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Capricorn – Monthly Love Horoscope for November 2018

There is a changing of the guard on the romantic and relationship fronts this month, with dominant romantic forces taking a break, while your relationships get their turn. It was Uranus’ return to your romantic sector in May, for the first time eight decades, that began a quest for real and authentic love and the start of an eight year journey. However, Uranus turned retrograde in August and on November 7th will retrograde back out. Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected will return in March, where he’ll stay until 2026. But for now, he’s bowing out in order to let things settle. In a stunning piece of timing and choreography by the love and relationship gods, Uranus leaves within minutes of major new relationship developments. And I really am talking minutes, with the North Node returning to your relationship sector just 50 minutes before Uranus leaves your romantic sector. This makes November 7th a major turning point for romantic and relationship matters, but also the point where the love gods stand back and the relationship gods step in. There has been no planetary activity in your relationship sector since the Sun left in July, which is usually the case. However, the North Node, making its first visit to your relationship sector in 17 years is not a planet and is not even a physical object. With its partner the South Node, who will return to Capricorn at the same time, the North Node will not only determine where the eclipses will fall over the next two years, but will police a balance between your personal and relationship needs. The North Node brings the element of fate into play and over the next 18 months will draw your relationships forward and onto an authentic path. In an auspicious sense of timing Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos will return to your communication sector just nine days later, on November 16th.

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