2016 Spiritual Guidance and Forecast

Reunification of Our Spirituality


In 2015, we were warned and encouraged to confront conflict. We were enlightened with visions of hope and faith. Just like it is for soldiers in training for battle, all that has been absorbed, that which became embraced as possible, makes the preparation complete. We are aligned with the Universal intention.

2016 will be the culmination of the “collective awareness” as we walk in a state of harmony, with guardians of our spiritual connections, serving the greater good that joins us all with the highest intention, creating and shining our light. 2016 enters amidst an almost audible backdrop of trumpets and applause. It is a year where miracles will be numerous and the impossible is suddenly within reach.

All the chaotic challenges of the prior two years have been preparing humanity for this profound and intentional shift. 

The past joins or enmeshes with the present, propelling us into the future with one common or shared theme and energy: we are all as one, and one for all. All things superficial, artificial and lacking the brotherhood of the common greater good will be pushed aside as we grow together, united and in love. It is this energy, this awareness that will release all prejudice, pride, stamping out and extinguishing the last fires of purpose over people and the previous materialistic hold that society has struggled to maintain.


2016 will bring about new discoveries, uncovering many mysteries of the past as the New Year marches in. And although spiritually we become elevated higher than ever before, there exists those that threaten to destroy our new found unity. Without each of these, there can be no “greater good” nor can we risk the sacrifice of even one, for it is within each heart and soul that the collective exists and without this tightly woven bond, we are but lost souls.

The Main Universal Lesson or Potential

As noted above, 2016 is a year for true spiritual awareness and acknowledgment. Although we all must resonate with our personal identity and system of beliefs, whether those are religious or otherwise, there is the true spirit of brotherhood. Judgments are cast aside as we open our hearts and souls to the recognition that to a degree we are mirrors of one another. And we are unable to segregate our shifting spirituality; therefore, we become one indivisible with self, collective and divine – divine being the light, the source and creator of all that exists. Within this highest vibration, only that which is of love, forgiveness, acceptance and faith in self, mankind and a future that is not always transparent. We become virtually unable to sustain negativity; therefore, the symbolic “olive branch” becomes the sustainable code of honor and energy.

Love, Relationships and Romance

As we prepare for a year with love in great abundance entering from a myriad of sources, many of us will exit December alone (see December 2015 monthly guidance for more details). Love becomes the foundation for all energies, influences and connections; therefore, those relationships unable to serve that purity and balance will be literally forced apart. Our spiritual being along with Divine no longer supports denial or self-sacrifice, so that those relationships that have created chaos, anxiety, oppression or emotionally and/or spiritual abandon rather than inspire shall be severed. While many will grieve at the onset or let fear take hold, most will find their recovery and rebound to be nothing short of miraculous as well as profoundly enlightening.

Hope, faith, and the “brotherhood” powerfully step in, doors begin to open and potentials become a tangible reality. 

So while the aftermath of finishing and/or releasing will carry over into the first couple months of 2016, such becomes the “master plan” with our perpetual state of grace easily achieved. As we also noted in December, the coming year is filled with second chances, where old wounds are finally healed. Those relationships, whether romantic, friendships or family, will suddenly be ripe for reestablishing. There will be many that take on life partners, marry or simply be enhanced and/or laid in peace via acceptance, forgiveness of understanding.

♥ For those of us still waiting or perhaps manifesting a life partner, each day and all interactions lead to that final door. ♥



The universal energies work much in our favor; therefore, as long as we continue to embrace and align with those energies, we are then taken down the correct path. Our only warning when it comes to relationships and romance is that we keep our eyes and hearts open to what is rather than what could be. Any attempts to “force” that which has not occurred naturally will only result in disappointment.

Although we view all of life with love as the base or core, it should not be used as a covering or shield that prevents us from accepting the truth. The recent changes in law on same sex marriages are a sterling example of true universal love and the acceptance of love existing in many forms. During the latter half of 2016 most especially, we will see a shift in traditions with more humans and couples seeking the sanctity of marriage and being true to those commitments. It will also be a strong year for the desire to procreate and/or to become parents or parental figures through adoption, medical procedures and even community outreach programs.

