How To Honor Spirits During The Holiday Season

Most cultures have a once a year celebration for those who have passed on. Nov 2nd is Day of the Dead in Mexico, Oct. 31st Samhain (Halloween) and the 15th day of 7th month in the lunar calendar is Hungry Ghost Month in China (14th day in Southern China).  Loved ones whom have passed on always remain in your heart and thoughts.  The holiday season is also a great time to show your love for them.


By Guillermina Galvan

Respectful ways to honor the Spirits:

1. Lighting incense.  Incense is one of the most common and beneficial ways to honor the dead.  During Ghost month in China it is tradition to light incense every day for the spirits.  In Tibetan culture incense is looked upon as their food.  Just as we eat food, the spirits receive air as their nourishment.   So incense is a way for them to take in your love.

There are different ways to make the incense more readily consumable.  One way to do this is to say a prayer from your heart and another is by chanting the Tibetan chant ‘Om Namah Sarva Tathagata Avalokite Om Sambhara Sambhara Hung.’  The chant is to be chanted a minimum of 21times, walking around clockwise in each room of the entire inside of the home and outside three times, once completed a request for positivity in your life may be made.

Where you burn your incense is crucial.   Use their photo and create a small little altar in the home in honor of them and burn the incense offering there or outside if you are doing it for all spirits.  Always keep the altar clean to show your love.  Choose the location of the altar with care, and never place it in the restroom.  We must always show respect to the spirits as they also watch over us.

The quality of incense you choose is important, always choose pure quality not mixed with perfumes or chemicals.  This is their food after all we want to show them our love by giving them good quality incense.

Types of Incense (general burning purpose):

         Lavender (good luck, positive attitude)

Sage (purify, protect, cleanse)

Frankincense (elevate, clear, protect)

Myrrh (purify, revitalize)

Cinnamon (relationships, relaxing)

Palo Santo (purify, cleanse, protect)

2. Food offerings. On the Day of the Dead in Mexico it is customary to leave special bread out for your loved ones that have passed.  On Samhain (Halloween) which is the celebration of the ending of the harvest year it is customary to serve a plate at dinner for your loved ones.  For food offerings leave a place for them to have their meal during the celebration. You can give fruit, bread anything that feels right -if you know their favorite food great give them that.  This helps them feel like they are still appreciated and are a still part of the family.

Remember if you are going to leave some food out this food is for them do not eat it afterwards, after you have left it out for the day then it is okay to throw it away or put it in your compost pile in the backyard and recycle the energy.

3. Flowers Just like taking flowers when you are visiting your spirit friends and family in the cemetery you can make a special place for them at home.Flower Have their picture out for the holiday season with flowers in front of it.   Place the picture where it gets to watch all the action happening at home.  Flowers placed in a circle as a garland represents the cycle of life, their energy has merely transformed and is never completely gone.  Keep them fresh and once they start to wilt throw them away.

Fresh flowers are better than fake, if you use fake always keep them dusted and looking new.  If they had some favorite flowers buy those if not anything from your heart is wonderful.  And if you’re short on money then it’s okay to go for a walk and pick some beautiful flowers too.

Spirits are always with us.  When our loved ones pass they simply transform energy into another form.  Their love for you is still there and they are watching over you.  So take the time to show them your appreciation.  Let them feel invited this holiday season and give honor to who they were and how magnificently they touched your life.  Every moment should be a celebration of love and life.

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Chat Now With: Guillermina Galvan

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How To Deal With Stress During The Holidays

It happens to most of us, holiday season comes around and we are immersed with family and the sheer overwhelming energy leaves us stressed.  We all may get stressed for different reasons maybe:  we don’t get along with a certain relative, we feel obligated to be there instead of where we want to be or we don’t have a lot of money for travel and gifts.  For psychics it may be our empath or telepathic gifts that make it a bit much to be around so many other people.  So what do we do when we feel like this?  Definitely avoid provoking other members of the family whom have stresses of their own.  Then work on helping ease your stress and those around you.


By Guillermina Galvan

Breathe before you respond.  We breathe all the time yet it is so often overlooked as one of the best ways to calm the mind and body.  Count your breaths as you breathe.  Count to 30; calm enough to respond in a kind way?  If not, then count to 100.  Regardless of what the tides may bring remember that the holiday season is about love.

