Figuring Out Your Destiny Can Be Easy

Your destiny is exactly that, it is –Yours!  A high percentage of my clients come to me lost on what the next step is in their life and wondering if they are following their destiny.  Understand that some parts of destiny are set.  For example, lessons that our soul planned out for us prior to beginning of this life.  We are here to learn then evolve, by completing our lessons it shifts our destiny to a higher vibrational path and isn’t that the goal for all of us anyways?  To reach true bliss – enlightenment.  Let us take this journey together to find your destiny, fulfill it then go beyond.

By Guillermina Galván, M.S.O.M., Ac., D.D.

By Guillermina Galván, M.S.O.M., Ac., D.D.

Listed here are 5 simple exercises to help you figure out your own destiny.

  1. Meditation: Doing meditation in the manner of your choosing the more you do it the more you will connect and align with your spirit, mind and body with the knowledge of the universe.  In doing so you will be able to see, feel and know what is best for you. So pick up a meditation cd or just sit for 5 minutes:  completely relax and think of nothing.
  2. Chanting: Chant ‘Om,’ the Gayatri, or sing one of your favorite songs.  Chanting helps open up your connections.  When your connections are more open your intuition and awareness are more heightened helping you make correct decisions in your life.
  3. Go out in nature: By going out in nature you will be amazed at how often nature speaks to you if you just listen.  Your animal guides may come out and give you a sign to help answer your longing questions or the elements in nature themselves may be what guide you.  When the animal or element speaks to you listen with your heart to understand the answer.  If that fails, then look up animal guides or elementals and their meanings.  It’s a fun practice to helping understand the world and all her beautiful beings. Peace and Release
  4. Listen: There are messages everywhere if we just take the time to pick up on them.  The message can come from a friend talking off topic to seeing a poster board.  The signs are there if we just pay attention.
  5. Guidance: If you are still feeling lost then find that person or psychic you resonate with for the guidance of what’s next.  We as psychics are given these gifts to help others so let us help you and guide you.

Figuring out your destiny is not just about what career is best for you, though yes that is important too.  You should love your life, what you do and who you’re with, so be proud of who you are, and where you have gotten to in life better yet know where you will go next.  Fulfilling our destiny is how we leave our imprint on the world, find yours, and if you need a little help I’m sure there is a wonderful psychic out there for you to connect with.

Blessings of love and light!

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Chat Now With: Guillermina Galván

April 2015 Monthly Guidance – Just Right Now

Just Right Now

Join me as my guides channel their insight, guidance and predictions for the coming month of April. As we cross over from the rather fast moving Universal energy of March; April beckons us to stay close to the moment, the present or the now.

Our Universal or Collective lesson focuses on maintaining that higher spiritual connection we grasped from previous months but with the added influence of aligning strongly to the present.

Chat with Maya Moon D,Div

Chat with Maya Moon

Much like the entertaining and undeniable skill of trained acrobats; our potential lies in our ability to balance as well. As we continue to be urged forward to seek and/or create our destiny, we are also encouraged to truly grasp the moment, finding gratitude and filled with hope. April brings the strong energy of continued changes; however at the same time we are asked and taught to balance as though on a tight wire so we never lose sight of the now, the present.

Weather patterns symbolize the constant flow of the “now” as it may appear we tend to repeat certain patterns, almost identical replicas of the day or week before. Over all and globally regardless of the seasons; the weather should be much more recognized as what is considered “normal” and should neither be too calm nor overly threatening.

Relationships once again step into focus as we are presented with the ideal Universal energies to truly release the past, and let go of the provocation or anxiety surrounding worries about the future. Again the theme of “just right now” becomes a strong intention with the ability to guide us to being grateful for all that we have now without dragging the potential down or out of reach with that which is out of range.

The media, both journalistic and paparazzi seem to be fairly repetitive as the stories all relate to the same Universal lesson with seemingly only the names being changed. Jobs, careers, business and finance reflect the same lessons; no matter what is predicted or assimilated, it just continues to be right now with little if any significant changes.

1) Our Universal lesson and Collective energy: Although our lesson is not to come to a literal stop. The learning curve is to continue our empowerment of change, spiritual awareness and the pursuit of our dreams and potential. However the slight twist becomes that of learning to remain in the now, the present. This can be defined by the ability or blessing of letting go of what came before (fears) and avoiding too much presumption of what lies ahead (anxiety/chaos) so that we remain strong, empowered and in motion but with the gratitude of right now and the ability to absorb what is right before us.

