerful month when it comes to our intentions as spiritual beings and as humans, that there is a bit of conflict when it comes to the potential threat of groups, terrorists or those that are seeking to follow what they truly feel IS their highest path and therefore serves a positive role. Again although my guides refrain from judgment in terms of politics. What may or may not actually BE a positive intention or intentions defined by serving the highest good of not just self but for or towards others and therefore bringing about a higher outcome or future. Hence because this month is ruled Universally by the strong call to follow those intentions, there does show to be an uprising in groups, militia and armed forces. (Not those affiliated with the governments military) While currently my guides are not showing there to be any major threats, unfortunately there does feel to be numerous reports and lives needlessly lost those that are innocent and simply caught in the crossfire. As my guides have often reflected upon, the media seem to thrive on garnering attention even if that attention is the result of hysteria, or fear whether the reports are entirely true or not. While there is simply no way of getting around some of that which is simply unavoidable; we can all work together by making or creating the intention that the greater good of all humans is placed above the greater good of a few, so long of course as in doing so we case no harm or additional harm to those that may have already suffered. Imagine how powerful our energies combined can or could be when we put such intentions to the Universe, Creator, God and give that’s as though such has already manifested.

In conclusion:

March is the month that allows each of us to listen to and follow the beating of our own drum. drums-58550_1280To march ahead, neither without letting those things of the past to hold us back nor weigh us down. It is a time of excitement, anticipation and for those that choose to view without limits, March can truly bring us unlimited possibilities and not just for this month, but as the beginning of our future, whether that is love, romance, job/career changes or simply following our heart in what it desires.

It has been said that there is a season for all things and for all things have their season. March is most definitely for “marching” following our spiritual lead and leaving in the past all that we fear, a season to embrace and to capture all that waits for us to simply reach out and take that which has been spiritually gifted to us.

May you all be blessed this month and may your personal “drums” beat strong and ever present, leading you closer to your unique and personal best~~

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What Is Spiritual Hoarding And Is It Bad?

I have recently been watching a program series that followed the lives or stories of hoarding. This is considered a psychiatric disorder as these individuals collect and retain objects which not only have no material value but are often dangerous and unsanitary. It is also common to find “animal hoarders”; usually they begin by “saving” or the intention to save what they see as vulnerable or neglected animals. Although it’s possible to hoard just about any species, the most common are cats and dogs. While the intention begins with an honest and genuine desire to help these animals, the results of hoarding are not only a dire threat to the humans trying to live amongst out of control numbers, these same risks and health related problems literally affect the animals they originally sought to help.

By: Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon

The problem can become so profound, that these individuals are unable to recognize that most of the animals they assume they are helping or caring for in reality are sick, malnourished, diseased and dying. So what began as a pure and healthy concern for other living beings ends up or results in neglect and being impervious to the significant suffering when their basic needs are no longer able to be met, usually due to the numbers. For example it’s not uncommon for a cat hoarder to house 70+ cats; and without a proper or appropriate setting such as what is found in shelters or rescue. The animals take over all of the living space, defecating and then being forced to breathe and live in a virtually uninhabitable environment.

As I watched both in sympathy, pain and horror; my guides intervened and shared with me an insightful message about humanity and how often times healthy and functional humans become “spiritual hoarders”.

First we define this condition or coping mechanism as going hand in hand with emotional hoarding, with the term being interchangeable. What begins as our intention to control or monitor our emotions and spiritual or core energy and shifts, becomes a dysfunctional pattern of being unable to release ANY negative or toxic spiritual or emotional waste.

Just as the literal hoarder, spiritual/emotional hoarding is often triggered by a traumatic event or by the recall of events earlier in life. As this syndrome or pattern continues, just as the collection of cats grows in a cat hoarder’s home, the buildup and collection of emotions, fears, obstacles and inability to express builds until our entire energy is focused on keeping these contained and we become almost frozen or paralyzed in our lives.

chaos-485501_1280As my guides have mentioned quite often, we are of the trinity or trine; therefore our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being is always influenced in what you might imagine to be a constantly rotating wheel or circle. The more we “hoard” our spiritual needs and emotions, the more our physical body becomes affected with various symptoms. These may range from anxiety, depression, risk taking, headaches, body aches and pains and even difficulty sleeping. While not every person that suffers from anxiety or depression is a hoarder (these are also physiological issues not always controlled by our thoughts or energy) all of those that spiritually/emotionally hoard will after enough time, begin to experience one or more of the above mentioned issues.

