Top 5 Food Tips to Help Transform Your Spirit & Psychic Gifts!


Many people do not attend to their own nourishment. We go on day to day concerned with our finances and daily stresses; ignoring our own health and spiritual growth. We forget the present moment. To be in the present we must embrace our breath, enjoy our food with gratefulness and respect and nourish our spirits.

This is the time to respect the body you are given, awaken your spirit, and go beyond the limits set out by yourself or others. Taking care of your spirit and body can be a reflection of your own love. My Master once said, “To become love is to be enlightened.” So let us love ourselves and nourish ourselves with knowledge.


By Guillermina Galvan


One way of nourishment for the spirit and body is through meditation. Some form of meditation should be a constant in your own life (Reiki, Diksha, meditation, long walks in silence, surfing — whatever it is for you) along with some form of training that helps develop the spirit such as SunDo, Yoga, Tai Qi, Ba Gua and Qi Gong (to name a few). These practices help release the stress from the routines of our life and remind us how to breathe. They also can bring a sense of appreciation to our lives and our environment, thereby raising our spirit. Try to find the meditation, exercise and foods that resonate with your body and spirit to help it grow, heal and awaken. How we nourish our bodies through food can elevate our spirit and attune our gifts.

Food should not be looked at as merely an appetizing dish or something that fills your stomach. Food is medicine for your spiritual development! Every meal that we attend and consume decides a little more of what’s to come in our life. The nourishment we give to our body can help us fulfill our destiny. In the beginning of our lives, the amount of jing (life energy) we have is dictated by what type of energy and health that both of our parents had at the point of our conception. So from our conception and through childhood, it is our parents or caregiver’s job to nourish us. However, as we become adults it becomes solely our own responsibility.


Even if we are born with a000012818068Smallilments, we can help heal ourselves, and with the correct healthcare practitioner assistance, we can reach our optimum health capacity. It is important to remember that every guide you have in your life should be someone you resonate with, from your favorite psychic or spiritual coach to your healthcare practitioner. All should also be working on their own spiritual growth, for it can only help you to be around others who wish to evolve such as yourself. And, regardless of our age or health, we can always work on raising our spirit, strengthening our own gifts and finding clarity.


Most of my clients and patients who come to me are not happy with something going on, either in their body, spirit, or lives. They want to elevate their spirit to higher levels to help in all aspects of their life. One of the greatest ways I help them is by teaching them how to nourish themselves.

When we are born we may learn how to take in food but we are rarely taught how we can actually eat to help ourselves be stronger, healthier, and able to receive clearer messages through our spirit. Certain foods taint our psychic abilities and spiritual growth. This can cause false images that can come into our dreams, visions in meditation or through other gifts. As we are all born with gifts, some much stronger than others, it is our own job to help strengthen them and bring clarity to what is truth. Here are the top five tips I give most of my clients & patients that are looking to help bring clarity to visions and strengthen their spirit. These tips help them heal, raise their spirit, and help their health (please check with your healthcare practitioner before attempting any diet change):

  1. Leave Space. Never reach over 80% full (finishing the meal with a little bit of hunger still present is the goal). When we overeat the food becomes more difficult to digest causing more stress on our bodies creating a slower healing rate. When our body feels sluggish our visions/dreams may become as well.
  2. Chew your food. Chew every bite of food 30-50 times. Even if it’s a liquid, swish it around a few times in your mouth. Most people do not chew food well. This is the beginning of the digestion process and when the food is not chewed well it causes stress on the stomach and spleen, which in turn can cause problems with digestion and it can also injure other organs’ energies as well. In Eastern philosophy the spleen is associated to a spirit energy that affects thought and anxiety. Keeping the mind clear helps keep our spirit and gifts clear.
  3. Eat Slowly. After you swallow each bite, take time to rest before the next bite. In Eastern medicine, the spleen is in charge of transporting and transforming food within the body, so remember to treat it with respect. It takes a while for food to digest, sometimes we do not realize we are full and we keep eating. When we eat slower we are able to notice how much we are really eating and how close to full we truly are. Most meals should take you at LEAST 30 minutes to eat, but it is best if it is around one hour. Emotionally eating rapidly can cause anxiety. Physically this can cause problems with losing weight. Spiritually this can cause us to overlook our true intuition.
  4. Moderation. This means never eat the same thing every day. For example, from eating eggs and/or oatmeal every day for breakfast. There must be a variety in your diet, eating the same thing makes this product become difficult to digest as well as energetically too much of one thing is not good. Overeating of one product can induce images in our dreams and visions that relate to the foods we are eating instead of receiving the visions that are more precognitive. Balance and moderation are key to helping enhance our spirit and strengthen our body.
  5. Sugar. Sugar is overeaten by so many, it is found in almost all pre-made foods from high fructose corn syrup to refined sugar , organic cane sugar, and brown sugar, just to name a few. It is important to know what kind of sugar you are eating and the quantity you are taking in. Most breads have sugar in them so keep this in mind when you are tallying up how much sugar you consume. The only sugar that I recommend to my patients and clients is sugar that is naturally occurring from fruits to organic honey. This includes the use of sugar substitutes which are not necessarily as good as the commercials say they are — stay informed. If you chose to use Stevia, make sure it is raw, naturally occurring and not refined. Processed sugar very much numbs the psychic senses.