2) Relationships, romantic and other: Relationships once again step into the limelight as we begin to celebrate that within self (our core relationship with self) and those encounters with others. While soul mates, life partners or serious romantic become the focus as we learn to see through eyes of joy and gratitude. We no longer need to cling to that which came before, nor become pressured about what lies ahead. Instead we can truly walk hand in hand, again with gratitude ever present and the ability to simply be in the now, with that being good enough for happiness. The same does hold true in all relationships, but those united with someone special have the potential to reach a state of being that brings clarity and light, rather than dread or old fears or anxiety provoking stress.soulmates

3) Weather patterns: We saw a bit of this last month where repetition seemed to be prominent in weather patterns. In April the weather (according to my guides always symbolic of our Universal energies) seems to be closer aligned to the “normal” for each season and area. However most important is our ability to accept whatever is given. If it rains we can appreciate the flowers blooming, if it dries out, we are grateful for the chance to be outdoors. And instead of being obsessive about the weather to come, we are now more than ever able to accept and even embrace whatever is brought forward for that day or time, with little or no worry about the maybe’s or could be’s.

4) News and media: The media may almost be tedious. For many of us the “just now” is simply the repetition of similar occurrences, where just the names or places have been changed, but the actual “news” is not really news at all but more an attempt to fill airspace. My guides do feel that the media often seeks to shock and create fear or chaos and April could lay the perfect foundation for humans to learn to disconnect from one event indicating the potential for growth or an “uprising” and if we choose to simply be in the now, we are in the perfect phase to allow these to be heard and dismissed. There does not appear to be any catastrophic events that will be headed our way, or cause for concern. The only chaos is that which is being attempted and our choice to accept such or decline that energy for what we have right now.

5) Finance, jobs, business and economics: Much like the news or media, there may be a great deal of discussion, prediction and foretelling of girls-407685_1280what could, may or might occur. However the truth is April is a very solid month, with finances holding strong and all those seeking their destiny or true path able to stay on course with success, prosperity and abundance. The difference once again lies within our own self and identity and whether we accept what we have not and maintain that in faith or we allow ourselves to drift off into the “what if’s” and “maybe’s”. The biggest obstacle for the economy in April is simply allowing yourself to move out of the now. For those that resist this, the present offers day after day the chance for new ideas, consistency and as we seem to be repeating, gratitude for what has been given.

April is predicted to be a month that continues to move at a fairly quick pace, but with the amazing potential for each of us humans to truly live and embrace the now. And if a problem should arise, it can easily be overcome by the reminder of; “it’s just right now”. And for all the many positive possibilities that we are all equal in aspiring to, achieving and attaining, we can embrace the entire month with the mantra of; “it’s just right now” for in truth that is what our spiritual being, light and path is truly about, its highest purpose, right now~

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3 Easy Steps to Help Increase Your Energy

You need energy to work, care for yourself, your loved ones and to basically survive.  Being low of energy can be all consuming and devastating to your overall perception on life but you must understand there are steps you can take to help yourself.  When you are full of energy your spirit is full of vitality and that vitality of taking care of your health and happiness is contagious.  The following is a list of 3 easy steps based on Eastern philosophy to help increase your energy.

By Guillermina Galván, M.S.O.M., Ac., D.D.

By Guillermina Galván, M.S.O.M., Ac., D.D.

1) Chew your food 50 times a bite.   The stomach and spleen in Eastern philosophy is the root of where energy is transformed and transported thereby the more you take care of what and how you eat, the more energy you will have.  Digestion begins at the mouth and the more work you do for your stomach by chewing your food well, the less work your stomach has to do.  Meaning the stomach and spleen has more energy to give your body.

2) Reduce or better yet eliminate refined sugar. Though sugar gives you a quick boost when you first consume it, it is actually weakening your overall ‘qi’ (energy).  Find better ways to consume sweets naturally that can help give you energy instead of weakening your body’s constitution.  For example: sweet potato, fruits, raw stevia, dates and honey are all wonderful natural sweets for the body.


3) Pick up an internal qi practice. Internal qi practices include but are not limited to:  meditation, ba gua, yoga, tai chi, sundo and qi gong.  There are different levels and variations out there for everyone, find the internal practice that you gravitate towards and practice it and not just 1 x a week but 3-5 x a week, make a habit of it.  It is time to take care of your body so that it can help fuel you throughout every day.