In mainstream society and for most developed countries there are certain laws both in the legal sense and in the social sense that are seen as appropriate or inappropriate. When a healthy person becomes a hoarder or begins hoarding, they eventually surpass even the normal or common expectations and are left feeling totally disconnected from their own self and the world around them.

For example most of us would feel that it’s inappropriate to become violently angry over a slow checker at the market. And we have our built in radar or control checks that although we may feel frustration and some anger, we do not allow ourselves to display a “tantrum”. When we become hoarders, we go to the opposite extreme and “hoard” our emotional and spiritual affect so that our ability to show justified anger or frustration becomes impossible. So imagine standing in the same line and another customer pushes you aside to move ahead in the line. It would be considered appropriate and within the range of normal boundaries and expression to speak up. Either directing this action towards the responsible party or notifying the checker or nearby associate. With a hoarder, even when it’s appropriate and actually healthy to establish some rights, they will simply ignore the obvious insult and immediately shut off all feelings or connections to themselves and the situation.

shutterstock_164331419When we hoard emotions, feelings or our individual expressions, we are forced to disconnect as it’s virtually impossible for us to dismantle our inner or core feelings and energy without an outlet. So without an ability to vent or to express, we are literally trying to cope in our spiritual core being amidst hundreds of pent up or denied feelings, emotions or in general our ability to express our selves.

The danger in spiritual hoarding is that we are spiritual beings, and when we force ourselves to cut off our spiritual connection, we are no longer truly living life. It is impossible to find and especially to maintain or build any type of healthy relationship when we have disconnected from our own self. And while many spiritual hoarders may actually turn to literal hoarding, drugs, alcohol or other dysfunctional ways of release, these pent up or “hoarded” components never truly are dealt with-therefore they are not released and can only be shifted into another outlet of unhealthy coping and patterns.

To be healthy, productive beings, we absolutely must be able to share some of our energy, and release some of what is or becomes a toxic build up over time. Like oil and water, it is virtually impossible to remain totally detached from emotions or our spiritual self without compromising out entire life and all of the potential of the future.

So how can we recognize that we have become “hoarders” and what can we do to reconnect or plug back in to self and universe?

The biggest indication that you have developed a hoarding problem is in the ability to recognize detachment. If you are in a constant state of repression, whether that is memories, feelings, (positive or negative) and you literally exert constant energy over controlling your emotions or ability to relate intimately with others, chances are high you are hoarding.

We can often define our general or over all well-being by the stability or instability of personal relationships. For those that find dysfunctional patterns in relationships. Such as being overly tolerant to the point of allowing some form of abuse or a total disregard for our wants, needs, hopes or desires to serve others. Then you are likely hoarding and attempting to store all of your feelings and self-expression within. Isolation is another strong sign that you are hoarding. As one of our natural mechanisms for coping with an inability to release, share or interact we often isolate ourselves to minimize the situations in which we feel we are at risk for “acting out”. We also commonly have feelings of watching the world go by, similar to fish in a tank, we can only look out at the world and are unable to join in or connect.

Spiritual hoarding does not occur overnight, it’s a long process that generally stems from some type of situation or past experience in which we were in some way oppressed or ignored. Because we are each unique, what may be a manageable event for one human, can create significant harm to another. So it stands to reason that learning to reconnect and to release our “collection” takes more than a couple of days or even weeks.

meditation-473753_1280The first step to regaining a healthy perspective is acknowledgement of the problem. Once we are able to relate and accept that we have become spiritual or emotional hoarders we immediately can become aware of the problem and begin to address changes. As we become aware of our hoarding problem, it’s important we begin to reconnect and to keep our energy and emotions open and expressive.

These are some guidelines to help reconnect and release so that you can go from hoarder to healthy and begin to recreate your life and future.

Keeping a journal, for many spiritual hoarders trying to speak out or begin sharing what has been kept hidden for a long time is or can feel insurmountable. Instead begin by writing your feelings and your expression (reactions, desires or envisioned response) down several times a day and make a note of the circumstances. Be sure to always go back and read the prior day’s entries as you will begin to feel the pressure being relieved and this prepares us to interact with self and others.

