10 Things You Deserve in a Relationship

We all know that nobody is perfect and everybody has their flaws, but there are some things every girl deserves in a happy and healthy relationship.  It can be easy at times to sweep the warning signs and red flags under the carpet, but that tends to end in disaster. We have compiled a list of “relationship musts” for you to determine what type of partner you should have for an amazing relationship.

Someone who encourages you to do your own thing sometimes.

He is completely fine when you mention doing stuff without him. He doesn’t get mad when you want to grab drinks with friends instead of a night in watching movies with him, because he knows that sometimes spending time apart from each other can be good.

Someone who never laughs at you, but always with you.

He always tries to make you laugh all of the time. And when you make a mistake, he never laughs at you, but cheers you up instead.

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Someone who encourages you.

Your #1 cheerleader through all of the good and tough times. He thinks you are the smartest, prettiest, and most talented person he has ever met. You will always see him supporting you and giving you an extra boost in whatever you are doing, no matter how crazy it might be.

Someone who celebrates and loves your flaws.

Nobody can be perfect every day. The mark of an incredible partner is when you’re wearing an old t-shirt with your hair in a messy bun and he still thinks you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.


Someone who respects you.

Arethra Franklin said it right, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” is important and you deserve it. He always treats you with respect. He sees you as his equal and considers your feelings. When it comes to a fight, he doesn’t start yelling insults and accusations, but instead chooses his words carefully and argues like an adult.

Someone who uses a good balance of truth and white lies.

He would never lie about the big stuff, but when you ask him if he thinks you look fat in an outfit, not matter what, the answer is always, “Absolutely beautiful.”

Someone who is in tune with you in bed.

For him, it’s not just about the sex. But sex with him is pretty darn amazing, because he is in tune to what you like and want with him in bed.  He listens to your needs even if that means accepting going to sleep when you’re tired rather than the passionate sex session he might have been hoping for.

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Someone who makes you smile every day.

Even if you don’t have time for long expressions of love every day, he still makes sure to do something small to show his love.  Whether it’s flashing a smile your way, giving you a compliment, or a light touch, you know he truly cares about you.

Someone who trusts you completely and vice versa.

He never accuses you or questions your actions, because he totally trusts you. Constant unwarranted accusations of cheating and lying won’t do any good for anyone.

Someone who thinks they are the luckiest person in the world that they get to be with you.

He is proud when he says to all of his friends and family that you are his partner. Being with you is something he is proud about and has never tried to hide. And he’s right, he is lucky to be with someone as amazing and wonderful as you.


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