Always check with your healthcare practitioner before making changes to your current diet.

There are countless ways that you can help yourself increase your energy and be more attuned with your body, mind and spirit.  May you find the perfect way for you to regain your lost energy and find your center of strength in the process.

Blessings of love and light!

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Chat Now With: Guillermina Galván



Filling In The Gaps – How To Make Amends With The Present

We should by now be familiar with the teachings of Universal law(s) and among other factors the importance of living in the now or present rather than escaping into the future or trapped in the past. As my guides continually teach that the present or the “now” generally always serves our highest good-therefore path; there are on occasions when full commitment to the present seems unattainable.

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As we navigate or maneuver through our life journey, lessons, Karma and our free will or choices. We are at times presented with situations which make living solely in the *now* challenging or quite difficult.

My guides refer to these temporary states or energy as “gaps” which if not appropriately understood and/or successfully dealt with can cause major blocks, obstacles and even on occasion life altering shifts. What can often begin as a minor or temporary gap does at times have or carry the potential to be a profound shift, disrupting not just the current energy or state of being but significantly impact our future and a desired result creating undue stress, chaos and mixed signals both in our own spiritual connection and our highest connection or vibration relevant to the current reality and again that of the future.

So what exactly is a true *gap* in our present or current energy or path and how do we recognize the difference between a *gap* and avoidance, fear or our inability to accept what is shown to be the current reality?

For the most part all humans will face at one time or another, regardless of the specific cause or factor; the often difficult and unpleasant reality of our path or a factor along our path. These conundrums usually become apparent or noticed when the now, or the reality of the present feels or is absorbed by our highest self with no apparent satisfactory answer. In general, a situation which we have devoted resources, whether time, money, hope, to a perceived or desired outcome which currently appears to lack any validity, proof or sign that such is to be realized. While hope and faith may still remain in place, there is some point, or shift in which what has been desired, manifested or expected begins to feel further and further away.

rock-formations-289199_1280 gapThe difference between that, which may still be considered a viable outcome or result, simply lacks any and all support towards the continued hope or desire.

When we hit what my guides refer to as a *gap* the current energy or state of being, whether a relationship, career move/change or any other potential is totally without the slightest indication of possibility, and the current state of the present of now becomes almost intolerable. As spiritual beings, we are driven by our spiritual urges, energy and always with some form of expectation or assumption that a particular outcome is only a matter of time.

A *gap* occurs when current realities or that which is of the present or the now is so overwhelming in the contradiction to what was perceived that we become unable to manage that which is, when compared to that which could be and acceptance of such reality becomes unbearable of extremely chaotic and even fearful.

plasma-640323_1280 energyAs spiritual beings we are created to hope, to believe in the potential and existence of infinite outcomes and blessings, gifts or life enhancing possibilities. So while our spiritual journey and path among or amidst our specific lessons and Karma is to always be open to the greatness of life itself, there are those times when hope cannot serve us, nor can hope protect us from facing what is or can be.

So a *gap* occurs when the truth or existence of the present/now is in total contradiction to what was perceived, hoped, expected or desired. These *gaps* can be hazardous to our spiritual being not just for that particular scenario but if we allow, can create a negative foundation for our future energy, vibration and state of being.

An analogy of what would be considered a gap could be the following; a person whom has been out of work due to circumstances beyond their control, the economy, location etc. And let’s assume that such person has manifested all of their resourced into applications, resumes and interviews. Although we are spiritual beings, we are required to live in the physical world, in which money, paying bills and such are requirements of such a world. So after applying, going through a lengthy process for hire, the last interview goes extraordinarily well and we are all but guaranteed the position is ours. Filled with relief, excitement and gratitude, we begin preparing for our new job, only to receive an unexpected and unprepared call that the position was granted to another candidate.

As you can easily imagine the confusion, upset, chaos and frustration from such scenario would be very high. No matter how many times we relive this process, we cannot find anything to support the actual outcome of not being chosen. The “reality” of the present situation is in total contrast to what had been perceived and with good reason. This is not a situation in which we allowed “false” hope to lead us astray, nor are we given or provided any information on how/why the energy or intentions of the company or those in charge of hiring offer absolutely no consolation, no explanations or logical sense. We are then forced to accept this current *gap* as our unfortunate reality. And not matter how senseless or illogical, how difficult such is to accept, we simply have no choice. We can assume as well although there may be and likely will be other job offers, this particular expected offer has for reasons we cannot understand been withdrawn or shifted.