Although my guides do not generally support the theory of reliving the past or going through years of psycho-therapy to uncover every possible trigger or childhood event. If you have had a profound experience, it can be helpful to write this down and then begin to add to the experience the feelings, the pain, the impact such had on your life. This again helps us to identify with the beginning of our hoarding and allows us to release what may have begun this spiral.

Talk!! Make it a goal (always write down goals and the written word carries great power and energy) to speak to at least one or two persons each day. Perhaps you greet your mail carrier, or ask the bank teller how his day is going. It’s not expected that you are going to begin communicating your deepest feelings with strangers; however each interaction or encounter we have with another human begins to break the barriers and walls and creates a positive influence on our eventual outcome.

Try to form scenarios in your mind and work at deciphering a healthy reaction versus overreaction versus non-reactive. Not reacting can be just as dysfunctional as overreacting and in some ways can actually cause greater spiritual harm.

Evaluate your current relationships (if you have people you are close to) and as you work on letting go of the “junk” slowly begin to share your thoughts, ideas or feelings. While some of us may need to begin very slowly, the most important aspect is to embrace the intention of moving in a new direction, and taking steps to share something personal with those that we have established relationships with. Even if you choose to discuss a general topic rather than begin with something personal, learn to express yourself. Part of hoarding is the fear of judgment and the perception of being pushed away, viewed as odd or in general fear of not being accepted. For most of us we will find that our ability to share is actually a delight to those around us and that our opinions, ideas are accepted and possibly even shared by those around us.

clutter-360058_1280Just as the literal hoarder would not expect 10 years of collecting junk and trash that fills their home to where it is literally uninhabitable to be removed in a couple of days. It’s also important to be realistic and we serve always our highest good by taking one small step rather than no steps.

If you find yourself still struggling with releasing and expressing, this may be the perfect time to seek spiritual guidance. A light worker or spiritual expert has the gift or ability to help read your unique energy signature and can offer insight and guidance for your particular situation. Also there are many forms of healing that can be very useful.

Spiritual/emotional hoarding can become a deep core issue and no matter how we got here, it’s important we move ahead. We are meant to express and share; it is how we maintain our connection to all things including self. When we cut off our spiritual connection, we are simply unable to embrace a future or grow as people. There is always potential abundance, and always room for change. There is nothing we carry in our spiritual self that cannot be shifted or altered to our highest good and path because ultimately that is our highest purpose here on earth!

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Chat Now With: Maya Moon

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The 3 Factors to Find and Sustain True Love

Written by Compassionate kate – Love & Relationship expert

As a Love & Relationship Advisor for many years now, whether you’re still searching or already in a relationship, the following 3 Very Important factors is what you NEED to KNOW to not only Find but also secure REAL True Love:

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February Guidance: “Reduced Speed Ahead”

Join me as my guides share their insight into the month ahead. Offering guidance into the Universal energies, lessons, potential for growth and what possible obstacles or challenges we can prepare for.

Leaving the extremely powerful and fast moving energy of January both as the symbolic first month of the New Year and the specific influences; February takes a bit of a significant shift into a much slower speed. The overall lesson or collective energy is adapting to a slower pace without coming to a screeching halt, therefore balance is certainly highlighted. The weather patterns shift temporarily once again from almost spring unseasonable weather in some areas, to more typical patterns or systems expected for our particular season

By: Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon

We also enter into February with Mercury in retrograde until 2/11, adding to the potential for going “too fast” or being caught in total chaos. As we attempt to make use of the chance to catch our breath and gather resources collected thus far, there will remain the undercurrent of movement and intention turned to action. The economy seems to stabilize, however there will be at least 3 fairly strong spikes that affect our power resources (such as oil, coal and world trade) and we are likely to see the same spikes or the up and down in trade, stock market and even real estate. Relationships finally take a back seat to personal empowerment and we may find this reduced speed or shifts into a state of review and evaluation to be a bit draining.

