In Love with the Person, or in Love with the Potential?

AzzrianVisions2Author: Azzrian Visions

Falling in love is complex for some, and happens easily for others. Regardless of what type of person you are, when we fall in love we need to be sure we are falling for the person that is, not the person that could be. As an expert in love and relationships, all too often I see clients falling for the potential of a person, and not who they are right now. This is a Catch 22 because it is good to see the potential in others; otherwise we could be very jaded, negative, and skeptical. However, we have to remind ourselves of one true thing: It is up to the other person solely on if they reach their potential in life or not. Sure, I have seen some amazing couples, who meet, fall in love, and help each other rise to the top of their abilities. It can happen, but only when both people are in a very positive space beforehand. The more common theme I find unfortunately is one person is the healer or helper type, and the other becomes their “project” or work in progress. The healer type wants to help the other rise to their best abilities, and while it is an act of caring, it can quickly become destructive and a big letdown for the healer type. Oftentimes also we find that the reason the healer type wants to help someone else is in effect to help themselves! This then is taking two people who are not fully whole unto themselves and trying to force them to fit such as two puzzle pieces that just don’t match up. The things you want to keep in mind while in the dating world are as follows:

  1. Be your best self first. Don’t go out into the dating world looking for someone who can make you a better person, and likewise, don’t go into the dating world looking for someone who needs to be healed, mended, or fixed.
  2. If you catch yourself thinking what an amazing person they could be “if”…then you are already looking past who they are and seeing who they could become. It is one thing to think of the businessman you are dating as a rising star in his field and another to expect yourself to be able to get the guy who has been on public assistance for two years to suddenly find work, because of you! Even the unemployed guy deserves to be loved for who he IS, not who he could be. This process of “healing” the other person is unfair to both.
  3. Decide if you can accept the other person “as is” and if you cannot, move on. It is quite simple really even if difficult at times to do. If you cannot love and fully accept the person you are with as they are without thinking of how much more they “could be” or “become” then you are being unfair to yourself and to them.

Of course it is good to want better for someone you care about! Of course you hope that they find their ambitions, dreams, and goals become reality, but if you are trying to manage how, or when, they get there, then you have taken on the role of healer, fixer, and at worst, controller. It is always best to focus on self, and be your best self, as then you attract what is best for you in a relationship. Being “selfish” in this manner is in reality the most giving thing you can do for the other person in your life. Get great relationship advice from Azzrian Visions now! chat_big

The Cardinal Grand Cross

safinaAuthor: Psychic Safina

On April 23, you will experience a Cardinal Grand Cross. Cardinal signs are the initiators, and this Cardinal Grand Cross is related to the planets Pluto Rx, Mars Rx, Jupiter and Uranus. The lunar eclipses on April 15th and April 29th are going to have a potent effect on you, setting you up for new opportunities that will lead you to success. The North Node enters Libra, giving you a timing of 18 months to unload your karmic binds! The South Node enters Aries, putting you in the driver’s seat to free yourself from the disrupted patterns that you keep repeating.

Pluto turns retrograde, adding a punch to the lunar eclipses, and the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23rd is going to help you succeed. With Pluto turning retrograde, you will let go of what is not working for you and let it fall away, or you will hold on to what is working for you, because it will lead you to success. This is also the time to get outside and take a look at the stars! Go visit a friend that has a telescope or use your binoculars. If you see a bright colored red star, you are seeing the planet Mars, and the Moon might have a tint of red to it too.

Pluto Rx is in the sign of Capricorn, the structure builder faces Pluto; Pluto wants to destroy a structure that is not working to release you from the prison you are living in and send you on a rebirth. When Pluto is in retrograde motion it releases what was suppressed or hidden and brings it into the spotlight for everyone to see. I named Pluto Rx the retro police on a mission.

Mars Rx is in the sign of Libra, the action driven planet faces Libra; Libra wants to balance something, so in order to do this, Libra puts a ball and chain on Mars gas pedal to catch the fugitive that is trying to escape, but cannot, because Mars is in its detriment for a reason, and jailed. Libra knows something is wrong that needs to be resolved.

Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer, the intuitive detective faces Jupiter; Jupiter is the honored guest in the sign of Cancer, and that means luck is on your side. Jupiter is the fate and destiny planet and is related to the threads of life, and is your guardian angel, the one that sends information to you from your unconscious into your subconscious through your intuition or your dreams. When your subconscious receives this information, you arrive at that AH HA MOMENT! Your subconscious sends the information to your conscious, the busy part of you that accepts the information or rejects it. When you reject it, you do not take action, but when you accept it, you take action. But remember Jupiter, your guardian angel works in a mysterious way, so I have a feeling that you are going to accept this information for a reason and act on it!

Uranus is in the sign of Aries, the action driven personality faces Uranus; Uranus is the unpredictable planet that brings monumental changes. Every time I see Uranus aspecting my birth chart, I ask, “WHY ARE YOU HERE!” Uranus does not abandon a path until it makes the change! Look at your life and start at the age of 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42… What happened at these ages?

Uranus is the awakener, it wakes you up, and brings you a big kick in the ass, or it brings you into life changing events that are shocking! Uranus does not have any restrictions in Aries, and change will happen fast, and new opportunities will come out of nowhere. For some the changes will be good, and for some they will be upsetting.

There are 2 oppositions running through the Cardinal Grand Cross and oppositions represent the work that needs to be done to bring your situation back into balance or the time when you come into that “AH Ha Moment” and realize that luck is on your side, the time when you are listening to the messages you are receiving from your guardian angel (Jupiter), and your guardian angel works in a mysterious way. Guardian Angels are assigned to you from the day of your birth, and they stay with you until the day of your death, through thick and thin, and they are your protectors and teachers!

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Prince George of Cambridge

soultruthAuthor: Soul Truth

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting New Zealand for 9 days, bringing with them gorgeous Prince George. It has been said this is the first time he has been put on display apart from when he left the hospital not long after his birth on July 22nd 2013.

Prince William also visited New Zealand around the same age 31 years ago.
I am going to look at the birth chart of the little prince and what he has in common with his royal parents. Numerologists believe that we choose our parents and our choice is usually in regards to the parents that are most likely to help us recognize our path and soul needs, whether this comes in lessons or not.

The new prince certainly has strong numbers that are needed for a leader. He has an 8 Life Path, which is found by adding up his full date of birth to a single number or 11 or 22 which are master numbers in numerology and has a 1 Expression vibration which is found in his full names number vibration along with a 1 Soul Urge which are found in the vowels in his name and a 22 birthday.

These numbers together suggest that Prince George was born with strong business ability. As this little prince develops, we are likely to see strong talents that will benefit him if he is allowed to express himself freely. In his later years he will have very strong executive and administrative talents. Looking at his charts, there is a lesson within which suggests that there are some lessons in his life where he will need to learn the satisfactions of the material world and the power that comes with its mastery. He is lucky he is born to royalty where his material needs and his need for a position of power is more likely to be fulfilled than that of a commoner with the same number vibrations. So this will mean that he is more likely to be able to fulfill his soul intention in this lifetime.

As he matures, although he has the makings of a fine leader, he will have a strong desire to be completely free to act on his own, which could mean that he runs into some problems where his position in life is concerned. As long as his parents recognize this independent attitude and the prince’s superior ability to organize and manage situations, his urge for power can be developed in a balanced way. Looking at the duke and duchess’s numbers, they are certainly the parents that will help the prince develop in the way he needs to.

Let’s start with his mother Catherine Duchess of Cambridge born (Catherine Elizabeth Middleton). When Catherine married Prince William and became the Duchess of Cambridge, this changed the vibration of her name which shows an 11 Expression which is taken from the letters in her current name and a 22 Soul Urge which matches with Prince George’s birthday number. This is one of the things that will help her understand George’s drive to be a leader and be able to express his natural talents.