While this is only an analogy of a *gap* quite often as humans we are faced with such gaps that leave us literally child-646201_1280no choice but to deal with the what and do our best to move forward in the future. It serves no greater purpose to allow ourselves to become unable to continue our pursuit, whether a job, a relationship or a home. And it also cannot and does not serve our highest good to spend additional resources in trying to salvage specific hopes or attempt to use denial to keep our emotions and spiritual disappointment in check.

As we are meant to live in the present, with full awareness of what the future still has waiting, with only time being or becoming the difference between what we choose to believe and the risk for disconnection.

When we face these *gaps* that lie between the present and the future; all we can hope to achieve is acceptance of what is and being able to absorb such reality, at least during that period of time, without becoming defined by gaps, or allowing such to take control of our spiritual sense of self and our ability to connect to the Divine, Universal and all that is possible to become, create or embrace as the potential that exists well beyond the *gap*.

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Chat Now With: Maya Moon

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The Spiritual Guide To Expectations: Expecting less – Receiving more

Expecting less – Receiving more

As spiritual beings living the in the physical world; we are subject to the influences and factors of the world around us.

While we can certainly keep and should remain connected to our spiritual core or energy (and the connection to all) we do have to adjust that spiritual energy to be in harmony and alignment with the world and the society in which we are a part of. While we are all unique individuals, we are also a part of various different cultures, religions, beliefs and societal systems. And so we are placed in situations in which we do have compromise or adhere to certain protocols that which our mainstream society deems appropriate.

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Just as most humans work, because our society requires the exchange of money to purchase those things necessary to our survival. And while we are neither suggesting nor encouraging that we compromise our highest self, path or purpose for a belief held by others, we do have to learn to balance and be realistic.

Our society in general and all but perhaps a few very isolated or extremely radical societies have placed “expectations” as being a priority, important to our happiness and in securing our place among others. Especially in the last 50 years, expectations of what denotes for example success, beauty or even happiness is constantly upheld in the media, advertising and even how we are often raised from children. So we are in general humanity or a collective that places extreme emphasis on “expectations” rather than hope or allowing for more freedom of expression, exchanges and what we achieve and again “expect” from self and from others.

Expectations can be a violation of our true spiritual nature. When we expect a specific reaction or outcome, we are setting ourselves and others up for the greater possibility of disappointment and even rejection. Expectations usually are quite limited and leave little room for options or alternatives. When we “expect” another person to react or behave in a very specific manner, we then set ourselves up for only that potential, and thus anything less or even different is often perceived as less or disappointing when in reality we may actually acquire or be given a greater gift than what we had expected.

Expectations leave little room or margin for the potential of a vast array of encounters, experiences and reactions that again, by definition limit self and therefore limit our life and that of those within our life. Therefore when we begin to just expect, which expectations are always built on specific and detailed emotions, reactions or actions, we generally end up receiving much less than if we simply allowed for a variety of reactions or actions.

woman-400574_1280Expectations can be damaging to our spiritual beings as they often project our energy -therefore our perceived reaction onto another human, who may have a very different approach, outlook or way of communicating. Most of us have had the experience for example of wanting to “surprise” someone with a party or perhaps an outing, something we would surely enjoy. Only to find that the expected reaction was nothing as expected. Or perhaps we expected a loved one to react emotionally to our sharing something personal and instead they seemed uncomfortable or uncertain of how to respond. This is also created by expectations and even the energy of what expectation itself communicates to others. Try telling someone they are just going to “cry” when they hear or see something and it almost becomes impossible for that person to shed a tear. That is explained because they are being forced or the attempt is being made to force a reaction that may exist, but becomes extinguished due to the nature of expectations.

Because our physical world and life is almost built on expectations; it can be quite challenging to learn to pull back and to prevent you from falling into the constant trap of expecting a specific, but rather offering up the freedom for expression and the potential for all reactions. When we learn to expect less, we generally receive more.

Expectations become smaller and smaller, more defined until it’s as though we are asking another spiritual being to define their self in a very small, pre-cut box, rather than simply asking that person to share their energy, ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

While there are of course times when expectations are necessary and can serve our highest good; such as expecting to be treated fairly and without bias. Even that expectation leaves room for interpretation rather than to expect that a boss, a friend or a co-worker employs or takes very specific actions to prove unbiased or open energy.