1) The Universal lesson: 

Entering into the second month of a spiritually focused year; the emphasis is on balance and our ability to slow down with allowing our growth or path to come to a total halt. The energy from January was extremely fast paced and decisive and February offers some reprieve from the constant internal demands for change and shifts. Much like merging into a freeway or expressway, we are asked to pay attention to details and awareness of what is taking place around us. Because Mercury is retrograde for the first 11 days of the month, there will be some inner conflict in striving for balance as we struggle with what are past, present and future. The key to making the most of universal energies or influences is the ability to slow down without losing ground or becoming stuck. February is a short month in terms of actual days, but also carries the feeling of passing rather quickly therefore it’s important we align to the yield sign without over correcting. There will be some disturbances with past choices/decisions and again balance is the focus as we learn to accept what cannot be changed and set reasonable goals for what must be changed. This is a month for careful review and evaluation before making final or profound, life changing decisions. To make the most of the potential energy, we must maintain full and total awareness of all potential outcomes and use caution when it comes to irreversible changes, especially during the first 2 weeks. The positive factors or attainable outcomes are the luxury of time, and the gift of being able to truly ascertain each and all opportunity before making things final.

2) Weather patterns:

snowThose in the US are currently watching as a large storm tracks through the north east leaving a trail of large amounts of snow and interrupting travel plans and lifestyles. Although most of the globe has seen warmer and drier weather than per normal; be prepared as February brings about 2-3 significant and total reverse changes or shifts. Again we are shown balance and the ability to slow down without a total shut down and the weather certainly reflects this. There is just enough variety or unexpected and shorter term changes to prevent us from coming to a complete halt, or speeding ahead.

3) Economy finances and career:

February continues to be a strong month for personal business, bringing ideas into fruition and continuing or completing career moves or changes. The economy remains stable with the exception of a few of the “spikes” mentioned previously. Once again a reminder that this is a month to use cautious energy, avoid panic during ups and downs not allowing chaos to take over. There is some risk for panic and fear and such should be avoided as it bodes for later regret and remorse. February is a month to remain cautious but optimistic and another reminder that balance is the key to success.

4) Relationships love and romance:

It’s rather uncommon for the energy to shift in such a way that relationships temporarily take a back seat to personal growth, changes and spiritual connection. But February shows just that. For those that salvaged faltering relationships last month, February will feel a bit stagnant and again we are striving for balance and “slow down don’t stop” especially the first half of the month. February is not the best time to make any final relationship decisions whether family, friends or romance. If you find yourself currently separated or apart, this is a time to just let things be and not push for ultimatums or final decisions such as divorce or The complacency and low energy we may feel in February will be shifting and the risk of letting go of what actually is valuable is the risk in relationships. Postpone major decisions or changes unless these have already been well underway or were initiated in full force last month. For those in committed relationships, it may feel as though we are a bit disconnected from our partner and our focus is on self and sorting through or sifting through major disruptions. We need to adhere to our lesson of balance and refrain from defining such relationships during this minor period of interruption.

5) Political, media or major governmental moves:

Much like our relationships February will bring little in the way of significant news or influential reports of change or threats. All in all February will be rather boring and calm and any rumblings of change, unity among countries or within will end up postponed for the month.

For most of us February gives us a chance to sort through prior shifts, energy and challenges. Although we do feel a slight reprieve from the fast pace of Universal forces from January, it’s still important to our continued spiritual growth and path to remain wide awake and to balance our energy and life path so as we slow down we do not stop, thereby losing ground gained or momentum achieved in prior months. With a month that begins in Mercury retrograde, there is the undercurrent and some pull to reverse directions and get caught back into past issues. The past is never our destiny, so we are advised to avoid costly mistakes by allowing past temptations already resolved to resurface whether that references relationships, jobs, or just our general and overall energy.

February offers the great potential to renew and review, and evaluate what has been accomplished thus far and a chance to retreat without disconnecting so we can bring a fresh and new outlook to the months ahead.


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Chat Now With: Maya Moon

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The importance of understanding the relationship versus the person

My guides teach that in following Universal law (not always listed as a separate and specific law) we find harmony, happiness or dysfunction and unhappiness not in our chosen partner but in the actual relationship.

As humans, and most especially females or those with more female energy and characteristics, we tend to attach our potential for happiness upon a person. As a relationship progresses we become more and more “attached” and as we become at risk for losing our self-identity we also make the mistake of placing all of our hopes or aspirations for happiness upon one individual. If we are receiving attention and our partner is making efforts that support the commitment to the relationship, we can idolize such a person and over time we develop the belief system that our specific partner or one specific person holds the keys to our life’s happiness or unhappiness.