The energy that we have from day to day and the speed at which we recover and heal from issues that are physical, mental, and spiritual are rooted within the foods we eat and how we take care of ourselves. If nothing else, learn to take your time with your food, enjoy it, be grateful for it, and never dishonor your own body by the way you eat. For the way you eat can transform your spirit and your gifts.

Happy transformation to all! Chat Now with Guillermina Galvan!

What to Expect During the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse October 23, 2014

rhiannon_pailleBy Rhiannon Paille

Solar Eclipses have always been met with fearful expectations ranging from bad luck to bad omens and misfortune. Our earthly ancestors treated the absence of the sun as though it were an apocalyptic event. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as the sun represents our personality and is directly connected to the sun sign in our birth chart. Coupled with the fact that all solar eclipses happen during a new moon, the lack of the sun is a death and rebirth for our personalities, giving us a refreshing new look on who we were and who we will be in the next chapter of earth.

Sun_EclipseThis month the solar eclipse falls on October 23rd, during a new moon in Scorpio, and unlike the more popular total eclipse, this one is only a partial eclipse. It will be viewable in most of North America and East Asia, starting at 7:38PM UTC, or 3:38PM EST and finishing around 11:52PM UTC or 7:52PM EST.

Scorpio is a passionate sun sign ruled by Pluto that represents cataclysms, karma, death, and rebirth. Scorpio is intense, critical, determined, and cultured. Scorpios want to change the world for the better, and don’t think about what’s best for an individual but what’s best for a group overall. Couple this with the fact that the eclipse will be visible in most of the westernized parts of the world, and this could be a rude awakening.

That being said, here are a few things to expect during this particular solar eclipse:

  1. Heightened sense of self. If you’ve been asking yourself “Who am I?” or going through a transitional period in your life, this will be the end of that cycle and the start of something new. Be prepared to gain the answers you seek and expect them to be heavy.
  2. Inability to lie to yourself or others. Though the moon is blocking the sun during the day, this is only a partial eclipse and it will awaken people to truth more than pull the wool over their eyes.
  3. Deeper understanding of self, including a more philosophical outlook on life. Be prepared to care less about things you once thought were important (like checking Facebook.)
  4. Getting your priorities in order. You may not realize that you’ve been neglecting the important things in life and now is the time to wake up and smell the coffee.
  5. Expect to feel weakness or vulnerability. Be prepared to know who is on your side and who isn’t.
  6. You will be feeling the effects of this eclipse four to six months into the future as the decisions made around this eclipse will have long-term impact on your life.

If you’re truly worried about this month’s partial solar eclipse, it doesn’t hurt to get a checkup with your favorite Kasamba psychic. The problems the partial solar eclipse will bring to light are already there; you just need to face them. The sooner you do that the better off you’ll be in the long run.

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Interpreting Dreams & Visions Through Eastern Philosophy

GuillerminaGalvanAuthor: Guillermina Galvan

Dreams and visions may be interpreted by masters from different fields as signs from the heavens, your spirit, precognitive, past lives, astral projections and what is going on in your body. Though it is best to have the guidance of a skilled dream analyst to assist you in interpretation, here are a few tips from an Eastern perspective on understanding some of your messages.