So the next time you are preparing to interact, to share or to be a part of someone else’s world. Stop and ask if you have allowed or pushed yourself into setting both or all up for an “expected” response or reaction, and instead set those or that aside and be open to all that is possible to be shared, you will most likely find that the transmission of energy is higher, and you receive much more than you “expected”

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Chat Now With: Maya Moon

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7 Ways to Live Your Dream Life

Happy Women’s Day!

What better way to celebrate March 8th than to feel strong, empowered and beautiful inside-out?

Here are 7 simple tips to start living the life of your dreams.

Four women celebrating women's day in the beautiful sunset

  1. Live joyfully.
    Travel to a new place, paint, do karaoke or take up any new hobby. Be playful about everything, so you can discover what makes your soul dance.
  2. Make love a priority.
    Want a serious relationship? Make that a true goal, now! There are plenty of men who can give you what you need. Let your heart of hearts lead the way and watch what happens!
  3. Be kind to yourself.
    Whether it’s applying a new shade of lipstick, wearing more of your favorite colors, or attending a Pilates class, do things just for your own pleasure.
  4. List your wins.
    Get a notebook, and every day write down a few things you accomplished, however small or big. Very soon, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how amazing you are.
  5. Look forward to the future.
    Know the steps to take. You’ll feel wonderful if you can act with clear intention. Your desires will begin to manifest and you’ll enjoy the marvelous ride that is life.
  6. Drink in knowledge.
    Cheers! Download books, read newspapers and popular blogs, or take that course you’ve been wanting to take. The more you know, the more empowered you become.
  7. Honor the women in your life.
    Go to your co-workers’ desks and celebrate their Women’s Day. Text your girlfriends. Call your mother. Lastly, look in the mirror and celebrate your own day!

Today is YOUR day – the perfect day to begin a new life. A better life. Right now.

You’re worth the effort.

March 2015 Monthly Guidance – And The Beat Goes On

Last month, February 2014 hit with some unexpected and unforeseen nor predicted bouts of chaos, anxiety and conflict. As difficult as February may have been for many; this month (March) comes “marching in” with strong, decisive energies and there feels to be little to be confused or conflicted about. Join me as my guides share their insight, guidance and on overview of the coming month.

Although one of the longest months of the year both in calendar days and the shifts of both sunrise and sunset the Universal pace will speed things up so that March will all but appear to disappear.

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We look at the Universal lessons and Collective energies, both in our spiritual purpose and highest life path and any warnings on how to avoid blocks or obstacles. Weather as always will be a key factor in the symbolism to our true purpose and we will also look at the media, politics, economy and the resent uprisings or unrest among various insurgents and those causing conflict and threatening world peace under the guise of “freedom”. Please note that in NO way are my guides judging such groups, however violence, bias and threats in no way serve the highest good or lead to a peaceful outcome, it is the way not necessarily the actual intention that brings upon the wrath of Universe and/or Divine.

1) Our Universal/Collective lesson:

In part due to the challenges we faced in February March is a very charged and highly motivated month. It is literally overflowing with potential and possibilities in all areas, specific to each of our life paths’ and intentions however there is a great need for trust and risk taking. For those that are able to “march ahead” and hold out the faith or belief that the risks are worth the potential to be gained, this month can be truly limitless and many may find themselves making change after change all with positive outcomes and surprising results. For marching-band-568740_1280those that are somewhat “shell shocked” and reluctant to take chances or risks, there is the ever present opposite risk of missing out on success, whether one defines that currently as career or relationships. Just as February seemed to be somewhat of a consistent conflict with stability, March will Universally and continually be offering us new and positive potential. So even those that may remain cautious during the first half or even throughout the majority, it only takes one leap of faith to advance on the ever present potential that literally is unstoppable. Relationships are not necessarily specifically in the light this month, however for those that are manifesting love or yearning for a life partner; again the potential appears to be almost everywhere and unless you lock yourself inside (not so much literally as emotionally and spiritually) it will be virtually impossible NOT to have random and possibly numerous encounters. Those in healthy relationships will find that March brings again that energy of “marching to the beat” and camaraderie will be high and almost effortless. In the case of those barely clinging to that which is simply not meant to be or offers no past or present realistic potential, March will be an empowering month for most as our inner spiritual energy is quite profound and in those cases many humans will finally be ready to make that final break, again my guides show us the “marching to the beat”.