By: Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon


When a relationship becomes dysfunctional, or should our partner exit, we often feel that all of our dreams, hopes and chances for happiness leave with such partner. And although the feminine energy seems to be more prone to this reaction of emotion, male energy can also fall prey.

The danger here is that over time we become dependent upon a partner to keep or make us happy, and when we are unhappy or not in balance or harmony, we tend to affix this to the person, when in reality it is always the RELATIONSHIP that defines our level of satisfaction and completion.

Each romantic relationship, regardless of orientation begins by some type of connection. While generally this is an attraction and a Karmic feeling (Karma defined as the “supposed to be”) we can also develop a strong, lifelong relationship with someone who originally was just a good “friend”. In order for happiness to be complete and lasting, both partners must learn the order or the “trinity” or “trine” of a relationship, and the point or top is the relationship itself, with each person being on either side at the bottom. So if we look at the picture, then we can say the top heart or the vertical point represents the relationship, while the bottom hearts represent each individual.

Although this is in no way meant to imply that as humans we can simply go out and make a selection for a potential life partner in the way we may choose a vase for our home, it DOES rule that it is the relationship that is always the focus, the energy and the vibration of harmony or chaos and not the attachment of either person. By understanding this Universal and Spiritual law, and being able to respect each relationship as a separate entity, we can often save failing relationships or empower ourselves to leave those which no longer or do not serve our highest good.

Our potential as humans to connect on a spiritual and romantic level with other humans really has no limits. Who we spend our life with, or any length of time depends on our Karma, life path, external circumstances and most important; the actual “relationship” itself.

couple-498484_1280When both persons are committed equally and in balance and give the highest attention to the relationship only then can we truly achieve peace, harmony and happiness. When we attach ourselves to the person, we become immobilized to make shifts, or to change patterns that have developed. No matter how much we may feel drawn to, connected with or “in love” with a particular person if the relationship is either non-existent or in a state of obstruction or chaos, we can never achieve true peace and happiness.

An example of attaching to the person and placing the actual relationship below or as secondary to the person is as follows; we feel strongly connected to a person and feel such person is the “one” for us. We may obsess over their thoughts, feelings and intentions, because their actions are not apparent or obvious within the relationship. So perhaps the person makes little or no effort to interact, there is little or no contact and a full commitment is absent or flawed, yet because of our “feelings” we continue to hold on ignoring the obvious dysfunction or even existence of the relationship.

In couples that are emotionally intimate, equally committed with mirror image intentions for the future, keeping the relationship as the top priority can assure us of a happier, balanced and continually flourishing relationship. For existing healthy relationships, following Universal law means as an example that all of our decisions are made with consideration to the relationship first and foremost and our energy and attention is directed towards the relationship before the person. So for example if you are aware that your partner can be a bit insecure, you cater your actions to serve the highest good of the relationship, which in turn serves yourself and your partner. Although at times there may be some overlap; meaning what’s best for the relationship is also best for self or partner, there still needs to be a conscious effort to continually see the relationship as a separate entity, and to evaluate the success or dysfunction, and the future potential as well as the present reality on what the actual relationship provides or lacks.

hands-437968_1280Universal law applies to all relationships, of all levels, although as humans for most if not all of us our most important or most desirous relationship is romantic or that of a life-partner, mate or close and intimate companion.

So no matter how strong one’s feelings may be, nor the Karma; (defined as the feeling of supposed to be) and regardless of the feelings and input by our partner or the other person, if the relationship is ineffectual, chaotic, strained, or totally ignored, it is then impossible to achieve a happy and harmonious life with someone, regardless of how strongly we may feel.

So when you are struggling, whether friendship or family and most important a romantic interest; take a step back even perhaps making a list and honestly evaluate the merits of the “relationship”. These are not personal characteristics and should not read as, she is caring, or he is sensitive to my needs, but instead should be things such as, he/she makes all efforts to support and encourage relationship growth. The decisions are always made with the best interests of the relationship. The happiness or unhappiness is the direct cause and effect of the relationship and its influence in my/our life.

We as humans place emotions as the ultimate factor, when in truth it is the RELATIONSHIP (or lack of) which is the highest point at which we can aspire to, or be successful with.