Before we begin to understand the meaning we must understand the base of Eastern philosophy. This base is founded on the 5-element theory. The following diagram is shown in the creation and controlling cycle form.

diagramThe creation cycle goes: Metal -> Water -> Wood -> Fire -> Earth

The controlling cycle goes: Metal -> Wood -> Earth -> Water -> Fire

The 5-Element Theory

The five elements are an ancient Chinese philosophical concept and tool used to represent all the natural processes that occur around us and within us. They are used to categorize everything from flavors, to emotions, to animals and even organs and parts of the body. This system has also been used to describe everything from long-term weather patterns to how your minute-by-minute emotions affect your health. Of course here we are most concerned with understanding the cycle so we can understand the messages that are within our dreams.

Fire – This element represents the shining sun of summer that resides in the south (to us in the Northern hemisphere) and provides us with the sparks of intelligence and insight that are the hallmarks of awareness. In our bodies it represents the heart, the pericardium, the small intestine and the “triple warmer” – organs that spiritually relate to how we connect with awareness to the outside world. When troubled it represents mania, excessive action of laughing and/or talking when we are not well connected to our bodies and the earth. In balance it represents trust in relationships and the ability to open our hearts through unconditional love.

Earth – This element represents the center around which all others revolve and provides us with the fertility and abundance that come when we respond to the nurturing and sustaining force of the Earth who gives herself to all living beings. In our bodies it represents the stomach and spleen which help us to digest and use the nourishment we take in so that we may be strong enough to give help to others. When troubled it represents the worry that comes from having a narrow viewpoint and by being preoccupied over details of past, present and future such as anxiety and pensiveness. When disturbed it also causes us to be dependent on the approval and sympathy of others. When in balance it helps ground us and be the positive center to help all beings.

Metal – This element represents autumn and the time of sunset when we retreat within to reflect on what is truly important to us and to make peace with the truth that all things are impermanent. In our bodies it represents the lungs and large intestine which help us to take in what is essential and of worth and to let go what no longer serves us by enjoying the present moment and being alive. When troubled it represents the grief and sadness we hold onto from the past that doesn’t allow room for growth. This makes it difficult to realize the most valuable things in life are those things that are the least substantial and unable to be bought or possessed. When metal is in harmony we are able to adapt to change and be able to stand strong with peace when negative emotions surround us.

Water – This element represents the winter when the light has retreated within in order to concentrate its strength to be born again. It teaches us how to conserve and how to value what gifts we have been given. In the body it represents the kidneys and the urinary bladder which both relate to how we manage our own internal resources and how we perceive what others possess. When troubled it represents fear – all aspects of fear, from fear of being accepted, to fear of love, fear of trust, fear of heights etc. When in balance water represents the strength of wondrous willpower to achieve your dreams.

Wood – This element represents the spring when nature triumphantly bursts forth in all her beautiful glory. It can guide us how to grow and how we, like nature every spring, can renew ourselves each day. The young sprouting plant teaches us that growth and change are best dealt with through quiet determination and a commitment to being flexible. To be flexible and strong like bamboo is a goal in life through Eastern philosophy. We may be swayed by the winds of change but we are not toppled over. When troubled it represents anger. All forms of anger from road rage to anger in an argument, to low tolerance for others. This anger clouds our ability to see the truth – that only we are to blame for our frustration. We cannot see that we have the ability to recreate ourselves anew each day and follow our dreams through a quiet determination that remains flexible and forever joyful around any and all obstacles. When in balance we are without anger and without judgment –we are enlightened.

This cycle continues without fail throughout time, and by paying attention to nature’s rhythms and messages we can better understand how to live a healthy and peaceful life. We can also come to see that each element balances and controls another at the same time it gives birth to the one after it. The cold winter of “water” is controlled and balanced by the heat of summer or “fire.” And we see this also in the body. The solid grounding aspect of the “water” kidney energy keeps the heart’s “fire” in check so that we don’t become detached from this world and our bodies. So even though they oppose each other, these elements need each other in order to remain in harmony.

The opposite, however, is true when aspects of our life go against the natural grain and we experience illness and discomfort. The elements can “over-act” on each other and cause problems. The “wood” of the liver is easily disturbed by stress, anger and intense feelings – this increased energy goes to the element that wood controls – earth. The stomach then has problems – you lose your appetite or get stomach pains when you feel angry or stressed or you get nauseous when you hear bad news.

Now, to better understand what your dreams and/or visions in meditation are telling you and how to use Eastern philosophy to look at it.