William has an 11 Life Path which is found by adding his birth date: 21/ 06 /1982. His father (Prince Charles) and his grandfather the (Duke of Edinburgh) also hold this same vibration which a lot of the royals have in their charts. The challenge for elevens is to not be overwhelmed by their Soul Urge gifts. Fears and phobias would be the downside of this number 11 and having complete faith in self, which can make them appear indecisive, impractical, nervous, and moody. Prince George is also likely to have the same indecisiveness at times with his master 22 vibration; however he is more likely to be able to work through this with parents that I believe will understand him fully.

As I write this, the duchess and duke, along with the prince, are visiting a Plunket group of parents and babies of the same age for Prince George to play with. The gifts he will be receiving will be a blue Plunket bear and our traditional Plunket record book which is for recording the development of the child up to 5 years or school age. When William visited New Zealand with his parents he was given a busy bee which is one of New Zealand’s Kiwi icons. It clicks when it is pulled along as its wings rotate.

Have you ever wondered why you chose the parents you did or why you click with certain people better than you do with others? Numerology is great at showing you all these things and can give you tips for how to work through any issues that may show.

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Eclipses to Watch for In April!

safinaAuthor: Psychic Safina

The Lunar Eclipse

There is a lunar (full moon) eclipse on April 15, 2014, and the full moon moves through the house of Libra and the sun transits through the house of Aries. When the moon and sun are opposite each other, this combination brings something to a head that has been sitting idle, waiting for a resolution. Lunar eclipses are usually related to relationships and finding the balance with these relationships.

The planet Mars is in Libra’s house in retrograde motion (the time when a planet is backpedaling into a degree it has already experienced, and I call retrograde motion, the “Do-Over.” The planet Mars does not like to visit Libra’s house! Mars has to sit in Libra’s seat and analyze and paralyze everything instead of taking action. This is not a good placement for the planet Mars because it has a ball and chain on its gas pedal and Mars feels jailed!

Libra represents the scales and wants to cut through the situation and bring it back into balance. However, the planet Mars will square Pluto, Jupiter, and oppose Uranus and Mercury and semi-square Chiron, bringing out relationship snafus: break-ups, short tempers and arguments, unexpected events, and something that is going to be talked about for a long time, feeling offended or unable to express what you want to say or feeling bottled up with hurt feelings!


The Solar Eclipse

On April 29, 2014, there is a solar (new moon) eclipse that moves through the house of Taurus and represents the time when the new moon (new beginnings) and the sun (your action pedal) join together in the sign of Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus. Oh, by the way, the planet Venus leapt into the sign of Pisces, and you’re going put your best foot forward, and go after your dreams! This solar eclipse brings you into an extreme makeover with yourself: You might make a new promise to yourself and follow through with a new beginning and change your lifestyle. Solar eclipses make you initiate new beginnings, and you’re going to get some extra help with the way that the planets are aspected right now.

The new moon conjuncts the sun and Mercury, sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto, and Quincunx Mars. These aspects make you crave a new beginning, and you’ll speak to others with your true feelings. Your imagination will be open, and you’ll develop deeper bonds with others, but you’ll struggle with being emotionally consistent, compliments of the planet Mars!

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Dreams About Snakes – Dream Interpretations


Join psychic reader and dream interpreter Valdene Love as she takes on a journey into the meaning behind our dreams.

In this video Valdene Love will tell us what it means if you dream about snakes.

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~Journey or Destination~ April 2014 Predictions

Chat with Maya Moon D,DivAuthor: Maya Moon D, Div.

My guides have been preparing me for the strong energy vibrations that they show will rule during the month of April. There definitely seems to be some crossover influences from March, however the Universal message for this month will be quite powerful and depending on our unique life choice(s), we will either be receiving abundance and limitless opportunities in every area of life; or we will disconnect with our Spiritual energy and literally miss what lies within our grasp. Weather patterns finally begin to stabilize and return to a more normal pattern, with some slight chances for a reversal that is a bit too opposite. The focus for April lies in our perception of the “now” and seems to indicate more emphasis on jobs, career, moves and major life changes, as opposed to the strong relationship emphasis we felt in March.

