What NOT to Expect During a Full Moon


rhiannon_pailleAuthor: Rhiannon Paille

The full moon is a phenomenon often touted for its unexpected occurrences, shape-shifting mythologies and paranormal occurrences. While the full moon in popular culture has rooted itself firmly into our belief systems, the actual energetic influences of a full moon have been forgotten. The full moon is the culmination of a cycle, marking the end of the waxing cycle and the beginning of the waning cycle. During a full moon, the moon appears opposite the sun. If you remember your aspects in astrology you’ll know that opposites are not a good thing, and during full moons, the sun and the moon are definitely at odds with one another. It can be difficult to decipher these subtle recurring energies, especially since no two full moons are the same. Here are some things that will not happen during a full moon.


Unexpected ideas or projects being added to your plate

While the full moon has been rumored to be the bearer of unexpected occurrences, it is unlikely that you will begin anything new during a full moon. The full moon energy is more likely to have you cleaning out a storage closet, tying up loose ends, or completing a project you’ve been working on for a while. The key to a full moon is endings, fulfillment, and success.

Unexpected progress in relationships

I’ve heard of people acting weirder than usual during the full moon, doing things like professing their undying love or kissing people they didn’t mean to kiss, but let’s be real, a full moon isn’t going to make you feel something you didn’t previously feel. Alcohol might have that effect, but a full moon is about completing what has already been manifested. So if you were bottling up feelings, it is possible for those emotions to come out during a full moon.

Awakening to your spiritual side

While the full moon always seems to be the blame of paranormal activity, it is unlikely that you will be able to experience a clear awakening during a full moon. The opposition between the moon and the sun puts your emotions at risk, the moon representing your deeper emotions and the sun representing your personality. When these two major bodies are at odds with one another it’s actually more difficult for you to have spiritual clarity. You are more likely to feel pulled in two different directions during the full moon than you are to have a spiritual awakening.

Anything on the Other Side visiting you

Again, paranormal activity is actually more difficult to achieve during the full moon. There is only one time of the year when the veil is so thin that it’s easier for the other side and other worlds to bleed through to Earth and that’s Samhain, November 1st, also better known as Halloween.

The best way you can handle the full moon is to treat it with respect. Be sure you’re not harboring emotions (in case you kiss someone who might not be ready for it), or are behind on projects (because that full moon is bound to make you pull an all-nighter.) Don’t spend your time wigging out about the other side and you should be able to live through the next full moon unscathed. The next full moon hits July 12th, traveling through Capricorn, making you focus on what’s important.

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All about Angels: The Archangels

julianna_day_buttonAuthor: Julianna Day

Arch Angel,” translated from Greek, means “Chief Angel” – and chief they are! What are their roles? Can we call on them by name? Why would an angel so powerful rush to my aid? Do they have specific talents?

Archangels are the angels that we hear most often about in literature and within the Judaic, Islamic and Christian faith traditions. They are heavenly messengers on steroids! If you are seeking a subtle approach, this isn’t the Order to invoke. This group means business.

It’s easy to imagine that lengthy prayer and deep meditation would be the key to asking for and receiving guidance from this special Order. What we must always remember is that – like all Orders – the Archangels were created to assist us as we take this sometimes pretty scary journey – Life! Calling out to them by name; asking for them to be with you, to help you, to guide you – just as you would a dear friend – will work just as effectively. The real key, always, is sincerity.

Each Archangel is divinely gifted with certain responsibilities and talents. Following are the names we’ve assigned them, their specialties and how we interpret them through art. Although we traditionally recognize seven, here are the top four!

Michael, whose name means, Who is like unto God?, is brandishing a gleaming sword in michaelhis right hand and, in his left, a green palm. He’s the war-savvy angel that we call upon to help us in our daily battles. Initially, Michael was charged with removing Satan, himself; but in our every-day-world, we can paint his purpose with a broader brush. For example, when you are fearful walking to your car in a dark parking garage – it is Michael to the rescue! “Michael protect me!,” summons this mighty warrior and protector to your side.

Gabriel, or Might of God, is often illustrated as holding a lantern in his right hand and a gabrielmirror of green jasper in his left. God often chooses Gabriel to carry His most important messages. Gabriel is the go-to angel when we need to clear away confusion and receive the wisdom that we need to make important decisions – and gain the confidence to act on those choices. “Be by my side, Gabriel. Please help me to see clearly and go forward with courage” will ensure you aren’t alone when it comes time to make a difficult decision.

