2015 Yearly Guidance Report

Join me as I share with readers the insight my guides have provided on the coming year’s events. From our Universal lessons and influences to the entertainment industry and global weather trends. We will explore what my guides have highlighted to be some of the most significant and profound energies, circumstances and shifts that they predict to take place. We will offer general insight and guidance in achieving balance and what if any warnings are to be heeded to avoid potential roadblocks or obstacles. Also be sure to read my “monthly guidance” blogs for more specific insight on each of our 12 months.

By: Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon

As you may have guessed from the title, the year 2015 is not a year without challenge and difficulty. Although there is much being shifted and therefore some chaos is to be expected, there is always an alternate path or opportunity. For the coming year I am shown a “bridge” and this indicates the potential for crossing over and above the most turbulent of times. While last year, 2014, was centered on renewal of spirit and enlightenment of soul connections; the New Year focuses on strengthening the foundation and reinforcing the message we all need to hear.

Although there are many views on the spiritual messages and vibrations being transcended, many would agree that a time of great change is upon us. And we must always remain aware that we are spiritual beings living an earthly or physical life. Therefore there is always the influence of the Universal or Collective that urges or propels us to achieve and/or maintain a state for the greater good of all living or spiritual beings. And within those Universal lessons and experiences we do of course have our personal journeys, paths and purpose.

So from the Divine energies, the parallel of upcoming weather patterns and events, to economy, political and media agendas and even noteworthy news from the entertainment world, we will take a look at what lies ahead!

1) Our Universal lesson/Collective consciousness

As we move from an extremely motivational year (2014) into the new cycle, Divine/Creator/Source or whatever term resonates with your personal belief system, we are all being urged, even pressured a bit to solidify the esoteric changes that began last year and to follow these with strong intentions and positive actions. The way to achieve balance in 2015 and to align with the universal flow is to maintain our higher state of awareness by working from our core or highest self. This simply means that we embrace our “grid” or our inter-connection to life itself and all those within the circle of light and life and we allow our view and perception to include what offers the greater good. The opposite of this influence is to retreat into the ego-self and return or attempt to remain in a superficial state, represented solely by material gain, and personal favor. For those unable or unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve the spiritual connection or at least attempt to serve the brotherhood of life; there shows to be almost constant chaos and conflict. And although material gains may be had or garnered, the sacrifices paid will be extremely high and there appears to be great loss for those turn their backs so to speak and blatantly pursue a hedonistic way of life.

The first and last quarter of this year seem to be the strongest in terms of potential, opportunity and the choice to “cross the bridge”. For those humans that shift into their highest vibration; being true to self will automatically open up the channels for universal connections and harmony, peace and abundance will be restored or achieved. So the analogy then becomes that life is the turbulent and fast moving water. The bridge represents the highest path of potential as we continue to relate on our highest levels.

2) Relationships, romance and love

Once again my guides ask that we envision the “bridge” and in terms of relationships, both romantic and otherwise, the bridge becomes our capacity for compromise, acceptance and the ability to give and show love without expectation. To be clear, acceptance is NOT meant as an excuse to compromise our higher self, morals or as justification, it is acceptance in a purer form that we are imperfect and can embrace that the same is true of a partner, friend or family member; that we are able to place the value and good of the relationship above that of self-serving needs, to offer support and encouragement.

It also denotes the ability to “cross over” in our energy from that of finding fault to gratitude. All healthy relationships should be nurtured with the intention of commitment and honesty. For those that have united with a soul-mate or life partner, there will be external challenges and temptations and the lesson is to be able to separate what is external or out of one’s control from the spiritual energy of self and partner. There is much opportunity for reunification of those currently in separation or apart, assuming that the baseline or foundation of such a relationship was built on healthy, functional and solid ground. For those that are seeking; the first few months may be somewhat bleak and we must guard against conjoining with someone for the sake of eliminating loneliness as opposed to true harmony and balance.

After about March the potential for finding soul-mates and/or life-partners becomes extremely high. And love often arises in unexpected places or in random meetings. The energy to assist in drawing in a partner or soul mate is to be flexible and open and to allow gratitude to flow even prior to a connection. For those that have clung to low energy, dysfunctional or otherwise toxic relationships, there will simply be no bridge. With no way of crossing, such relationships will end. Those that were unable to serve their highest and clung to such relationships will find a difficult journey in severing ties, but once accomplished balance can and will be restored and an important lesson learned.

3) Career/job/finances/economy

For those that followed their calling and are well on their true path, abundance and prosperity will continue to be stable and forthcoming. There are many of us that have yet to make the much needed transition and 2015 offers many golden opportunities to pursue our dreams and find our true path. Again we see that the “bridge” appears, providing us with a smooth walk to our higher purpose.

euro-447214_1280The economy will grow stronger but at a slow pace. There will be short spurts of stalling out, and these seem to cycle about every 8-10 weeks or so. In between the Universe is again providing ample opportunities and unlimited potential for those that heed the call to action and set aside fears and/or limitations to pursue changes. Abundance and prosperity is within reach but is reserved for those that first succeed at balancing their energy and placing intrinsic satisfaction above only material wealth and gain. For those that choose to gamble happiness for wealth, there is much chaos and although fortunes can and may be made, they are just as easily lost.