2) Weather patterns and symbolic meanings:

Weather patterns show to be in a state of almost constant change and very powerful. Although technically many Countries and areas such as the US view March as the beginning of the end of Winter, the weather feels to be following its own inner call, leaving much unpredictable and that which may be predicted or attempted to be, still somehow find a way to move outside the box, with a myriad of almost each of the 4 seasons giving us a bit of a taste. My guides have always upheld the theory that our weather is directly related to our Universal or Collective energies, and March is another prime and easily seen example. Although there are or will be some stable patterns, these are somewhat sparse and the weather seems determined to give a performance of its true and profound capabilities. Not only possible but quite likely are all types of systems from upper level, electrical thunderstorms to those that occur within the earth’s core such as volcanic, earthquakes and just about everything in between. My guides do not feel that there will be any significant or major world disasters, but more as we have already experienced, just strong or powerful enough to cause disruptions, chaos and related to our personal challenges and ability to adapt and continue moving forward with personal intentions and goals or desired outcomes.

3) Career/jobs and finance

Again the importance in success versus complacency lies in our ability to tap into our spiritual energy, rely and have faith in our empowerment and remain determined to persevere. For those that all the “beat to go on” and refuse to be intimidated or fearful or risks or mistakes, careers, job changes, promotions and financial abundance will be within reach, and quite often we may be faced with choices and complex decisions on which path seems to offer the highest outcome. handshake-440959_1280When making such choices, we should always place our intrinsic satisfaction and stay as close to our true path, ideals and desires as possible. So if you have always secretly hoped to work in the clothing or fashion industry, a job opportunity in that field should easily take precedence over office work even if for the moment the pay or financial aspects appear challenging. This is where hope and belief in self, the future and being true to ourselves will always pay off in all ways versus settling for that which we feel obligated to do. For those that have recently begun or will be staring new business ventures, again success and the possibilities that lie ahead are infinite, so long as we “march to our own drum and beat”, refusing to let fear or negative assumptions rule our spirit and/or choices. To reap the rewards March has to offer it requires we put ALL efforts in and overcome fears or abstain from letting fear, caution or the past define us in any way.

5) Terrorists, security threats and war or the threat of wars:

Because March IS such a powerful month when it comes to our intentions as spiritual beings and as humans, that there is a bit of conflict when it comes to the potential threat of groups, terrorists or those that are seeking to follow what they truly feel IS their highest path and therefore serves a positive role. Again although my guides refrain from judgment in terms of politics. What may or may not actually BE a positive intention or intentions defined by serving the highest good of not just self but for or towards others and therefore bringing about a higher outcome or future. Hence because this month is ruled Universally by the strong call to follow those intentions, there does show to be an uprising in groups, militia and armed forces. (Not those affiliated with the governments military) While currently my guides are not showing there to be any major threats, unfortunately there does feel to be numerous reports and lives needlessly lost those that are innocent and simply caught in the crossfire. As my guides have often reflected upon, the media seem to thrive on garnering attention even if that attention is the result of hysteria, or fear whether the reports are entirely true or not. While there is simply no way of getting around some of that which is simply unavoidable; we can all work together by making or creating the intention that the greater good of all humans is placed above the greater good of a few, so long of course as in doing so we case no harm or additional harm to those that may have already suffered. Imagine how powerful our energies combined can or could be when we put such intentions to the Universe, Creator, God and give that’s as though such has already manifested.

In conclusion:

March is the month that allows each of us to listen to and follow the beating of our own drum. drums-58550_1280To march ahead, neither without letting those things of the past to hold us back nor weigh us down. It is a time of excitement, anticipation and for those that choose to view without limits, March can truly bring us unlimited possibilities and not just for this month, but as the beginning of our future, whether that is love, romance, job/career changes or simply following our heart in what it desires.

It has been said that there is a season for all things and for all things have their season. March is most definitely for “marching” following our spiritual lead and leaving in the past all that we fear, a season to embrace and to capture all that waits for us to simply reach out and take that which has been spiritually gifted to us.

May you all be blessed this month and may your personal “drums” beat strong and ever present, leading you closer to your unique and personal best~~

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What Is Spiritual Hoarding And Is It Bad?