There could be no better translation of Raphael than God’s healing. In art, Raphael is raphaeloften painted as guiding Tobit with his right hand while carrying an alabaster physician’s jar in his left. When summoned, Raphael brings with him an emerald-green light of healing and comfort … but there’s even more to this beautiful angel! Raphael is the angel of happy meetings. Getting us through those difficult, conflict-ridden situations; Raphael holds our hand and leads us into the path of those we are meant to meet. Raph, as I like to call him!, is the angel best summoned when we are looking to meet that special someone. “Raphael, please be with me, guard me, guide me, heal me and those in my life so that I may know true peace.”

True to his name, Uriel – or Light of God — carries a sword in his right hand and a flame in his left. I like to think of this not-so-well-known archangel as the Path Lighter. When we urieldon’t know which way to turn, can’t see the truth in a situation or have lost our way along our path, it is Uriel’s light that leads us home. Here’s a lovely way of asking for and receiving Uriel’s intercession: close your eyes then ask, “Please light my next step with God’s light, Uriel, so that I may not stumble; and give me the courage and confidence to go forward on the path you have illuminated.” Then open your eyes! You may find that the answer you’ve been seeking is right there for you; or you may go through your day or week receiving subtle messages and guidance that steers you in the right direction.

I would love to hear about your angel encounters! Please feel free to email me with your stories and questions – I look forward to chatting with you!

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Love it or Let it Be?

seek_your_fateAuthor: Seek Your Fate

It takes less than four minutes for a you to decide whether the person you just met is someone you want to date. You know it almost instantly. Your heart begins to beat rapidly. You lose your train of thought. You cannot help but to stare at that person. You find yourself having one of the most intense conversations you have ever had but yet not a word is even spoken. It is primal. It is in your body language. It is in those moments that a new attraction is formed.

000012866457However, what enables some to qualify to be a lasting memory in your life while others only linger for a season or two? With my empathic abilities, and experience as a Love and Relationship reader, I have come to understand that some people despite your connection is only meant to be in your life short term. That does not mean that person did not care enough about you or the relationship to make it last. It also does not mean that the relationship was not important.

It is often the relationships that do not last that end up teaching you the most. A failing relationship can teach you what you really need from your partner. It can also allow you to see what you can, and cannot accept in a relationship. Looking at relationships in that sense, every person you date plays an important role in your life. The hardest part is valuing yourself and determining if that person is someone to Love or Let be?

The worst thing for a person is to deny their own happiness by staying in a relationship that they know is not the right one for them. Breaking up is emotionally and physically draining. Yet, imagine If you could love the wrong person that much, how much you could love the right one?

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Meditation with Rock Crystal

missfuturoAuthor: Miss Futuro

Sometimes, coming back home from a hard day of work, or after a stressful day, you may feel that your brain is exploding: there are still a lot of things to do, and duties, and tasks, and people asking things from you, and you may feel overwhelmed. Or, you are staying at home all day and don’t feel you have the energy to just get up and move, and your mind keeps going back on the same issues again and again, you feel stuck in a rut. In both situations, and, more in general, in situations where you feel out of balance, you are stressed and you need meditation. Take a little time for yourself, and for yourself only, and pamper yourself with a meditation with crystals.

What you will need: a crystal, of course – In this article we are going to use the White Quartz, the clear transparent one, for a neutral meditation and a purification of thoughts. Other kinds of crystals can be used, such as Pink Quartz, Yellow Quartz, Smokey Quartz, or Amethyst, for different purposes. But today we are going to use White Quartz. You will not need a really big piece actually, it’s enough if it has the dimension of one inch and a half. The important thing is it has to be very clear, but still quite raw, without any piece of metal and jewels attached to it. You can easily find it in a gem shop for a few dollars. Then you will need a big comfortable cushion (and, optional, a blanket, depending on how cold is outside), comfortable clothes and a carpet, a New Age music CD (choose a relaxing, ambient one instead of a Medieval or Tribal one), a candle (it’s up to you the choice, you can choose a colored one or a perfumed one with the fragrance you like most).

There will be no need for charging and magnetizing the crystal as we would do if we wanted to wear it, or to use it for therapy. Having just to use it for meditation, it will be enough to wash it for five minutes under flowing water, just to eliminate all energies and impurities it may have collected.

Most important thing: You will have to be completely alone for thirty minutes, so choose a room where nobody will disturb you, disconnect the phone, shut down your PC and tell other people to leave you alone.

Then, close the shutters and light the candle. Position the candle in a place where it can shed some light. Start the CD. Put the carpet on the floor and position the cushion on it, then dress up yourself with the comfortable clothes (no shoes are allowed). Sit on the cushion with crossed legs, try to find a comfortable position and at the same time try to keep your back straight. Keep the crystal in your hands.