  1. Because there are such strong Universal energies urging us to move, once again politics, government and media rise up and we are blasted by the media reporting dis-chord and dissention.
  2. Weather patterns stabilize with low to moderate risk for destructive storms, however I am also shown that some areas will actually move to a reversal that may have some impacts.
  3. As a resident of the US, my guides often pay particular attention to my homeland, however they warn that towards mid to late April there will be strong reports of civil unrest with intentions of war or terrorism, spurning global reaction from other united Countries.
  4. My guides also remind us that we are still influenced by the Karmic lessons needed to bring us to our full Spiritual awareness and these influences while being spread throughout the year, will be in full force for April. We will all be presented with the potential for numerous opportunities, however we are also warned that disconnection from our purpose and destiny will be a major obstacle for some.
  5. There also feels to be some type of crisis that involves agriculture and/or production, manufacturing and processing of consumer food products.  The media plays once again an influential and often conflicting influence on April’s collective energy and conscious. Because my guides are predicting two very potent and extremely Universally affective events, there may feel like there is no escape from this somewhat negative coverage. Because the media in all forms consists of humans, they too are subject to the individual and collective emphasis on abundant opportunities and choosing the journey or destination. My guides do feel that at least in part some of what is shared is important and accurate information, however the tendency for extremes are worth mentioning as not all information will be totally accurate and/or reliable. Once again we need to use our common sense and inner guidance before taking action based on coverage and supposed “reports”.

April can be an extremely abundant and opportunistic month, however it can also be a stagnant and difficult period for those of us that only focus on outcomes, and allow anxiety to steal the day to day moments. Understanding and embracing the journey, which represents the now, the present and the near future takes precedence over the final destination and decisions which bypass our needs, desires and goals for now, and only serve our long term future. This is or can be a huge block and one we all need to remind ourselves of. Because April’s Universal influence and lesson is highlighted around careers, jobs, changes and shifts in our work situations a good analogy would be as follows; if an opportunity for change, promotion or a shift is presented, make your personal decision based on your intrinsic, monetary and personal needs for now and even if such a change shows to be extremely beneficial for the present and near future, move forward. Try to avoid being caught up in long term or far reaching goals during this month as it will only lead to missed opportunities and unresolved conflicts. By embracing the actual journey and living fully in the moment, we become free to make healthy choices and elevate your current situations; ultimately we/you will be securing our long term future. So it becomes a matter of faith, and for those that seem unable or incapable of letting go for the moment of a 5 or 10 year goal based plan, you will find yourself feeling trapped, isolated and unable to embrace the gifts (opportunities) presented for our highest good.

Weather patterns will return to a more normal state for most of the world, however there does appear to be some risk for the opposite extreme; so those that have suffered with unprecedented cold and storms not noted for their specific climate, may find temperatures higher or warmer than normal. In terms of our weather, although stability does seem to be the overall pattern, seasonal changes will come swift and strong, with many areas missing those medians, such as spring or fall.

Civil unrest, although I have not been shown a specific location, I am told this will be from an unexpected source and from a country that has in a sense, “flown under the radar”. I am assured by my guides that the Karmic implications and Universal goal will be successful in reuniting lost allies and forming new alliances that will aid the country as a whole. I am also shown this to be more of a shock factor and a needed reminder for brotherhood among nations, as opposed to a full scale war or devastating attack. The media again is shown to be significant, but temperance and good judgment is needed to avoid unnecessary fears.

Agriculture, food, inspections and related elements; once again we have globally become somewhat complacent as humans, collectively and we will be presented with information that will affect our relationship with food. This feels to have a global impact, with significance on the US and those who do trade with third world countries. Information will be obtained and released which relates to low standards and unacceptable conditions. Aside from some minor label changes that have already made headlines, this event is actually very important and the positive aftermath is each of us being more responsible for what we consume, and demanding higher standards in each of our countries. My guides have always shown me that food handling and processing was spiraling downward and there is some relationship to export and import. Again there is actually a very positive side, as the true farmer once again becomes an integral part of our nations and we begin moving to a higher state of energy or vibration in understanding the correlation between body, mind and spirit.