Compliment others.  Such a simple thing to do but how often do we compliment someone from our heart.  When we come together during the holidays as family and friends we can support one another by giving each other a gracious and honest compliment.  It is amazing how such a simple little compliment can bring a frown to a smile and change the energy in a room.

Sharing is caring.  It is true sharing is caring, so when you gather together bring something that everyone can experience and enjoy.  It can be a game or food made from the heart.  Yes, we can buy already prepared food yet making food from the heart has more value.  While you cook or prepare the meal for the gathering put on your favorite music:  sing, chant or dance.  Your happiness goes into the food and then into your friends and family, no better sharing than that.  Everyone picks up on energy one way or another whether they recognize it or not.

Know when to take a break.  If the energy is getting to be a bit too much -take a break.  Be the one that volunteers to go do a run at the store or just go for a walk.  It’s okay to take a break when everything gets too much, staying calm, full of love and joy is a great part of what the holidays should be about.

Hugging the tree.  This is an internal qi gong practice that helps you have more energy and cycle your energy with Mother Earth, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Stand:  with your legs hip distance apart, your feet pointed straight ahead, your knees slightly bent, Tree Huggingpretend like you are hugging a tree with your elbows below your shoulders, and wrist below your elbows.  Stay in this position for 5 min if you can without moving.  Breathe through your nose and into your abdomen.  As you inhale your belly inflates and as you exhale your belly deflates.  Imagine the energy of the Earth coming up from the ground through the arches of your feet and up from your perineum and circle around making a ball of energy in front of your lower abdomen.  Focus on gathering as much energy as you can while you are practicing.  When you are finished bend down slightly before standing straight up and take a deep breath.

We all have our different activities that help calm us for the holidays, we need take the time to practice whichever techniques we most gravitate towards.  If you are unsure which technique to use to help you through the holiday, call your favorite psychic.  Your psychics are there for you not just to help predict your future outcome but to help you through difficult situations and avoid them if possible.  Enjoy your holidays and make it a positive one, remember you are in complete control of your own life.


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Chat Now With: Guillermina Galvan


Nourishing Herbs for Traditional Holiday Meals

Herbs add flavor and nourish our spirits.  We are going to look at 5 Chinese herbs that can be used to cook with during the holidays to help heal different aspects of our emotions and our spirit based on Oriental Medicine.  We carry emotion with us from day to day and when we cook sometimes we don’t realize our emotions go into our food.

5 elements

The 5 elements are: Fire ⇒ Earth ⇒ Metal ⇒ Water ⇒ Wood



By Guillermina Galvan

Associated with each element is the spirit yin organ.  Fire is the heart which houses the Shen better known as the soul which encompasses all the parts of our spirit.  The heart’s emotions are love and trust.  Earth is associated with the spleen which houses the Yi, the spirit organ of mind and thought.  The spleen’s emotion is anxiety.  Metal is associated with the lungs which houses the Po, the spirit organ associated with the corporeal soul whose emotion is grief.  Water is associated with the kidneys the house of the Zhi, the spirit of willpower and the emotion of fear.  Wood is associated with the liver that houses the Hun, the ethereal soul which reincarnates and the emotion is anger.

How does this relate to our cooking of holiday meals?  When we are overburden by eating too much food we have food stagnation, this can cause an imbalance within our body.  Stagnation in the body causes irregular emotions along with physical manifestations such as: bloating, nausea, diarrhea and constipation.  All the herbs listed here help alleviate food stagnation.  Included are associated emotions, in case you want to focus on helping heal something specific for your loved ones during your holiday meals.

Cardamon (Bai Dou Kou)

Targets:  lung, spleen, stomach

Emotion:  grief, anxiety

Spirit:  Po, Yi

Flavors:  spicy, warm, aromatic

Cook:  bread recipes, rice recipes or add to smoothies raw

Functions/Indications:  alleviates food stagnation, moves qi (energy), strengthens stomach, stops vomiting, relieves nausea

Contraindicated:  avoid if you are anemic

Garlic (Da Suan)garlic

Targets:  large Intestine, lung, spleen, stomach

Emotions:  difficulties releasing the past, grief, anxiety

Spirit:  Po, Yi

Flavors:  spicy, warm

Cook:  thinly sliced garlic with almonds and virgin olive oil on low heat to simmer -use as a dressing for salads, thinly sliced garlic cooked with asparagus and coconut oil -as a side dish