The following is a small list of some things you may see in your dreams/visions and to know what organ and element they relate to. Once you are able to access which organ/element the dream/vision belongs to you are able to understand what your spirit is telling you in regards to your body. Understanding these messages helps us better know how to help our own bodies and spirit to attain greater harmony within.

Your visions correlate to the organs/element that need some attention to reach a greater harmony and balance within your body and/or spirit.

Liver: trees, plants, grasses, green, mushrooms, anger.
Urinary Bladder: traveling, flying, ships, water, jealousy.
Heart: mountain on fire, fire, red, homes, laughing.
Lungs: metallic objects, white, bloody killings, knives, swords, grief, crying, flying (sometimes this is astral traveling but flying here is in reference to the majority of times in your dreams or meditation visions).
Gall Bladder: suicide, self-inflicting with objects.
Large Intestine: farm field, field of grass, penmanship.
Small Intestine: town, street, tall buildings, fire.
Kidney: spine getting torn out, water, drowning, fear.
Stomach: food, out of food, penmanship.
Spleen: cliff, mountains, rocks, homes, older buildings, damp area, eating specific food, being up high looking down, earthworm, anxiety, singing.
Waves: strong emotions.
Snakes, insects: Evil Qi (a negative energy that you have experienced earlier or currently in life and is causing you problems either physically, emotionally or spiritually). It is a good sign to see the evil qi as it is one of the first steps in healing and helping it leave in a loving manner.
Food: when specific foods are shown it is important to take note of them this may be the stomach and spleen’s way of telling you what foods are causing you harm either by physical, emotional connection or overeating.

Understanding some of the messages we receive from dreams or seeing them through our third eye helps give us a map as to what organs and element we need to work on to help us achieve harmony within. Ways to work on your weaker elements could be through a qi practice such as, but not limited to: meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Qi, Sun Do and Ba Gua.

Although it is best to have the guidance of a skilled dream analyst help you in interpretation, hopefully this opens a new understanding of what may be going on within from an Eastern perspective.

Happy dreams & visions to all! Chat Now with Guillermina Galvan!


What to Expect During the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 8th, 2014

ChrisalisButtonAuthor: Chrisalis

October has a lot going on astrologically. Not only are we in for another run of Mercury retrograde which within itself seems to cause a whole lot of headaches and miscommunications, but we also have two eclipses, the first of which falls on October 8, 2014.

This eclipse falls in thMoone sign of Aries at 16 degrees so those of you who are born mid-Aries will feel the effects of this eclipse most. It could herald the beginning of something new in your life, although it could also herald the start of (as eclipses tend to do) something not so great.

This rule applies generally across the board in that eclipses are like a tidal wave of energetic force within your life and seem to have a mind all of their own. They touch everyone’s lives and seem to cause a fair degree of havoc when they occur. Of course, something positive may happen for you around this time but forewarned is forearmed and you may just like to have your life in order, as far as this is possible, and be ready to sidestep if anything negative comes your way.

The October 8 eclipse is also being triggered by the unpredictable energy of Uranus as it falls conjunct the degree this eclipse takes place. Think emotions being unpredictable, erratic, manic, and out of control, and as Uranus is about anything other than “control,” don’t try to tame this energy down as you’ll probably find yourself in more of a mess than if you just go with the flow.

On the bright side, there is the distinct possibility that you will have flashes of insight and may come into contact with people who are truly inspiring when you least expect it. Something that you hear around this time or are thinking to do may just all fall into your lap without explanation and you then have the choice to run with it further down the line.

Adding onto this possibility are Mars and Jupiter, which are trining (forming a 120 degree angle) to the eclipse and Uranus. All are in fire signs which means spontaneity, passion, and excitement alongside the prospects of something new coming into your life or the urge for you to launch a new chapter in your life that is possibly foreign to you in concept but nonetheless is something you are being urged to do.

A few days after the eclipse takes place, around October 13, Venus (which is traveling through its home sign Libra) will also be in opposition to Uranus and the degree the eclipse took place in Aries. This is a time to watch what is happening in your love life because although you may be running with the energy of the eclipse in Aries (a sign which is about the “me”), a few days later Venus will bring it all back to you and make that energy about the “us.”

October 8, 2014 could be about more balancing acts than you realize, so be ready to take a few tumbles, pick yourself up and carry on in expectation of the next eclipse on October 23, 2014, which is another story entirely!