Although some of what has been shared may seem frightening or difficult to believe, remember that our God, Creator, Source and Universe constantly strives to raise our consciousness and elevate our well-being, allowing us to reap the magnificent rewards and endless opportunities our planet supplies. It is often necessary for positive enlightenment and change to occur that we receive or are “awakened” with profound or significant awareness.

All that I am shown is truly moving humanity to her rightful throne as spiritual beings living physical lives on earth.

April is a busy month and we are encouraged to count the journey, to absorb and embrace each step and for the moment at least to let go of our tight grip on the “destination”. If we can navigate this month moment to moment or day to day, rather than placing our lives too far ahead, and avoid tunnel vision for that final destination; we will then find abundance in opportunities, and strong spiritual growth and development. Sometimes the best way to reach a desired destination is to travel light, embracing joyfully your new awareness. I wish all of you a successful and abundant journey, and that my friends, should be our destination for April~

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Numerology Explains Why Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow Broke Up

soultruthAuthor: Soul Truth

The stunning Gwyneth Paltrow and her handsome husband Chris Martin (musician and song-writer) have very recently decided to go their separate ways according to Gwyneth’s latest blog.

Looking at what vibration this couple are in with Numerology using their current names and their birth dates reveals that the two of them, although apparently still loving toward one another, would find it very difficult to keep things together this year and over previous months.

Chris is in a time of his life right now where he wants a little more freedom and joy in life. Why? Because he’s in a 3 personal year, which is taken from his birth date (which I call the barcode of your soul). 3 is the number of joy and celebration.
Gwyneth is experiencing a very strong 7 vibration this year which means that she will be reflecting on the past but also needing space to sort through her own personal soul beliefs. Often in a 7 personal we experience a lot of “a-ha” moments and question where we are in our life to make the changes to achieve what we want in our future. It can be quite a solo time where we work with the changes we may need to make with self and recognize our faults.

Chris’s 3 personal vibration is likely to help him get through this time a lot easier than Gwyneth. However, she will see the reasons and understand them more clearly than Chris will as she is a very strong 1 Life Path individual — a leader in most instances and very unlikely to go back on any word she has fired in Chris’s direction. This one independent vibration often shows in Gwyneth’s acting just as much as the master 11 energy of Chris’s life path shows in his music and his strong connections with bands such as U2, ColdPlay and the Rolling Stones (for whom he wrote).

The couple met in 2002 when Chris helped Gwyneth with her grieving her father’s death. He wrote two songs for Gwyneth at this time, one called “Fix You” and the other “Swallowed in the Sea.” If by chance this couple decides to get back together at any stage it will more than likely be Chris who wants this because of his number 11 Life Path which means needing balance, justice, and togetherness. However, this is not likely to happen for quite a while (if it does at all).

This is what Gwyneth said on her blog Goop. “We have been working hard for well over a year, some of it together, some of it separated, to see what might have been possible between us, and we have come to the conclusion that while we love each other very much we will remain separate.” So maybe if they become an official couple again they will continue to live separately which in my view can be very good for a relationship, especially that of a 1 and 11/2 Life Path. The 1 wanting to lead and make most of the decisions and the 11 wanting to have a united understanding but often finding it hard to be heard or understood.

The area where this relationship had the most connection was the 16/7, which in numerology is a karmic debt which shows in Gwyneth’s Soul Urge from the vowels taken from her full birth name (Gwyneth Kate Paltrow) and the full names vibration of Chris (Christopher Anthony John Martin). This reflects the attraction of when they first met Chris’s Expression to her coming out in music to heal Gwyneth or at least make her feel better and now her personal year vibration which is also a 7 and the break up is likely due to this debt of the 16/7 which for her has been repaid. For Chris this is likely to take some time to happen unless he experienced this earlier in his journey which I have not looked at for now.

Relationships, of course, are ever-changing. They shift and evolve as the individuals in the relationship grow and get to know one another on a deeper level. No matter how good a relationship becomes, it can get even better when the two people learn to accept and love each other just as they are. Numerology can help with this understanding so that a life together can be more rewarding and ever lasting.

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Soulmates 101 – Part 1

AzzrianVisions2Author: Azzrian Visions

What is a soul mate? Where do they come from? Where can you get one?