Functions/Indications:  alleviates food stagnation, kills parasites, disperses abscesses, reduces swelling, expels toxins, warms stomach, resolves toxicity, diarrhea, tinea of the scalp, natural antibiotic/antifungal

Contraindicated:  do not use if you get heat sweats during the night

Magnolia Bark (Hou Po)

Targets:  large Intestine, lungs, spleen, stomach

Emotions:  difficulties releasing the past, grief, anxiety

Spirit:  Po, Yi

Flavors:  bitter spicy, warm

Cook:  place a few pieces in a gauze pouch and cook it with your vegetable soup the last 20 min then remove

Functions/Indications:  alleviates food stagnation, moves qi (energy), warms center, transforms/dissolves phlegm, descends rebellious qi (hiccups, nausea, vomiting), calms wheezing, chest/abdominal distention/fullness, diarrhea, cough, wheezing

Caution in pregnancy

Radish Seed (Lai Fu Zi)

Targets:  lungs, spleen, stomach

Emotions:  grief, anxiety

Spirit:  Po, Yi

Flavors:  spicy, sweet, neutral

Cook:  rice recipes or can be added raw to salads

Functions/Indications:  disperses food stagnation, eliminates distention, descends qi (hiccups, belching, vomiting, nausea, acid regurgitation), reduces phlegm, fullness and distention, abdominal pain with diarrhea, cough, wheezing

Contraindicated:  should not be dry-fried, do not take long term

Hawthorn Fruit (Shan Zha)Cardamon

Targets:  liver, spleen, stomach

Emotions:  anger, stress, anxiety

Spirit:  Hun, Yi

Flavors:  sour, sweet, slightly warm

Cook:  added to pumpkin pie (remove seeds before placing a few in), or prepare as tea

            How to make hawthorn tea:

Take a handful of dried hawthorn berries place in 1 L of water and soak for 20 min.  Then bring to a boil over medium heat, simmer for 20 min.  Strain to allow to cool, sweetening to taste.  Ideally with natural sweeteners approved for your diet by your Healthcare Practitioner i.e. raw stevia or honey if you are not diabetic or hypoglycemic.  After cooled place in fridge –lasts about 3 days in fridge. 

Functions/Indication:  reduces food stagnation, transforms blood stasis, diarrhea, hypertension, coronary artery disease, elevated serum cholesterol, abdominal distention/pain, postpartum abdominal pain

Contraindicated:  pregnancy, weak stomach spleen

Chinese herbs can make an amazing holiday meal beneficial to the emotions and spirits of your loved ones.  Take the time to prepare your meals with the right intention while in a fabulous mood.  Then all that wonderful energy will go into everyone who eats your meals—making the holiday season even more filled with love and happiness.

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Chat Now With: Guillermina Galvan


10 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Alone

The holiday season is a great time for giving, sharing, and being together with family and friends.  It’s a time for thanksgiving and enjoying good food and good music.  Yet from time to time people may find themselves, alone during the holidays.  But all is not lost.  This is a great time to put forth your best self into the world.  And what you have to share can be quite spectacular. Mark Twain once said, “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer someone else up.” So let that be your mantra this holiday season, but focus also on cheering yourself.  You’d be amazed how well you can enjoy the holiday season by yourself.  Here are 10 ideas to get started:

Chat with Ask Cristina

Author: Ask Cristina


1) Start by cheering someone else up.

This can be important to you because when you bring a smile to other people you actually cheer your heart.  You really do.  Try visiting in jail, a hospital or invite an elder person over who’s alone as well.  These people are usually spending the holidays alone, so showing up can be the highlight of their day and yours.

2) Decorate your whole place.

That might sound ridiculous or you may not be in the mood.  But it would be fun to re-create outer space. Decorate your room with Christmas lights and turn all the lights out.  Then sit in quiet contemplation watching the twinkling lights in your dark room.  You’ll be amazed how fabulously that elevates your mood.

3) Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the movie.

Rent it on DVD or purchase a streaming video on Amazon. If you have not seen it before you are in for a real treat.  And if you’re watching again, ask yourself how the world would be without you? What would the world be like if you had and never been born? Then notice all the things you’ve done, even the smallest thing that is either changed someone’s life, or put someone on a different path.  Remember everything you do means something, therefore making your life quite meaningful.