Now start the meditation. Inhale and exhale, following where your breath goes and paying attention to it. Once you feel you have become more calm and your breath is regular, start staring at the crystal. Look at its transparence. When a thought comes to your mind, don’t try to stop it or fight it, just let it flow, and then focus again on the transparence of the crystal. Say to yourself: “My mind is sharp and clean like this crystal.” Imagine yourself in a place out of time, like a garden, in which only peace and serenity reigns, and in the middle of the garden there is the crystal.


Imagine it bigger than it is, like a big rock. Imagine that from it a fountain flows, a fountain of clear, transparent and crystalline water, just as the crystal. Say to yourself, “My mind is clear and transparent like this water, every thought and every worry is washed away by this pure water.” When you are distracted, or tired, keep staring at the crystal and start focusing again. Try to feel like you and the crystal are one thing. Keep breathing calmly and regularly, control your breath and inhale and exhale. Keep repeating to yourself, “Every breath I take is calm, and perfect like this crystal.”

In this way you will come to feel a very peaceful sensation. It’s important not to fall asleep, but to keep focusing on the crystal and on concentration. At the beginning it will be very hard to do it, but after a few meditations, it will become automatic. The ideal duration for this meditation is at least half an hour. When this time has passed gently put away the crystal, open your eyes and massage your temples. Then slowly get up.

You can do this meditation whenever you want and you will always have a peaceful place to go when you feel stressed or need a moment to disconnect. It’s very empowering and will put your mind right back on track. Try and then let me know!

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All About Angels: Angels 101

julianna_day_buttonAuthor: Julianna Day

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you. – Francis de Sales

We’ve heard they are tiny enough to dance by the millions on the head of a pin one minute and, the next, grand enough to appear eight feet tall with robes of brilliant white light, sporting gossamer wings. (Although, any being who can dance on the head of a pin is, by definition, pretty darned “grande”!)

Who are they? What are they? Can we see them? Hear them? Talk with them? Do I really have one assigned just to me? What powers do they have? How can I know if they are around me? In short: What’s the deal with angels?

Over the next few weeks, in All About Angels, we’ll take a look at those questions and, hopefully, bring you closer to understanding, recognizing and experiencing the angelic realm — and learning more about how to embrace it as a part of your everyday world.

Let’s get started with a crash course: Angels 101!

angelTranslated from the Hebrew and Greek, Angel means Messenger. It’s in this role that we most often experience their work. They can be the silent whisperers that tells us Sue doesn’t have our best interest at heart; or prompt us to share our story or offer words of gentle encouragement to a stranger.

Angels have never been and will never be human. They are solely (and soul-ly) spirit. Simply put, Grandma Ellie may have been an “angel,” but she will never be an Angel!

That being said, angels are known to manifest in human form. They can be the young woman who smiles at you just when you need it most; the good Samaritan who waits in the dark with you until the tow truck arrives; the elderly man struggling with his grocery bags — giving you the opportunity to be kind and helpful.

Their presence isn’t always as obvious as the lady sitting across from you on the bus. Angels can appear as flames of fire and even rushes of wind.

Timing is their forte! One of the easiest ways to know you’ve experienced angelic intervention has to do with the “when.” Were you waiting for the train, confused about whether or not to look for a new job, when the wind blew the want ads section against your legs? Or you overheard someone talking about how happy they were that they made the decision to stay put in their company? Messages from the Messengers!

In literature, angels are historically referred to as being male. In truth, they are genderless — being only spirit — and can assume both feminine and masculine forms.

Even angels have a hierarchy! Nine to be exact: Angels, archangels, virtues, powers, principalities, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim. It’s best (and easiest) to think of them as Orders rather than who-is-more-important-than-whom. Each Order has an area of expertise and accountability.

Next time we’ll look at the Archangels and the special, specific ways they can help us in our lives.

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Are you shy? Spiritual tips to make new friends.

Chat with Ask CristinaAuthor: Ask Cristina

One of the hardest challenges when moving to a new place or job is making new friends or acquaintances. It can be particularly difficult if you are shy or unsure of yourself. Shyness can keep you from living life to the fullest, yet there is beauty in shy people. A shy person has a great capacity for listening and sometimes listening to others is the best way to make new connections. As a listener you build loyalty and lifelong friendships. You may be quiet or shy, you think carefully before you speak thus giving people the right advice, direction or inspiration.

The first thing to do when you are trying to make friends is to take an inventory of yourself. We are all unique people, with gifts and wit, and intelligence. Look at what your gifts are, what you are good at, what you love about your life, and the world around you. See yourself for who you really are, a spiritual being in human form. When you start to see your highest self, you start to build the confidence you need to attract those relationships and friendship you seek.