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Is it Love you are Seeking?

seekyourdestiny_with_ginaAuthor: SeekYourDestiny with Gina

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they endure a relationship that shapes who they become as a partner. These relationships often end in heartache. Yet, They teach you so much about what you really want, and need out of a successful relationship. Often my clients say they want someone who is their perfect match.

However, Are you subconsciously choosing a lover knowing that the relationship will not work as a way to avoid pain, and rejection? Finding love is only half the battle. Keeping it alive often feels like the war. No relationship is perfect. A new relationship is being formed while an existing relationship is saying it’s final good-bye as you read this.

000014412683MediumThere is someone out there now looking for someone just like you. Yet, That doesn’t apply if you are not really ready for love or know exactly who you are as a partner. You can’t expect someone to commit to you, or give you unconditional love if you don’t have love for yourself, or know what you can bring to them as a partner.

As a Love and Relationship Expert, I have found that people tend to seek out partners who compliment them in some way or those that they settle for in the belief that they themselves have some unsolvable problem and it is easier to accept less than to take a risk in the unknown for something more rewarding. Then eventually every relationship reaches that point where you have to ask that ultimate question.

Did I finally get it right or Is this just another bad version of all of my past mistakes? Because you feel broken in some way, and seek out someone who can heal you or distract you from what you really feel inside. Staying in a broken relationship doesn’t always show your strength. Sometimes, You gain the most strength walking away, and standing up against your deepest fears. That is when you figure out who you truly are as a person, partner, and finally learn what you need compared to what you want.

So, If you are looking for the wrong person. Let it be the right wrong person. The kind of person that you can see, and know without doubt that he/she is the kind of problem worth having. Someone who is all wrong for you in just the right way; a problem who is absolutely worth your trouble – this is love.

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Slow Down and Listen!

quietsound_buttonAuthor: Quietsound

Sometimes it’s very difficult to listen to and then heed advice that is given to you and follow through with what you know you should be doing. I “listen” to all the small voices by means of spiritual guides, the archangels, deceased loved ones, and anyone else that wants to send a message. I “listen” for my clients, friends, and family, and because of that, very rarely do I listen to, or am I able to hear, the warnings for myself. This is because in all of my readings I totally pull away from any message regarding “me” so that I can give my clients the best reading possible. It’s important to note that what I am about to tell you could be a matter of life and death in some of those messages that are not heeded!

I have a very special connection to all of the archangels, but primarily it’s Michael (the protector) that hovers around me and gives me messages about everyone. This story pertains to me and two instances where in one case I listened and then in another didn’t listen to a very important message that was meant for me specifically.

I am a human being just like the rest of you and life just goes by so quickly and there is no time to do anything so we all rush around not thinking half of the time. On this particular day I forgot to pick up the mail at the mail gazebo down the street and it was late at night. I decided I better do this now and so I told my husband I was going to do this and he asked me if I wanted him to go and I said no. Then I heard this “yes” message from Michael. So I listened and said to my husband yes, I think you’d better. He told me ok, let me take the dogs out front before we go, and as frustrated as I was I really didn’t want to wait for the dogs. I said no, let’s go now! Then I heard the “no, wait” message and said to him, ok, let them do what they have to do and it was only a few minutes. So when he put the dogs back into the house we left and my husband was driving. When we rounded the corner we came upon a car upside down and thrown into a driveway across the street with neighbors outside. Here this person came screaming into the neighborhood, rounded the corner, took it too sharply, and hit the car on the other side of the street, taking it flying into the neighbors’ yard upside down. We looked in horror. Thank goodness the car thrown across the street was parked there and no one was inside of it but the horror of it all was that if we were a couple minutes earlier that car would have been US flying into the neighbor’s yard and upside down. That is an example of listening and heeding warnings. Slow down and listen!!! Delays can be very important!

This next example is of someone (me) not listening to a warning and could have really been catastrophic to the outcome of many lives. It was another busy day rushing around, we had errands to do, I had physical therapy, etc. and my husband was making hummingbird food with water and sugar and asked my sister and myself if we wanted to go out to eat. I of course said yes as I hate to cook. He says to me, let me finish and wash up and we can go. In the background to all this craziness going on I was feeling these very mixed messages and kept getting this, “slow down, sweet thing, slow down and pay attention.” I of course push it to the back of my mind. We are about to leave and I’m hearing “Did you forget something?” No, I say, and we walk out the door. To make a long story short we went out and ate and we were about 20 minutes from home. I get a call halfway through the meal from ADT telling me that the fire alarm has gone off on the second floor and are we ok.