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Chat Now With: Maya Moon

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Conflict vs. Confusion & How To Know The Difference

By: Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon

Humans are so quick to assume that chaos; obstacles and experiences which cause us to face reality or make difficult choices are “confusing”. Yet in reality my guides teach that there are extremely limited situations which are truly confusing. An example for true confusion would be road signs which contradict the other. Perhaps the work zone slower speed sign remains, yet it’s evident that there is no longer any active construction. Or enjoying a meal at a buffet; the sign above what is not fully identifiable says both pork ribs and beef tips. In general when it comes to making decisions, or reconciling when reality converges with our desired outcome, we are in conflict. While our Spiritual core knows the difference, we shun that light so that we can build upon the ideology of “confusion” which literally enables a dysfunctional pattern or belief.

My guides have taught me that 99% of the time we feel “confused” in regards to a relationship, person or even career/job, the truth is we are in conflict between what we know inside to be true, versus what we want to be true.  Our fear creates this safe place called confusion, so that we can delay accepting the truth and instead seek to justify what we simply do not want to accept. True confusion is, or can be sorted through logical deduction and reasoning, but true conflict wreaks havoc with our emotions and finds us scrambling to uncover reasons, justifications and self-compromise to avoid what is generally inevitable; reality and acceptance.iStock_000010322558Small

The next time you find yourself feeling “confused” take a closer look at your situation, the width or span between what is and what we wish to be. By recognizing conflict for its sheer truth, we can face those difficult choices and reconnect with our higher self, which then allows us to step forward towards our highest path. Confusion creates no emotional or Spiritual reaction and conflict does nothing less.

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January 2015 Future Forecast

The energy of entering into a new year is always powerfully influential, and for most humans, filled with anticipation, excitement and the promise of change.

For January 2015 in addition to the expectations or hopes of opportunity and reward there is an undercurrent of impatience combined with the long awaited shifts many have been preparing for. Following on the heels of a month of instability and unexpected bouts of chaos, January stands out in the Universal or Collective energy to pursue new destinations, paths and shifts with a strong sense of urgency. For many of us the past year although spiritually profound and provocative; it has proven to be challenging and filled with major or significant changes in all areas of our personal lives.

By: Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon

So my guides share their insight on the potential for this vivacious month and offer guidance on avoiding possible obstacles or “roadblocks”. We will look at the Universal lesson or energy, weather patterns, relationships and career and financial influences. Just an interesting side note here; while the prior holiday season is generally associated with some chaos in the rush to prepare for traditions and celebrations; December 2014 was actually rather sluggish and the general energy emitted from Divine or Universe was often perceived as feelings of being scattered, ill-prepared and in some cases just the feeling of being detached from the more traditional feelings of connections. So January more than makes up for the lack of motivation felt or the inability for many to finish tasks, solidify changes, plans and renew our spiritual trinity.

1) The Universal influences and energies; we are quickly shifted into action and filled with a strong urgency to accomplish what has been set aside. Our lesson is per se is to take actions without being reckless. Balancing our lives both personal and spiritually is the “unchanged” factor and remains true in January. However as we are constantly urged to move forward, to put into action intentions left behind or set aside. We all seem to feel the pressure of not missing out on opportunities or our potential and it’s certainly a strong lesson and influence of moving quickly and creatively into the embrace of this new month, New Year.

2) Relationships and social opportunities; for those already connected in healthy and functional relationships, there is little risk for miscommunication, pressure or misunderstandings. Harmony seems to advance quickly and any reunifications are achieved with ease and rapid compromises. In general social networking is a bit fast and furious. Those still seeking to find a partner or soul-mate will find themselvescouple-235664_1280 surrounded by a myriad of energies (other humans) and waves of invitations, functions and the potential whether friendships or romance seem to be non-stop and ever present. For those that recognize the need for release, especially romantic partners but all relationships apply; January gives offers us the strength and determination needed to finally sever ties. In situations where release, letting go or exiting those dysfunctional relationships seemed impossible to accomplish January brings almost instant relief. Past attachments or fears that prevented us from moving on are suddenly cleared and January is perhaps one of the best or highest months in allowing us to reclaim our personal life and highest good by exiting toxic relationships. The strong urgency January brings should be heeded and those that deny or block their recognized need to exit will find anxiety, stress and constant interruptions if unable to move with the flow.