I have recently been watching a program series that followed the lives or stories of hoarding. This is considered a psychiatric disorder as these individuals collect and retain objects which not only have no material value but are often dangerous and unsanitary. It is also common to find “animal hoarders”; usually they begin by “saving” or the intention to save what they see as vulnerable or neglected animals. Although it’s possible to hoard just about any species, the most common are cats and dogs. While the intention begins with an honest and genuine desire to help these animals, the results of hoarding are not only a dire threat to the humans trying to live amongst out of control numbers, these same risks and health related problems literally affect the animals they originally sought to help.

By: Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon

The problem can become so profound, that these individuals are unable to recognize that most of the animals they assume they are helping or caring for in reality are sick, malnourished, diseased and dying. So what began as a pure and healthy concern for other living beings ends up or results in neglect and being impervious to the significant suffering when their basic needs are no longer able to be met, usually due to the numbers. For example it’s not uncommon for a cat hoarder to house 70+ cats; and without a proper or appropriate setting such as what is found in shelters or rescue. The animals take over all of the living space, defecating and then being forced to breathe and live in a virtually uninhabitable environment.

As I watched both in sympathy, pain and horror; my guides intervened and shared with me an insightful message about humanity and how often times healthy and functional humans become “spiritual hoarders”.

First we define this condition or coping mechanism as going hand in hand with emotional hoarding, with the term being interchangeable. What begins as our intention to control or monitor our emotions and spiritual or core energy and shifts, becomes a dysfunctional pattern of being unable to release ANY negative or toxic spiritual or emotional waste.

Just as the literal hoarder, spiritual/emotional hoarding is often triggered by a traumatic event or by the recall of events earlier in life. As this syndrome or pattern continues, just as the collection of cats grows in a cat hoarder’s home, the buildup and collection of emotions, fears, obstacles and inability to express builds until our entire energy is focused on keeping these contained and we become almost frozen or paralyzed in our lives.

chaos-485501_1280As my guides have mentioned quite often, we are of the trinity or trine; therefore our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being is always influenced in what you might imagine to be a constantly rotating wheel or circle. The more we “hoard” our spiritual needs and emotions, the more our physical body becomes affected with various symptoms. These may range from anxiety, depression, risk taking, headaches, body aches and pains and even difficulty sleeping. While not every person that suffers from anxiety or depression is a hoarder (these are also physiological issues not always controlled by our thoughts or energy) all of those that spiritually/emotionally hoard will after enough time, begin to experience one or more of the above mentioned issues.

In mainstream society and for most developed countries there are certain laws both in the legal sense and in the social sense that are seen as appropriate or inappropriate. When a healthy person becomes a hoarder or begins hoarding, they eventually surpass even the normal or common expectations and are left feeling totally disconnected from their own self and the world around them.

For example most of us would feel that it’s inappropriate to become violently angry over a slow checker at the market. And we have our built in radar or control checks that although we may feel frustration and some anger, we do not allow ourselves to display a “tantrum”. When we become hoarders, we go to the opposite extreme and “hoard” our emotional and spiritual affect so that our ability to show justified anger or frustration becomes impossible. So imagine standing in the same line and another customer pushes you aside to move ahead in the line. It would be considered appropriate and within the range of normal boundaries and expression to speak up. Either directing this action towards the responsible party or notifying the checker or nearby associate. With a hoarder, even when it’s appropriate and actually healthy to establish some rights, they will simply ignore the obvious insult and immediately shut off all feelings or connections to themselves and the situation.

shutterstock_164331419When we hoard emotions, feelings or our individual expressions, we are forced to disconnect as it’s virtually impossible for us to dismantle our inner or core feelings and energy without an outlet. So without an ability to vent or to express, we are literally trying to cope in our spiritual core being amidst hundreds of pent up or denied feelings, emotions or in general our ability to express our selves.

The danger in spiritual hoarding is that we are spiritual beings, and when we force ourselves to cut off our spiritual connection, we are no longer truly living life. It is impossible to find and especially to maintain or build any type of healthy relationship when we have disconnected from our own self. And while many spiritual hoarders may actually turn to literal hoarding, drugs, alcohol or other dysfunctional ways of release, these pent up or “hoarded” components never truly are dealt with-therefore they are not released and can only be shifted into another outlet of unhealthy coping and patterns.

To be healthy, productive beings, we absolutely must be able to share some of our energy, and release some of what is or becomes a toxic build up over time. Like oil and water, it is virtually impossible to remain totally detached from emotions or our spiritual self without compromising out entire life and all of the potential of the future.

So how can we recognize that we have become “hoarders” and what can we do to reconnect or plug back in to self and universe?

