10 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Alone

10 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Alone

The holiday season is a great time for giving, sharing, and being together with family and friends.  It’s a time for thanksgiving and enjoying good food and good music.  Yet from time to time people may find themselves, alone during the holidays.  But all is not lost.  This is a great time to put forth your best self into the world.  And what you have to share can be quite spectacular. Mark Twain once said, “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer someone else up.” So let that be your mantra this holiday season, but focus also on cheering yourself.  You’d be amazed how well you can enjoy the holiday season by yourself.  Here are 10 ideas to get started:

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1) Start by cheering someone else up.

This can be important to you because when you bring a smile to other people you actually cheer your heart.  You really do.  Try visiting in jail, a hospital or invite an elder person over who’s alone as well.  These people are usually spending the holidays alone, so showing up can be the highlight of their day and yours.

2) Decorate your whole place.

That might sound ridiculous or you may not be in the mood.  But it would be fun to re-create outer space. Decorate your room with Christmas lights and turn all the lights out.  Then sit in quiet contemplation watching the twinkling lights in your dark room.  You’ll be amazed how fabulously that elevates your mood.

3) Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the movie.

Rent it on DVD or purchase a streaming video on Amazon. If you have not seen it before you are in for a real treat.  And if you’re watching again, ask yourself how the world would be without you? What would the world be like if you had and never been born? Then notice all the things you’ve done, even the smallest thing that is either changed someone’s life, or put someone on a different path.  Remember everything you do means something, therefore making your life quite meaningful.

4) Remain Positive

The biggest waste of your time is to feel sorry for yourself. So don’t do it.  Don’t get dressed for the pity party, instead, get in your car or walk out and take a look at the lights in your town or city. And remember that light is a reflection of your soul, of that greatness that is you.

5) Play Festive Music

Play Christmas music and sing as loud as you want. Or play any kind of music you want, anything that brings up your vibration and dance, dance, dance.  Celebrate your life!

6) Connect Via Holiday Cards

Entertain yourself by sending Christmas cards to as many people as you can. Do it online with email. You can also create a JibJab video it’s free and you can sign in at JibJab.com. Then post your pictures on the video cartoons provided and laugh your head off as you send them on to the people you know.

7) Treat Yourself

It is the holiday season so what you waiting for? Go buy yourself some gifts! Get yourself that “kit” you’ve been wanting. Or that purse you’ve been admiring. Buy something you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself any other time of the year. Gotta pet? Go buy your pet something.

8) Do Something Spiritual

Go to church or temple or spiritual center of your choice. Why not be with like-minded people? It’s a perfect time to get your spirits lifted with music and inspirational words that fill your holiday. Also a smile from another person may be exactly what you need.

9) Eat Like A Star

Make something special for yourself. Eat whatever you want! Why have turkey and dressing when you can have sushi and pizza! Or Nachos and burgers with beer!

10) Be Grateful

Create a gratitude jar: Starting today, take notepaper or nice stationary and write down ONE thing you are grateful for today. Put a note in the jar every day. At the crack of the New Year, open the jar and re-read what you’ve written. Make it a tradition! Place a note in the jar, every day, or when you can, then read them back at the end of the year. Watch how you transform your whole life this way! Here’s a secret: If you wish to manifest something in your life, write that down too, but in this way: Thank you for bringing me the love of my life. Thank you for the dream job, Thank you for the home, etc. So even if you don’t have it at the present moment act as if you do, and your dreams will unfold as if by magic.

As you can see, there is plenty to do if you are alone for the holidays this season. Remember to spend the day pampering yourself, loving yourself, and everyone around will see your light. Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

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