4) Remain Positive

The biggest waste of your time is to feel sorry for yourself. So don’t do it.  Don’t get dressed for the pity party, instead, get in your car or walk out and take a look at the lights in your town or city. And remember that light is a reflection of your soul, of that greatness that is you.

5) Play Festive Music

Play Christmas music and sing as loud as you want. Or play any kind of music you want, anything that brings up your vibration and dance, dance, dance.  Celebrate your life!

6) Connect Via Holiday Cards

Entertain yourself by sending Christmas cards to as many people as you can. Do it online with email. You can also create a JibJab video it’s free and you can sign in at Then post your pictures on the video cartoons provided and laugh your head off as you send them on to the people you know.

7) Treat Yourself

It is the holiday season so what you waiting for? Go buy yourself some gifts! Get yourself that “kit” you’ve been wanting. Or that purse you’ve been admiring. Buy something you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself any other time of the year. Gotta pet? Go buy your pet something.

8) Do Something Spiritual

Go to church or temple or spiritual center of your choice. Why not be with like-minded people? It’s a perfect time to get your spirits lifted with music and inspirational words that fill your holiday. Also a smile from another person may be exactly what you need.

9) Eat Like A Star

Make something special for yourself. Eat whatever you want! Why have turkey and dressing when you can have sushi and pizza! Or Nachos and burgers with beer!

10) Be Grateful

Create a gratitude jar: Starting today, take notepaper or nice stationary and write down ONE thing you are grateful for today. Put a note in the jar every day. At the crack of the New Year, open the jar and re-read what you’ve written. Make it a tradition! Place a note in the jar, every day, or when you can, then read them back at the end of the year. Watch how you transform your whole life this way! Here’s a secret: If you wish to manifest something in your life, write that down too, but in this way: Thank you for bringing me the love of my life. Thank you for the dream job, Thank you for the home, etc. So even if you don’t have it at the present moment act as if you do, and your dreams will unfold as if by magic.

As you can see, there is plenty to do if you are alone for the holidays this season. Remember to spend the day pampering yourself, loving yourself, and everyone around will see your light. Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

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Chat Now With: Ask Cristina


Spiritual Survival Guide For The 2014 Holiday season

December through January is a vibrant time of year where most of us are celebrating and/or recognizing some type of holiday. And whether you are lighting the Menorah for Hanukkah or placing an angel atop the Christmas tree, it’s a season filled with joy and good will. Although many of us differ in the way or reason we celebrate, it’s a busy time often filled with travel plans and family gatherings that bring us together with those we love.

No matter what your holiday plans may be, the truth is, not all of us will make the perfect backdrop for a Normal Rockwell painting; and amidst the joy, excitement and planning, this can also become the most stressful times of year.

It’s not uncommon to feel the financial strain & the trepidation of spending time with various family members we may not always get along with, so here are some tips on keeping your spiritual self in harmony while facing the various challenges that are bound to appear:

1) Find Some Quiet Time

Find private quiet time or moments to meditate or just take a few deep breaths. For those of us that are hosting family and friends or those of us who are traveling to spend time with others, the chaos and mixture of personalities can be overwhelming. Take a walk, volunteer to run to the store, or create other opportunities to get some alone time. Don’t let your spiritual energy be depleted, make time for you.

2) Remember, This Too Shall Pass

Remember that the holiday season is short and passes quickly. Focus on the positive factors and don’t allow others to overcome your holiday your holiday cheer.

3) Don’t Forget To Budget

Stick to your budget and be creative if you participate in gift giving. No matter what your specific holiday, everyone appreciates something from the heart and let your intentions show rather than obsessing over price tags.

4) It’s OK To Say No

Don’t force yourself to participate with or in those situations which compromise is simply impossible. It may be healthier to be alone, or have a small gathering then to place your spiritual or emotional well-being at risk by forcing yourself to attend festivities that cause disruption and anxiety.

5) Pick Your Battles

Ask yourself if any of this will really matter next month or next year. Sometimes turning the other cheek and/or ignoring those that thrive on drama are the healthiest and most productive attitude and intention.

6) Have Realistic Expectations

If you already know from past holidays that certain family members are difficult or annoying be prepared and imagine a strong spiritual bubble or shield that keeps such persons from disrupting your well-being.

7) Keep Busy

Distract yourself from responding by keeping busy. Help with the cooking, or find something to keep you occupied. Avoid discussions on subjects that will never be resolved.