2) Weather patterns and outlook; while my guides predicted the year as a whole as being globally warmer,montestrutto-190471_1280 January seems to contradict that as we cycle from above average to intense cold weather patterns even in tropical climates/countries. Because the Universal energy is that of urgency, the potential for small but strong storms will be reflected this month, with many areas being hit with snow, ice and rain. These weather patterns will move extremely fast across the regions and although some will be fairly significant, because they move at such a fast pace, they will be unable to develop into major storms or linger for long. All weather systems in January will come in short bursts of either strong storm systems cycling with warm and unusual patterns. The majority may be miscalculated by meteorologists as they remain perplexed at the fast moving shifts that occur.

3) Finances, economy and careers; While December (and perhaps prior months) may have seemed to be at a standstill, January sets again this fast paced and abundance of opportunity. The economy will grow and expand and while economic growth may not remain stable, for January the energy suggests growth, revenues and great success for businesses and global economy including investments and stock market. Those that are seeking career changes will find opportunities in all directions and the obstacle will be factored around making choices rather than having little or no opportunities. Because there is such abundance throughout this month, the warning is to be cautious in career shifts and changes and to guard against accepting positions for fear of being without. It’s important for our general lessons this year and our personal spiritual growth to remain strongly connected to our highest self, so that any decision or shift is based on moving towards our goals and not simply “settling”. Let these powerful and fast moving energies work for you as now is the time to be choosy not desperate.

Wishing all a wonderful New Year and all your dreams, goals and desires are realized. Be sure to take advantage of the rush of energy and the pace that can assist us in making better choices and acting out needed shifts and changes. You may have that feeling of “are we there yet” and the answer lies within YOUR power to manifest and create the highest outcome.

Chat Now With: Maya Moon

Chat Now With: Maya Moon

What Everyone Ought To Know About What Numerology Says For 2015

The 8 year in numerology is generally known as the year of power.  It manifests energy on the material plane for the most part, but also addresses one’s personal spiritual grown.  There is very little grey area energetically in 2015.  The energy of the 8 year can go one of two ways; either to the positive or the negative.

By: Susan Speaks with Spirit

By: Susan Speaks with Spirit

On the positive side it is a year of personal empowerment development.  The road seems clear to those with direct and specific goals in mind.  It is a year that brings prosperity to those who focus on business.  It also brings prosperity and growth in the spiritual aspects of life.  It starts with the surprising realization that we have very little influence over anyone but ourselves.  With that realization we are able to let go of the ‘what if’s’ and certain expectations of others in our life.  With those expectations put into a place of “I have no power or influence over this or this person” we can begin to focus on what we can influence and change:  Ourselves.  In this goal, the energy of 2015 promises great growth as it approached with expectations in check.

In terms of finance, it is a good year of growth.  We can expect that our efforts are met commensurately with our income.   It is also a year that is ideal to enact those projects we have been mulling over in terms of business.  Those with a personal numerology 1 year should especially begin those new projects as in conjunction with an overall 8 year it is a particularly propitious time.

As the 8 year plainly expresses its energy on the material plane, we can expect to see country economies grow unless leaders fall into the more negative aspects of the 8 year.

Now, on to the more negative aspects of the 8 year.  Among the more negative energies of 2015 will be greed, superiority and anger.  Those countries and people who fall into these energies can expect to find a lot of frustration in making headway to repair or grow.  Although the energy is conducive to great grown, particularly in the material, the world of business can be a very cold and competitive place.  However, with those expectations in their proper place, these aspects can be managed.  For example:  Some might try to take short-cuts in their business in order to earn money faster or earn better than competitors.  As a result of cutting corners, the product quality suffers and there is failure and frustration.  This is not a year to compete with others, rather to focus on your own projects and business.  Continue your work with practicality and do not allow jealousy or yearning of other’s success break your focus goals.

On a spiritual level the negative aspects can have even greater consequences.  Falling into anger, superiority and contradictory emotions instead of doing the work necessary on the emotional level can lead to pain, insecurity and failure of relationships.  It is important to keep ego from becoming over-inflated and self-important at our initial successes in both spiritual and material planes.  This can lead to a false sense of security which will certainly see the harsh light of reality in the 8 year.

To all the readers of this blog:  I wish you a most prosperous New Year of 2015.

Chat Now With: Susan Speaks with Spirit

Chat Now With: Susan Speaks with Spirit


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