There is a common misconception that soul mates mean amazing romance, lifelong bliss, and complete happiness.

The most important things to know about soul mates are

  1. You have many of them.
  2. They are not all romantic soul mates.
  3. Soul mates can be very confusing, complex, and cause more pain than bliss.

In the best circumstances a soul mate, be they a romantic soul mate or not, will bring happiness into your life, a new understanding, perhaps a new perspective. You will find that you learn something of value from a soul mate. Even in a situation that is not optimal, with a soul mate that drives you batty, you will find some lesson to embrace, that without them you never would have discovered. Soul mates help to open our eyes to ourselves. They awaken our belief system, help us with inner growth, yet sometimes can cause us great internal conflict.


What is it about some soul mates that make us feel so conflicted? Why does it have to be so confusing? If you think about it, spirituality itself is about energy, both the negative and the positive, and without both charges of energy in our lives we would never grow as spiritual beings.

So where do soul mates come from? In order to truly believe in soul mates one must also believe in reincarnation, which means you then believe in past lives. Without past life experiences we cannot have soul mates. Soul mates are souls that are destined to make contact to teach each other. We travel within soul groups to gain life experiences, often in conjunction with our soul mates’ own experiences.

So how do you know if you are having a soul mate experience? Often a soul mate is felt in the connection you have with another person, although being intensely in love does not always mean you are with a soul mate. Sometimes you will meet someone who grew up halfway across the country, or in another country altogether, yet you find you have a very similar background, have had similar life experiences, or even have some uncanny connections.

One client of mine, who thought she had found one of her soul mates, discovered that she and the other person had the following connections:

  1. Both of their kindergarten teachers had the same first and last name.
  2. They both were raised in a home with the house number of 1047.
  3. Both individuals set out to go to law school but instead shifted gears in their second year of college to business.
  4. Both people had experienced loss of a parent at the age of 13.

As you can see, these are very distinct similarities. Granted, if we surveyed the Earth we could probably find a number of other people with the same four connections. That does not necessarily make them all soul mates, but the fact that these two met, at a seminar, in neither of their own countries, and felt an intense connection outside of simple physical attraction, even though complete strangers, gives some weight to consider that they may be soul mates. That is when I was contacted to do a soul mate reading on their energy.

Not only did we discover that they are soul mates, but that they are primary soul mates, making their connection even more important at this stage of their lives. Their soul mate reading revealed that they were not intended to meet until they had established their personal paths, had their own personal stability, and were truly ready to settle down.

Having met one another did not make previous people they had been in love with, or a relationship with, any less valuable. If not for their previous love relationships, it is likely the two of them would never have met, or had they, they might not have been able to move forward in a healthy connection with each other. The best soul mate connections come to us when both energies are prepared, and on the correct level for the purpose that was intended in the soul contract. Oftentimes, however unfortunate, we meet soul mates before we, or they are prepared. This is when we have soul mate conflict.

Yes, we can filter through many soul mates of different types throughout one lifetime, and we hope that at some point, we will find and end up with the one we are “meant” to be with, but you must understand one core principle of soul mates: whichever one you are with now, is the one you are “meant” to be with, for now.

Azzrian Visions is a specialist in Soulmates and Past Life Readings. She has been with Kasamba since May 2005 and has been in private practice since the 1980’s.

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Healing One Step at a Time

AmbersLightButtonAuthor: Ambers Light

How do we heal so much hurt? One of the most important things in life is the steps that we take!  At times we want to rush, skip steps and feel better.  Unfortunately, the patterns seem to repeat themselves so it’s not wise to skip those steps. We gain the knowledge that is in those steps and that in turn helps us to heal in many different ways…when we heal, we then begin to realize how valuable and important we are in this lifetime!

Envision a tree that is trying to bloom in the spring, creating all these buds that will bloom and bring forth the leaves that make it so healthy and green! Yet this tree also had to take the necessary steps in order to allow those buds to become beautiful green leaves and it was one step, one day at a time… That consisted of patience and belief,  something that most of us are not wanting to deal with or understand or just flat out lost all hope….