The most important part of this year’s holiday season is to not allow worry or fear take control of your holiday. Set good boundaries, lower unrealistic expectations and go day by day. Always be true to yourself and stay self-aware so your personal happiness and needs are met, while doing your best to release those minor annoyances that just seem to be part of the holiday adventure.

May you have a wonderful holiday season, surrounded by those you love, with time to retreat when needed and the ability to take the best of what the Universe has to offer and ignore the rest.

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Chat Now With: Maya Moon

5 Tips To Bringing More Romantic Love Into Your Life

Who doesn’t want a little more romantic love?  Whether you are single, or you are with your ever after, there are ways to bring more romance into your love life.

Ever notice when you get out of a relationship or are a little down and out you start to get unwanted physical manifestations.  Such as: sore neck, back or bloating.  Our emotions are strongly connected to our physical body.  Applying these tips in your life won’t just open you up for more love but can end up helping your overall well-being: body, mind and spirit.


By Guillermina Galvan

5 tips on bringing more romance into your love life:

1. Releasing the past.

This can range from needing to release a current negative relationship to not being able to release emotional issues of the past of what has happened with an ex- or current love.  Emotions settle in our body in different places from our intimate ones to our tendons and muscles.  What are ways we can release our past?

Ways to help release the past:  Chanting or singing something you absolutely love (if you don’t know a chant even ‘Om’ works, it helps the heart, lungs and spirit align), massaging your hands on the area between the index finger and thumb, Short ½-1 day fasts (under Healthcare Practitioner’s guidelines) and internal qi practices.  There are a few different types of internal qi practices that can go inside and heal us they include Yoga, Tai Chi, Sundo, Ba Gua and Meditation.  Above all in letting go, have acceptance and forgiveness of past issues.  We must fully accept that what has passed, has passed, and now we must be in the present.

2. Write a list.

What is it that you want more of in your life?  Manifest your dreams!

If you are single then write down every detail you can imagine for your ideal partner to have.  Then every night before you go to bed read the list and say, “Thank you universe for helping bring this partner into my life.”  Remember all of our words hold power so speak the words that you want to manifest in the attained tense.  The power of our own free will is so often overlooked, let us embrace it and take a hold of our future!  Then first thing you do in the morning is you say, “Thank you universe, my spirit and to the spirit of my future love-for helping my dream partner manifest into my life” (as if it has already happened).

If you are already with your wonderful mate then write the list of more ways to help bring romance into your relationship and ways you would love for them to as well.  Without trying to change them but solely working on yourself and your part of the list this will create a shift within your relationship.

Remember positive energy is contagious!  The happier you are the happier they are!  So spread that wonderful happiness that lies inside of you.

5 Steps For a More Romantic Love Life

5 Steps For a More Romantic Love Life

3. Become the change.

Soulmates do exist and there is not just one perfect mate out there for you!  Those on the same wavelength of soulmate connection as you have a connection whether you two have met or not.  More work that you do on yourself helping your mind, body and soul find peace and be healthy the more work your soulmate will be doing on themselves.  Newton’s 3rd law of motion: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”  Same thing applies to soulmates and their bonds.  So even if you are having some down time on relationships –take this opportunity to grow! It’s is a wonderful experience and it helps your match to feel the affects and work on themselves too.  Making the relationship that much greater when it does happen.  Or if you’re already in a relationship they’ll see you shift and it will inspire and motivate them to work on themselves.

4. Be Positive.

I cannot stress this enough.  So often clients come to me asking for help because they are living in depression without any hope left for love.  Never forget the power of ‘free will’ ladies and gentleman.  It is intense the magnificent changes that can come about by simply your attitude.  Words are like positive or negative energy.  What we say often enough begins to manifest.  So give your life strength in the positive direction.  Say and think ‘I will find love, and love will find me, my partner will be ready for me single and available.  My future partner is my bliss as I am theirs.  We bring health, happiness, romance and belief in happily ever after to each other’s life.’  Find your own phrases and make them come to be.  Always speak in the positive!

If you’re in a relationship then you want to try and speak in a positive way about it as well.  “My partner and I are understanding and supportive to each other.  We are always finding new ways to bring more romance in our life.  We fall in love with each other more each day.” Positivity is so important and powerful!