Ok? No, I’m not ok, we are not home and we have 3 dogs and 3 cats and they can’t get out. My sister turns to my husband and said, did you turn off the stove. No, he says. All the way home I kept crying out to Michael saying please protect my animals since that was all I cared about and the other lives that lived in our building. I was able to get ahold of my neighbor to ask her to get my dogs out because the house was on fire. Driving 80 mph we finally got home to see the dogs out front and firemen there. The house was filled with thick, black smoke. You could not stay in it nor could you see a thing. The miracle in all of this is that nothing had caught fire yet but was about to. The only damage was to the pot. The stove, oven, etc. was fine and all we had was smoke damage which took a few days to get out of the house.

The moral of the story is this: Yes, we are all busy; yes we feel we have no time as we rush around like little ants going from here to there and not thinking of what is going on around us. Your guides and angels do whisper in small voices when you are in danger, all you have to do is to slow down and listen.

My advice to you is to write down what you hear, even if it’s just one word, then stop what you’re doing and relax… Slow down and LISTEN! You will be glad that you did.

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All about Angels: Let’s Chat!

julianna_day_buttonAuthor: Julianna Day

The mystery isn’t how to chat with an angel. That’s easy: Pull up a chair; find a spot in nature; have ‘pillow talk’ before you drift to sleep. The tricky part is hearing their responses!

Below are a few tips for putting yourself in the best possible, most receptive state and what to expect when you do receive an angelic message.

Imagine. One of my favorite ways to communicate with my angels is not to talk at all! While sitting quietly or in bed right before I fall asleep, I picture being wrapped in the protective wings of an angel. During times of fear or grief, the sense of being enveloped – hidden, even – by these glorious beings will leave you with a feeling of peace and comfort. The message that you will ‘hear’ isn’t one of words, but of feelings and sensations. Often reported are feelings of being cared for or that someone has concern for their concerns and often a sometimes almost irrational knowing that all will be well.

Look and Listen. Always approach your angels with respect – but be yourself. Don’t worry about flowery words or poetic prose. You are most clearly heard when you speak, simply, from your heart. This style of communicating is a great choice when you are concerned about which direction you should go and are asking for angelic guidance. Should I leave him?; Will she change?; Would I be better served finding another job? are all good examples of the kinds of dilemmas that are often answered within the world around us.

000013353262XSmallCreate a Ritual. Sounds complicated! Really, it’s just a matter of creating a special “place” where you go to talk with your angels. It can be a spare room that you’ve decorated with angelic images and candles; it can be the corner of the kitchen; or it can be a beautiful “place” you’ve created in your imagination that you ‘go to’ each time. It doesn’t matter where your Place is or what color candles you choose! The idea behind creating this real or imaginary space has little to do with the space itself and everything to do with the mindset that you have while you’re there. The distractions that can creep in with the other styles of chat are lessened!

“One is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.” As Dorothy Gurney’s saying goes! One of the best ways to hear your angels clearly is in and through nature. Silly as it sounds, take your shoes off and stand barefoot in the grass. “Hug” a tree. Sit quietly in the wood or by a flower garden. Take a nature hike. The energy of the pure-world will help you to connect and really hear clearly.

These are just a few tips to help you hear the messages that your angels have for you.

It’s been a pleasure blogging about these mystical, magical, ever-loving beings. May you see angels all around you – in those you meet, in nature and even in your quiet repose – each and every day!

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Do you turn LOVE down with someone whose Sun sign is not COMPATIBLE with your own?

soultruthAuthor: Soul Truth

If you think you need to be with a sun sign that compliments your sun sign and steer away from those that don’t fit that pattern, you could well be missing out on meeting that soul mate that you have been looking for, for life times.

In all the time I have been reading in regards to love relationships I have found that even if air and fire signs are supposed to collide or you feel a water sign is just too emotional for you, to find the one that is compatible with yourself you really should try not to be so tunnel visioned.

Although the position of the planets at the time of our birth affect us in many ways so do our birth numbers shown in our birth date and our birth given names. So make sure you are not turning down that Taurus because you fear they could be boring, that Scorpio because of their directness or the Aquarian that thinks love to death just because they don’t fit with what your Sun sign suggests you are compatible with.