In the domain of global and world-wide trade and economy; there are many shifts as we transition to solidify our foundation in 2015. There feels to be significance around the trade and shipping industries. Also large companies will be seen reinvesting back into the “people” of their own countries, and this restores not only the economy of that specific country but also restores the faith and motivation of employees and workers. The stock market remains fairly stable, ups and downs per usual with large investors taking more self-interest which again serves the greater good and is thus rewarded with prosperity and intrinsic balance and harmony.

4) Weather patterns and trends

As we all know 2014 was unprecedented in the number of natural disasters seen throughout the globe. As we shift energies universally we also see and feel these changes in the weather patterns. Aside from the random, my guides feel that in general the global trend will be warmer weather and focus shifts from the earth’s core and crust again to the water (remember the bridge) and water related events. My guides predict that the biggest or most significant weather events will be flooding; both as in overflow and due to large amounts of rain snow and ice.

They have always shown to me symbolism between the current or present universal energies (lessons) and the weather. And for 2015 we are being urged to tighten what was begun in the past and to move to higher ground. For those that reside in flood plots or near water there feels to be an above average amount of flooding and water based storms.

I am not shown that the weather will be nearly as overwhelming as what we have already experienced. Instead there feels to be a more constant yet less intense barrage of storms that again are water based or arise from water. They feel that the countries such as Australia that suffered from terrible droughts will be rectified and therefore farming should be quite successful, even though there is some risk of flooding. All in all we can expect somewhat warmer temperatures, and less in the way of earthquakes, faults, volcanoes and even tsunamis’.

5) Political, government and national security issues

We already have witnessed much surprising change in the form of presidents, the pope, leaders and government policy. Peace has been barely attainable and the overall energy of the past year or so feels a bit threatening. Towards the middle of the year my guides predict that many countries will unite together and form a new and much stronger bond to stand against terrorism and threats against peace. Again the bridge seems to indicate that there will be a clear path for those that seek the highest good of all and the call will be heard and heeded. The general or overall energy is one of less strain and more harmony. There will however be some threats from smaller groups, and my guides feel that potentially 3 countries, including the USA will uncover a fairly organized threat.

tank-203496_1280As I write this the news has been broadcasting a missing flight. And my guides feel this will be repeated at least twice if not more in 2015. However I am told that those responsible (not including the current event) will be found and held accountable for their conduct. As this higher unification occurs, both within countries and extending to groups or multiple countries, by around the end of July-August, there feels to be a security embraced by all and a feeling of safety and ample protection that has been lacking for quite some time.

At this time my guides mention the strain that is constant in the Holy land of Israel. It had been predicted (by my guides in 2014) that Israel would finally receive immunity and protection, obtaining global recognition as a place of historical, spiritual and biblical significance. Although there has been some recognition, the fight for Israel, specifically Jerusalem will be settled and by the end of 2015, this holy land will be led by its true people with the aid of many others. My guides use the word, “resurrection” and this will be an extremely spiritual enlightenment for many.

6) The media, news and entertainment industry

Aside from the typical coverage of almost fear mongering; my guides share with me that late in 2015 there will be some type of “leak” that seems to be based or centered around the US. This will be a huge contention that will involve civilians, military and government officials. They feel that there has been or will have been a discovery that is phenomenal in nature that was intended to remain top secret or disclosed only to those with the highest security clearances. This news will make headlines across the globe and create mass speculation and provoke endless theories. This I am told will originally be denied, but after much prompting, full disclosure will be given to the American people which in turn will then impact other countries, governments and leaders to become involved. This will become a historical or epic event, which will be as important in terms of discovery and validation as walking on the moon, or other such phenomenal events.top-secret-528875_1280

In the US we have suffered the loss of several very well known and loved entertainers in this past year. Although not always front page news worthy, there has been a lot of growing dissention among the entertainment world. In 2015, especially in the US; but also the UK, Australia and Canada (the largest) sprinkled throughout the months and beginning as early as January; there will be a major split or battle with a very recognizable icon. This is not a person, but more of a “label” and similar to the above mentioned leak, the details of such will be shocking and will forever change the industry. It may not occur overnight, but well into the year there will be a totally new system of checks and balances so that for example subsidiaries of major companies will be required to use the recognized name. Just as purely example, let’s say that a cola company called “Bob’s cola” also manufactures and sells alcohol but uses a different logo, icon and name. This uncovering will prohibit such companies from “flying under the radar”, so that the consumer is able to make an informed decision when purchasing products and/or services.

In conclusion, 2015 shows to be a very interesting and diversified year. There will be many disclosures on many different levels which although will create chaos initially, offers the outcome of the restoration of peace and balance. They say that “knowledge is power” and the people will rise strong as they become more informed again on many levels with these various revelations. These disclosures also help to guide us towards achieving our Universal lesson of continuing to build a solid foundation for which our spiritual beings and energy can be embraced and acknowledged.

“Knowledge is Power”

We are moving closer and closer to uniting with self with one another and in a collective and significant way along our true spiritual paths. For most of us 2015 will be a year of reckoning; the pursuit of our dreams, the clarity of purpose and the movement of joining together all living things and to our Divine.

I wish you all the very best this exciting and energetic year has to offer. And if you find yourself stuck, conflicted or confused, simply look for the bridge and make your way as you continue on this amazing journey!

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