5. Take Action.

I cannot begin to tell you about how many clients I get that are looking for love to find them yet they barely get out of the house or make themselves available.  Remember you are a wonderful soul just as you are and you are beautiful just as you are!  So go outside, go for a walk or join a club that you love.  Find a few different avenues and try them a few times.  Have fun with it!  If you prefer internet that is okay too! But one must be proactive to see results.  Your perfect match needs a little help finding you so help them out.  Not just once and you give up you have to find time and enjoy it. 1-3 times a week be active in some social event.  When you go to walk outside or go on that match site say aloud before you do “I’m available and my perfect match is too and we will find each other and live happily ever after.”  Find your phrase and be active!

If you are already in a relationship then be active on making quality time for each other.  So many wonderful married couples lose sight of making sure they have that date night once a week. Take time to honor and nurture the partnership of you two.  Don’t just say you are going to go on a romantic weekend vacation or have that date night once a week, actually do it. There are always ways to bring about a more active love life in your already amazing love.

For the singles: while you are manifesting your partner to appear in our life take each moment to be grateful and to give yourself love.  Have confidence in who you are and above all remember you are a wonderful soul.  There is someone out there for you, keep your eyes  and heart open and your hopes up.  We are all divine and unique creatures in our own way.  There is someone out there that will love you, but remember to love yourself too.  Have fun in life and the more happiness that flowers from your soul the greater of a magnet you are.  Happiness can come in 10,000 different forms, be proud of being you.  Blessings of ever-after love to all you lovebirds out there!  Smile!

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Chat Now With: Guillermina Galvan

Soul Mates v/s Life Partner – Who are you really dating?

How would you describe your current partner? Are you with your soul mate, life partner or Is He/She simply holding back from the one you are meant to be with? As a Love, and Relationship expert, I have come to realize that most people truly do want to experience real love. The fact is that there are many different types of love. Your version of love may not necessarily be the version of love that your partners or love interest has. That does not mean that one person’s love is better or worse. It simply defines who you are as a person, and as a partner. One thing is for certain though. Regardless of what your version of love is, it surely will break your heart if it does not last. There is no changing of one’s self that can hold a relationship together that is not meant to be. Some people are truly only meant to be in your life for certain reasons, and at specific times.

SeekYourDestiny with Gina

By: Seek Your Destiny with Gina

It is easy to lose yourself in a relationship. You get caught up in the idea of what you think love is supposed to be, and forget about everything you have learned from your past relationships. The reason behind this is that you find yourself spending so much time with your new partner that you begin to let go of the things that mattered to you before. Some people are terrified of being independent from their partner, while others feel that they will eventually lose their partner if they continue to be their true self which is often due to a low self-esteem and fear of heartache that lingers from their past relationships. That is why it is important to learn what love truly means to you, and what you need from a relationship to feel happy, and secure.

For some love is gentle, and kind. Those are often the relationships that slowly pass through your life leaving you with what appears to be little to no lasting effect. It is that type of relationship that is dismissed as holding no true value. However, those are the key relationships that put you on the path to the true love that awaits you.

Some relationships are predestined. They are intense from the start. It is those relationships that awaken your soul, and open up your heart in a way that only a true soul mate could. They tear down your walls, draw you in, and always linger in your heart. This is not to be confused with a life partner. A life partner is someone you chose to be with. It is an psychological connection. Someone who shares your thoughts, and beliefs. This is a relationship in which you chose to accept their flaws, and commit yourself to him/her in a long term relationship with the belief that this is the best relationship for you.

There are no wrong decisions when choosing who to be with as long as you are being treated with love, and respect. Soul mate connections often leave you with no choice. Life partners almost always feel like the safest choice. Yet, You have to learn to trust in your heart, and be true to who you really are. Becoming someone that you think will be loved is not the same as receiving unconditional love. Finding your true happiness is being able to look at your partner,  know that you are not settling, and that what you two share is something you are meant to discover regardless if it’s meant to be or not.

If you are confused, or if you think you found your soulmate but aren’t sure, then feel free to speak to me on or click on the link below and I will provide you with my professional and intuitive guidance.  Blessings!