I believe that a soul mate can be any sun sign and we should be open to giving every living soul that shows an interest in us a second thought before jumping to any astrological or numerological decision in regards to whether they are right for us or not. This may sound contradictory of me to say so since I do look at soul connections between your numbers and whether a relationship looks to be compatible enough to work from your birth numbers, however a soul mate is someone that you are likely to have karma with from a past life and is not necessarily a love partner. They can also be a parent, sibling or close friend that you have no love attraction to that you have a journey with this life time to perhaps pay back some karmic debt to or teach some karmic lesson to.

iStock_000016765645SmallWhatever the case may be make sure your heart is open if you are looking for love…Thinking that if it is love you will be attracted to the person straight away is a myth because when this happens it is usually the physical appearance of the person that is the first thing connecting us. And from my experience a lot of those type of relationships start off with lust and end in one or both getting terribly hurt when the lust wears off and the personality clashes or bad habits or other issues start to show.

I believe that we can all have great relationships with all types of sun signs regardless of what our chart tells us and I have a few techniques that I have tested and tried for a couple of decades now with clients that work.

So if someone says to you when you are interested in someone “Oh don’t date him/her because they are a Gemini Capricorn Aries” or whatever sign that is not supposed to compliment your own in love don’t let that stop you from being that little bit inquisitive to go on a few dates and just see why the attraction was there in the first place…to be too picky can mean that you never find the right one for you because you turned them down years before through wrong, staid thinking.

I can usually tell more about the compatibility of a couple through their first name and date of birth than I can by their sun sign alone…and then of course there is the moon sign that shows how they deal with the emotional side of life but I will leave that for another blog.

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Connecting With Your Soul Mate

“Your soul mate is on your path and not on anyone else path and the fastest way to bring that person into your life is to stay on your path” – Molly Shepard

What NOT to Expect During a Full Moon


rhiannon_pailleAuthor: Rhiannon Paille

The full moon is a phenomenon often touted for its unexpected occurrences, shape-shifting mythologies and paranormal occurrences. While the full moon in popular culture has rooted itself firmly into our belief systems, the actual energetic influences of a full moon have been forgotten. The full moon is the culmination of a cycle, marking the end of the waxing cycle and the beginning of the waning cycle. During a full moon, the moon appears opposite the sun. If you remember your aspects in astrology you’ll know that opposites are not a good thing, and during full moons, the sun and the moon are definitely at odds with one another. It can be difficult to decipher these subtle recurring energies, especially since no two full moons are the same. Here are some things that will not happen during a full moon.


Unexpected ideas or projects being added to your plate

While the full moon has been rumored to be the bearer of unexpected occurrences, it is unlikely that you will begin anything new during a full moon. The full moon energy is more likely to have you cleaning out a storage closet, tying up loose ends, or completing a project you’ve been working on for a while. The key to a full moon is endings, fulfillment, and success.

Unexpected progress in relationships

I’ve heard of people acting weirder than usual during the full moon, doing things like professing their undying love or kissing people they didn’t mean to kiss, but let’s be real, a full moon isn’t going to make you feel something you didn’t previously feel. Alcohol might have that effect, but a full moon is about completing what has already been manifested. So if you were bottling up feelings, it is possible for those emotions to come out during a full moon.

Awakening to your spiritual side

While the full moon always seems to be the blame of paranormal activity, it is unlikely that you will be able to experience a clear awakening during a full moon. The opposition between the moon and the sun puts your emotions at risk, the moon representing your deeper emotions and the sun representing your personality. When these two major bodies are at odds with one another it’s actually more difficult for you to have spiritual clarity. You are more likely to feel pulled in two different directions during the full moon than you are to have a spiritual awakening.

Anything on the Other Side visiting you

Again, paranormal activity is actually more difficult to achieve during the full moon. There is only one time of the year when the veil is so thin that it’s easier for the other side and other worlds to bleed through to Earth and that’s Samhain, November 1st, also better known as Halloween.

The best way you can handle the full moon is to treat it with respect. Be sure you’re not harboring emotions (in case you kiss someone who might not be ready for it), or are behind on projects (because that full moon is bound to make you pull an all-nighter.) Don’t spend your time wigging out about the other side and you should be able to live through the next full moon unscathed. The next full moon hits July 12th, traveling through Capricorn, making you focus on what’s important.

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