Put some love out there. What I mean by that is get involved in things that are near and dear to your heart, volunteer an hour a week of your time to show the world your real love. Our purpose in life is to be of service to others that can bring great joy and happiness, when we bring a smile to someone else. This is usually the easiest way to make new friends and long lasting ones.

If you are shy, you probably try to avoid people, so you have to make the switch. Get around people as much as you can. If you are at a cafeteria or break room, go sit with a couple of people, don’t sit alone. Or join an organization or club with people who have similar interests as yourself. Make eye contact with people as much as you can. Shyness has a tendency to make us to look down or somewhere else, instead of up, always look up. Besides people can see the light of your eyes much easier when you look right at them.

Always remember to introduce yourself. People may not remember your name, but you can change that by remembering theirs. In Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to win Friends and Influence People” he says the best way to make a friend is to remember their name. There is a little trick to this. You simply repeat their name three times in the conversation, OR you repeat their name, three times in your head. Or remember by association. Concentrate on the color of their clothes so when you see the person again, you can remember that “ blue was Mary”. Be creative and come up with your own tricks to remember names. You’ll be glad you did, learning someone’s name ends up making YOU unforgettable.


Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. A little small talk never hurt anyone, which is why it’s called “small talk.” The person you are speaking to is exactly like you in every way, a flame of light, and we are all connected to the same source, remember that first and foremost and conversation should get easier. Start with the old standard and talk about the weather or compliment people. You can mention their car, or shoes, or what they are wearing, what do they give their mom’s for their birthday.

When it comes to making new friends it’s all about spiritual connections. Love yourself, see how beautiful you are and what you give to life and friends will come easily. Your soul is connecting to someone else’s soul. The souls look exactly alike there is no difference so nothing to fear. When you see they are exactly like you, you’ll learn to love them just as you love yourself. At the end of the day, LOVE is what attracts people and new friends to you.

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How to become a psychic reader

Yes, you are psychic! Tune in with me as you learn how to uncover this ability. We’ll talk about two important concepts that will assist you in setting the foundation to unravel your own intuitive knowing: Intention Setting and Meditation. I’ll talk about each clairability and what they are. Clients and students often ask, “How do I know if I’m clairvoyant or clairsentient?” You’ll find out how! We kick off this clairability series of videos with clairvoyance which you will discover is very much like a day dream. Be sure to tune in next time as we explore clairvoyance even further. You’ll learn several specific tools to help you begin opening your clairvoyance (clear seeing) even more.

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Kim and Kayne get hitched!

soultruthAuthor: Soul Truth

On Saturday May 24th vows were exchanged between one of the most popular couples at the moment. The wedding took place under a perfect spring sunset in Italy.

How will this relationship evolve for the rapper and television star of her family name reality show? (Keeping up with the Kardashians)

Kim and Kayne have been together for a while now and have a daughter together, North West, who is 11 months old.

Kim according to her birth numbers has a lot of 4 and 8 vibration I have taken from her birth name (Kimberly Noel Kardashian) and date of birth (10 21 1980) These numbers show she has strong material need, how she looks is very important to her. She is one that will work towards success and power, however she could very well have some challenges over the coming months. Kim is one that fits better running her own business or, at the least, playing a significant role in some commercial venture. One of the reason there are a lot of misunderstandings with the other Kardashian women and her mother.

Kim is certainly more the leader than the follower and if Kayne can take the back seat allowing her to control of their life together this relationship could certainly last the distance.

Kayne has great concern for other people and loves a challenge so he can very well be the one that will help this relationship along through his acceptance of how things are.

Both Kayne and Kim like stability and will strive to meet North’s needs in a very balanced way. In saying this though their numbers do warn that when some of their individual personal needs to feel important, in threatened in any way, they each may not display their usual flexibility. Often when they feel they are losing what they want to have in life they can focus on their own needs without much regard towards others. If their needs aren’t the issue however and they are both in tune with each other then they will both make allowances for other people’s desires. If is important to keep them on track with their marriage that they make an effort to understand where others are coming from, even if they choose not to agree and will find in turn this will make life a lot less stressful in hard time with way less confrontation.

Both Kayne’s and Kim’s families are very precious to them so they have a supportive network around them most of the time, even though Rob walked out on the wedding apparently disgusted in the display of wealth that showed, was this not to be expected.

From what I have seen in regards to the inner side of this couple I believe this could well be a match made in heaven. Another baby is likely within the next year, or is she already? Lets see.

Our birth numbers show much about who we are and when a couples reading is compiled you then can be warned of the issues that could hinder a stable and long lasting future together.