Chat Now With: Seek Your Destiny with Gina

Chat Now With: Seek Your Destiny with Gina


December 2014 Forecast: Something’s Gotta Give

December shows to be a tumultuous month that allows or provides one last opportunity for humans to assert spiritual control and prepare for a new year. For many of us these past 11 months have been filled with choices and change, chaos versus calm and the Universal message of seeking higher ground. For those that learned to release the burdens, December closes the gap between the past and future. However those that have resisted changes or shifts for fear of regret or lack of faith. December starts the countdown before a new beginning. With one final chance to embrace change before sweeping us along inevitably shifting our lives’ and direction.

Kasamba Psychic Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon


My guides have always shown that weather patterns often symbolize the Universal or Collective energies of intention and December is brimming over with extremes and unexpected weather shifts. A month or season that many recognize as the “holidays”; we will be unable to remain focused as our attention is pulled in many directions. The recent disruption of peace among countries will rise in crescendo and will not accept being ignored. The focus for this month becomes our ability or inability to adapt, to centralize our connection to all the pieces of our life and that of the Universe. The circle that joins all aspects of our personal and spiritual life quickly closes the gap and the time for ruminating is gone. Relationships, careers, and the trinity or trine both within and external finalizes as we scatter and scurry to keep up. Something surely has to give as we face the final hours of the Divine message to join, collect, change or be changed.

December rides like white water and as humans we can either paddle through the perils or be taken hostage by the rough waves. But make no mistake, the ride will not wait nor stop for anyone and timing IS everything.

1) The culmination of the “trinity” or “trine”

This entire year Universal influences have whispered and spread the word that the time for re-attaching or connecting mind, body and spirit is now. Not only were we constantly reminded of the need to align our own spiritual energies but also the message to reconnect to the Divine or the Collective. The past 11 months offered ample opportunities and creative direction and most of us have heard the call. For those that have continued to resist release or learning to let go and embrace the future; December is the finale in making a powerful choice. All of us are headed into the New Year; the difference will be in the way we cross over either in control or struggling to stay afloat. Our Universal message is contained in the title and each of us as individuals need to prepare for necessary changes, both spiritual and external. Choices, decisions, crossroads and shifts need to be firm and quickly made else we again will be at the mercy of the “whitewater”. Those that have begun their shifts and have been preparing to embrace the future will find a few struggles and delays, but the outcome for the end of December will be bountiful and rewarding.

2) Relationships and romance

Those that have shifted their current relationships into the highest alignment and harmony will incur little change or damage. By months end all will be stabilized and hands-437968_1280the rewards again full of abundance. This month shows great potential for those trying to become pregnant, adopt or otherwise become parents. Avoid conflicts with the past in the form of past persons or relationships. December is the time to avoid repetition and the need to move on and forward is strong and within such lays the opportunity for love and life partners. For those that have clung to damaged or dysfunctional relationships due to fear or lack of faith; prepare to be struck with endless challenges as the Universal forces will take apart what is not meant to be united.

3) Career, finances and material abundance

While December is generally not the best month for business transactions or job/career changes. Due to the myriad of holidays and celebrations; this December is actually quite productive when the intentions are positive and one is either leaving a toxic environment or beginning a new venture for the greater good. There may be short delays in the first half of the month but the second half shows to be prosperous and abundant. Our economy in the global sense is on a strong rebound (at least temporarily) and the selling/buying of real estate for residential should be incredibly attainable. Those relocating or looking to sell, buy or move should hold off for that “special” one as we are in a strong cycle this December for manifesting homes, or residences, business and all career moves and change.

4) The media and the status of peace versus war/conflict

The media continues to “latch on” to any viable news that can cause fear regardless of the source. While my guides warn that there are “underground” rumblings of violence from several sources (countries and groups) they feel that there will be no outward acts or action during December. They do predict there may be some security threats and a potential security breach for the US, London and the UK, but nothing that will be of major concern.

5) Weather patterns

A reminder that my guides feel that the weather aligns with Universal or Collective energies and is often symbolic or associated with current lessons, cycles or phases. As we all watched the US was hit about a week or so ago with an enormous winter storm that shut down several major metropolitan areas. The weather for December remains extremely unstable. As we are seeing currently (especially focusing on the US) temperatures and patterns are shifting from record breaking lows to unseen or above sky-404060_1280average warm. In December the biggest threat comes from above as opposed to below. There appears to be several times throughout this month where the “perfect storm” culminates bringing bands of snow and ice across most portions of the US. While meteorologists are fairly infamous for being off in predictions, December will be extremely challenging. Many predicted storms will simply vanish while other’s gather in intensity and speed taking all by surprise. Travel plans will be disrupted as my guides feel there is a dark grey cloud coverage that will linger over the US and surrounding countries bringing sub-zero temps and again large amounts of snow and ice. In between will be almost spring or summer type weather, so very chaotic yet each pattern that hits shows strength and stability.

