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Leo – Monthly Love Horoscope for November 2018

It is said that as one door closes another opens and while no doors are actually closing, what you have this month is the closing chapter of a massive relationship journey and the start of a major new romantic journey. A lap over of the two in the first half of the month, allows for an easy and seamless transfer from the relationship to the love gods, with both sides benefiting. You begin the month with the South Node in your relationship sector, where it has been since May 2017 and Mars, where he has been apart from a short break, since May 2018. Together they have taken your relationships on a rollercoaster ride over the last six months, with both behind a powerful total lunar eclipse here in late July. However, with the South Node leaving your relationship sector on November 7th and Mars on November 16th, this focus on your relationships is coming to an end. The Moon’s return from November 14th to November 16th will fire things up emotionally one last time and in Mars final days, will ensure you know what you are fighting for. By then something special will already be developing on the romantic front, something that has literally just started to unfold as you move into the new month. Until Mercury returned to your romantic sector in the closing hours of October there has been no planetary activity here since Mars left in March. On face value, this isn’t a game changer, with Mercury spending around 15 days out of every year here, giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page, usually in November. However, it is what happens while Mercury is here that is game changing. That something is lucky Jupiter’s return on November 9th, kicking off your luckiest year for love and matters of the heart in over a decade. The Sun will throw the solar spotlight on this when he returns on November 22nd. Meanwhile, Mercury’ retrograde turn on November 17th, will even bring a chance to revisit the past.

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