If we were to take our steps and the use of the patience, much as the tree has, it would produce so much green for us that we would be stepping just as beautiful as the tree!  Now how do we start these steps, how do we produce this bud in us that actually helps us to heal? It’s not as complicated as one might think but the main key is the patience to stepping back, taking a breath and looking at the full circle of our life.

Nurturing that inner child and seeing ones self worth is grand steps towards allowing the healing process to begin…seeing life with new eyes and knowing that you are just as important as the next person. Your inner child is your bud and a lot of us have let that become dormant . It is important to gently wake that bud up and open the doors for the healing to expand and take your life in hand.  The steps will not only change but sift our life towards a more positive gain!

So many steps come into play for the healing process! No matter what we are doing or what the situation is, there are steps … one at a time …and patience! Our Life is worth taking this time and loving this life that has been given to us!!!  Let’s listen to that inner child, it is sure calling out to us!

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Introduction & Reiki Level I (Beginner’s Level)

Little_Walela_buttonAuthor: Little Walela

Many people ask the question of “what is reiki?” Reiki is a universal life force energy that we all have an innate ability to be attuned to help promote or aid in healing for ourselves or others via channeling energy through the hands. Once attuned, reiki is good for calming, centering, cleansing, and recharging our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels of well-being. It is a good aide tool to promote self-growth and self-understanding as a way of helping yourself in any situation, but also defining your spiritual self as being one with the Universe to where you can learn to trust the Divine guiding every aspect of your life’s journey.

The beginner’s level of reiki, or Reiki Level I, is extremely important and offers five valid principles. This is where you learn how to heal and trust in yourself first, because if you cannot heal or trust in yourself, then you will not be able to know how to do so for another who is having the same problematic situations. It is a way to increase your own inner knowledge. The five valid principles are as follows:

  1. Just for today, I will not get angry.
  2. Just for today, I will not worry.
  3. Be grateful even for the smallest of blessings.
  4. Work hard by letting go of self-doubt and other habitual thoughts.
  5. Be kind to others as you wish then to treat you.

 To be attuned to Reiki Level I, you will go through lessons concerning the chakras and hand placement conducted by a Reiki Master/Teacher. Once you have completed all of the lessons. The Reiki Master/Teacher will then attune (activate) the universal life force energy within you. During this attunement, you may experience several sensations from hot to cold, tingling, even experiences in smell and colors. However, you may also feel like you are being uplifted into a peaceful state of mind and/or not even feel anything at all until you start using reiki to heal or keep yourself in balance.

It is good to always practice reiki as a self-treatment daily after you have been attuned. This helps keep yourself in a healthy balance and allows the universal life force energy to dramatically increase to where the flow will be more productive during the healing sessions. One of the golden rules is to always have permission before starting any reiki session, even for yourself…especially after a long stressful day! This is a basic self reiki healing:

  1. Overlap your hands and place on top of your head.
  2. Put one hand on forehead and the other at the back base of the skull.
  3. Rest both hands on your eyes, then repeat the same for your ears.
  4. Place one hand on upper chest and one on the solar plexus (just above belly button).
  5. Then place hands on your hips/pelvic area.
  6. Relax for 5 or 10 minutes with deep meditational breaths. Bring your hands into the prayer position at heart level, or what is known as the Namaste position and give thanks to your Higher Power, then ask silently for guidance in cleansing, healing, and removal of any negativity. During this point you may also ask for your guides, angel, or Spirit to help aid in the session.
  7. Once you have done so, now you can visualize white light flowing from the top of your head through your body and our of your feet into Mother Earth for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  8. Then, after the session is done, give thanks once more and go about your normal routine. Just make sure that you try to eat proper and not have a lot of sugar and/or caffeine.

You may feel a boost in energy the next day, weird sensations or heighten sensitivity to smells and/or sounds, but as your body becomes accustom to the reiki sessions…you will have a sense of peace over time. As you start becoming more experienced in the other levels, you will also be able to incorporate aromatherapy and crystals into the healings.

Many Bright Blessings!

Little Walela

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