In conclusion December offers prosperity and opportunity for those that have worked hard at reuniting with spirit and the whole of humanity. We do “reap what we sow” and no month could be more indicative of that then December. Something’s gotta give and all of us will need to be flexible and able to bend, whether in our career, relationships or preparing for the unexpected weather.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a blessed holiday season and look for my “2015 yearly guidance” to be posted in January. We will review the predictions made from 2014 and my guides will offer insight and guidance as to the year ahead. If you would like more information, or a person reading then feel free to contact me through Kasamba or click on the button below. ~Namaste~

Chat Now With: Maya Moon

Chat Now With: Maya Moon


Saving Your Love: Nothing Else Matters!

Having read for thousands of people over the course of my lifetime, I’m often asked what is the most common problem that I’ve come across. I would have to say that love and relationships is the most recurring theme.

There are some common issues that can be identified with some, others not so much. What has amazed me is how quickly we forget why we got into the relationship to begin with.

Divine Messenger Zuco

By: Divine Messenger Zuco

By that I’m not speaking on the attraction or the magic that we felt initially. I’m not even talking about the passion that ignited that flame of the soul that lighted our way. I’m speaking about the love that bound us to each other. Real pure genuine love.  A love that defies logic and any analytical process. A love that you just know.

That love is without measure. It can’t be counted by numbers or units. It’s beyond our ability to even understand. But we know how it makes us feel.

Those feeling include:

  • Security
  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • Optimism
  • Joy

And many other feelings and emotions, some of which haven’t been properly identified even now. All we know is that the relationship makes us feel good!

When we find our relationships suffering for any number of reasons it can often be due to:

  • Betrayal
  • Mistrust
  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Interference

Or many other issues that this article won’t allow us to touch on right now. These issues then become the focus. Nothing else matters as much as the issue at hand. We put all of our energies into either understanding the problem or finding a way out of it.

It doesn’t take too long for the issues and problems to displace everything else. We lose sight of what matters. Why we are fighting and what we are fighting for.




I’ve often told my clients over the years the same thing. Forget why, who and where. Forget, who said what to you, what your partner did to you or said to you. Overlook EVERYTHING. Focus on the love in you. Ask yourself do I still love him or her. Focus on the love that you have for them.


caucasian-84418_1280Look at the talk, the gossip, the Facebook posts by their ex’s as static that is interfering with the signal that allows you both to be as one, to remain connected and content with each other.


All of the insecurities and fears that you feel and face are only made worse by the act of trying to focus on all the negative aspects of what is happening around you. Too often we focus on the noise around us. It is about learning what to hold on to and what to let go. When you ignore the static, no matter how loud or seemingly scary, you then find it so much easier to focus on what matters. You clear away the fluff that is distracting you.

How they make you feel. When things are good how good are they?  Focus on that feeling. Make that your priority. Don’t make what you think, need want or what another has be the priority right now. When you do, you are putting YOU ahead of US.

When you focus on what works for BOTH of you. You cannot go wrong. When you are lost in thought about how that person makes you feel, made you feel, does for you, how those positives make you float on a cloud, you forget everything else. You gain perspective. In the end, that’s what it’s all about. Being happy and in love with your partner. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Everything is just noise.

Take a moment to contemplate that love. As you do, visualize that love as a pink light in your heart. Do you see dark clouds surrounding it? See that light shining brighter, even as you feel that love growing deeper. Bring to mind those moments that changed everything. That told you, they are the one!

Keep doing this until that pink light within you grows stronger and until it completely envelopes your body. CHOOSE to ignore the worries, doubts and uncertainties. It’s just static. A lot of it is not even important in the long run.

What is important is that love, that bond, that energy, that is a combination of YOU and THEM. Focus on what matters. Not on what doesn’t.  The rest will resolve itself.

If you’re feeling confused, or looking for some relationship advice that you can count on then feel free to find me on Kasamba for a chat, or just click on the bottom below!

Chat Now With: Divine Messenger Zuco

Chat Now With: Divine Messenger Zuco




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