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~More Than A Feeling~ June 2014 Predictions

MayaMoonButtonAuthor: Maya Moon D, Div

As we find ourselves entering the midpoint or halfway mark of a very significant spiritual year, we should finally be moving past physical barriers and external obstacles and toward our own true path and purpose.

This month brings us enlightenment and the Universe seems to be lending a helping hand. As we saw beginning in May (last month) the truth becomes easier to see and that which blocked us or seemed to create conflict or struggle, now should be easier to achieve. The weather returns to normal patterns as we saw also in May, however normal can be subjective so tropical areas including the US should brace for storms. The economy seems to be holding steady with continued emphasis on the housing market. Foreclosures should be low and peace may seem to be the focus of foreign diplomacy. June focuses on self-truths and while many of fight or struggle initially with the final steps towards change, the Universe provides a strength that guides and empowers us. Purpose and leaving some mark on this world become more important than ever, just as our need to connect to others.

  1. The main focus during the month of June is spiritual growth and enlightenment. My guides share with me that while some may still struggle with the “right choice” our soul journey here on earth will take precedence over fear and that which has previously blocked us. If we have not yet made the major changes that are imperative to our highest path and good, we will find that the ability to do so is almost effortless; the drive overcomes the reluctance as we are moved on the “collective” sea of our spiritual vibration. All that we do, whether reaffirming our self-worth, exiting or entering relationships will be on a much higher vibration, and therefore we are elevated as humans to a greater understanding of life’s meaning and purpose. It is a time of great change, intrinsic reward and the drive or ambition to follow through on whatever our unique or individual challenges may be. Humanity will rise to its highest level, and the result is a Universal shift of all energies, that unite and interact on their core (spiritual) level. Much like the mood of humans during the holiday season, spirits are lifted and along with personal change and empowerment come the real and genuine concern for others. You may find yourself mowing a neighbor’s lawn, or helping the elderly with groceries, whatever the actual deed, it’s the Collective that now drives us and awareness without judgment begins the transformation of humanity. Many people will develop or explore religious beliefs and our connection to a higher source, power, creator or God reaches an all-time high. We WANT to believe, and faith slowly takes over as a natural state of being/energy, without having to be reminded or forced to feel that anything truly is possible.
  2. Weather and its symbolic patterns. There is no denying that the last year and especially the last 6 months our weather patterns have made headlines and created havoc; breaking records whether it’s drought, blizzards or incredible cold temperatures. It’s as if we needed the reminder that all we assume to have control over is useless when the Universe takes over and whatever plans we have neatly assembled for our lives can be shattered to pieces by one tornado or the onslaught of blizzards that never seem to stop. While we are still at risk the first and last part of June, the rest of the month should allow us a fairly significant break so that our spiritual journey can take place without constant interruption.
  3. The media and economy. Because Universal forces affect not only individual humans, but all that exist on our planet collectively, more people should be able to “save” their homes, foreclosures will reach a record low from the last 2 years and new home buyers will find alternate and creative ways of finally finding that perfect dream house. Again the goal and purpose is to join us in harmony and balance with our true self and each other, and a “house” apartment or condo, whatever your choice may be is symbolic to our spiritual core, and therefore important and significant that we all find that place or residence where we “belong” and many will achieve the dream of home ownership, when 6 months ago this would have been simply impossible. Even the media seems to be sensitive and once again as a whole or unit, they approach reporting with a sense of responsibility towards presenting a changed or changing world. So news should be good, with stories of human interest taking precedence over the threat of violence or the intention of simply attention and reliance on our need for being aware of what is happening.
  4. My guides have been sharing with me for several months that we will see the fall of a prominent leader. They do not specify the exact country or location only that this person’s reign of terror will finally come to end and peace will be restored. Political agendas are never really gone, but we may experience a short reprise from the constant clamoring of votes and dissention in many countries. Money has been inflated so that it almost has become meaningless, it can only go so low or so far before it’s power disappears, and June is a profound month for each of us being moved from that obsession, to that of following, finding and pursuing a much more purposeful life.

In conclusion June is a unity of spirit and purpose. It is more than a feeling, because the Collective, Universe and the flow of our connection to self and others begins to join, and we are finally moving away from the material and external purpose or meaning and our intentions grow in strength and power as we begin to reach the destination planned for 2014. We should see proof not only within our own life, but in each interaction we share, whether that is a family member, friend or partner. There is a lot to do this month, and we are amply supplied with the visions and opportunity to put all we have been prepared for in motion.

Look out your window, and into your soul, it’s beginning to become a brand new world, and peace is finally within arm’s reach. I wish you all the prosperity of faith and happiness, and may you see as you have never seen before.

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