The biggest indication that you have developed a hoarding problem is in the ability to recognize detachment. If you are in a constant state of repression, whether that is memories, feelings, (positive or negative) and you literally exert constant energy over controlling your emotions or ability to relate intimately with others, chances are high you are hoarding.

We can often define our general or over all well-being by the stability or instability of personal relationships. For those that find dysfunctional patterns in relationships. Such as being overly tolerant to the point of allowing some form of abuse or a total disregard for our wants, needs, hopes or desires to serve others. Then you are likely hoarding and attempting to store all of your feelings and self-expression within. Isolation is another strong sign that you are hoarding. As one of our natural mechanisms for coping with an inability to release, share or interact we often isolate ourselves to minimize the situations in which we feel we are at risk for “acting out”. We also commonly have feelings of watching the world go by, similar to fish in a tank, we can only look out at the world and are unable to join in or connect.

Spiritual hoarding does not occur overnight, it’s a long process that generally stems from some type of situation or past experience in which we were in some way oppressed or ignored. Because we are each unique, what may be a manageable event for one human, can create significant harm to another. So it stands to reason that learning to reconnect and to release our “collection” takes more than a couple of days or even weeks.

meditation-473753_1280The first step to regaining a healthy perspective is acknowledgement of the problem. Once we are able to relate and accept that we have become spiritual or emotional hoarders we immediately can become aware of the problem and begin to address changes. As we become aware of our hoarding problem, it’s important we begin to reconnect and to keep our energy and emotions open and expressive.

These are some guidelines to help reconnect and release so that you can go from hoarder to healthy and begin to recreate your life and future.

Keeping a journal, for many spiritual hoarders trying to speak out or begin sharing what has been kept hidden for a long time is or can feel insurmountable. Instead begin by writing your feelings and your expression (reactions, desires or envisioned response) down several times a day and make a note of the circumstances. Be sure to always go back and read the prior day’s entries as you will begin to feel the pressure being relieved and this prepares us to interact with self and others.

Although my guides do not generally support the theory of reliving the past or going through years of psycho-therapy to uncover every possible trigger or childhood event. If you have had a profound experience, it can be helpful to write this down and then begin to add to the experience the feelings, the pain, the impact such had on your life. This again helps us to identify with the beginning of our hoarding and allows us to release what may have begun this spiral.

Talk!! Make it a goal (always write down goals and the written word carries great power and energy) to speak to at least one or two persons each day. Perhaps you greet your mail carrier, or ask the bank teller how his day is going. It’s not expected that you are going to begin communicating your deepest feelings with strangers; however each interaction or encounter we have with another human begins to break the barriers and walls and creates a positive influence on our eventual outcome.

Try to form scenarios in your mind and work at deciphering a healthy reaction versus overreaction versus non-reactive. Not reacting can be just as dysfunctional as overreacting and in some ways can actually cause greater spiritual harm.

Evaluate your current relationships (if you have people you are close to) and as you work on letting go of the “junk” slowly begin to share your thoughts, ideas or feelings. While some of us may need to begin very slowly, the most important aspect is to embrace the intention of moving in a new direction, and taking steps to share something personal with those that we have established relationships with. Even if you choose to discuss a general topic rather than begin with something personal, learn to express yourself. Part of hoarding is the fear of judgment and the perception of being pushed away, viewed as odd or in general fear of not being accepted. For most of us we will find that our ability to share is actually a delight to those around us and that our opinions, ideas are accepted and possibly even shared by those around us.

clutter-360058_1280Just as the literal hoarder would not expect 10 years of collecting junk and trash that fills their home to where it is literally uninhabitable to be removed in a couple of days. It’s also important to be realistic and we serve always our highest good by taking one small step rather than no steps.

If you find yourself still struggling with releasing and expressing, this may be the perfect time to seek spiritual guidance. A light worker or spiritual expert has the gift or ability to help read your unique energy signature and can offer insight and guidance for your particular situation. Also there are many forms of healing that can be very useful.

Spiritual/emotional hoarding can become a deep core issue and no matter how we got here, it’s important we move ahead. We are meant to express and share; it is how we maintain our connection to all things including self. When we cut off our spiritual connection, we are simply unable to embrace a future or grow as people. There is always potential abundance, and always room for change. There is nothing we carry in our spiritual self that cannot be shifted or altered to our highest good and path because ultimately that is our highest purpose here on earth!

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Chat Now With: Maya Moon

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