Economy, Jobs, & Careers

We are being elevated to the highest energy in connecting with our spiritual beings, again not only with the self but also that of the collective and Divine. There will be great change and shifts for many in careers, education and finding or seeking their true purpose. So rather than walking the path of expectation or taking the “safe” path, many of us will begin branching out, taking big risks and making great sacrifices to follow our “dreams”.


2016 is a powerful and essential time for all to pursue what is felt rather than what is assumed. Although there is not a way to eliminate risks when we take chances, because we are working via our inspiration, our vision and intrinsic agenda, it is rare that we will not find success and pure happiness. Because we are spiritually formed or created to embrace originality and true purpose, we ultimately serve the greater good, the “collective” as we serve our own highest state of being. Not in self-absorption but in finding the purpose that supports faith, hope and love in all things. And very few will fall short of such goals with a large number exceeding the “dream” and finding that true security and empowerment lies in our ability to take risks for our vision. So, such not only becomes success in all meanings of the word, but adds flavor and inspires others, so that again, all within the collective become served and the Divine source or creator is able to propel such actions and encourage our identity and unique talents.

The economy remains strong and stable in general. Work or jobs become more available beause of these original shifts. 

We may see many that change career directions midway through life and with great success. Because 2016 is a major election year in the U.S., the motivation to lower requirements causes an influx of jobs to filter or trickle in for each county, most especially the U.S. and Canada. The real estate market remains strong but busy, and some may actually struggle to find available properties as many make career changes that will involve long distant moves and changes. In fact, there will be many that will make location moves to those places from their past or that which has always resonated within and the location change ends up bringing about the actual job change.

We absolutely must follow our true path, as it is the only direct way to access our highest self, to remain spiritually attuned and in balance in all directions. 

Weather Patterns and Trends

Per usual, my guides reflect and support that our weather is symbolic and relevant to our spiritual lessons and messages. 2016 feels to be a much more “average” year in terms of weather following expected patterns than what we have experienced in probably 2-3 years. As a collective, when it is felt that we may be veering a bit off course or may be in need of reminders, sudden and unexpected weather will rise up. As predicted also in December, these storms or strong weather fronts will be a triage from sky, sea and land. And there IS a pattern in the three areas of weather just as we are moved or shifted into the higher spiritual awareness of self, collective and divine.

There are the factors or influences of certain consequences in our oblivion to Mother Earth and/or the pollutants that were intentionally and unintentionally poured or allowed to move into our atmosphere. There are many ways in which the human hand has challenged our earth and created shifts (such as species extinction, ice caps melting, etc.) that even as we rise or elevate, we are still facing the damages already done. There does feel to be 2 or 3 sea over land events, hurricanes or similar happenings that will cause great devastation. But we are rich in blessings.

We have all that is required to rebuild and to assist us as a collective to investigate causes so that these events are no longer due to an assault from our carelessness or denial.

It will be a fairly wet spring and winter in 2016 but these feel necessary for many areas to ward off worse weather situations and also to help (as was seen in December) the reset button of Mother Nature as we press the “spiritual reset” for our own growth as well. So we should expect that in general a more traditional seasonal pattern, but along with that some fairly significant storms, which in a sense are actually a part of many locations’ natural trends during certain months. Any damages will allow all to bond together and the feeling amongst those will truly be of the highest, with even those that do not have much to offer being of assistance and help.

Politics, Governments, Leaders and Elections

In the US our presidential election occurs in November and we will take a closer view of that in the November guidance. The biggest influence or factor currently is that, as we are raised into our higher state of being, there will be no room for complacency or stepping away from any form of accountability. So in most countries the “people” will begin to become more active in a positive direction, speaking out on behalf of the greater good rather than remaining silent and leaving change to others. Because the collective is very powerful and combines the energy of everyone, no matter the race, creed, religion etc., the impact on government, rulers and those in authority is that they will quickly be ousted or challenged if the agenda either remains or becomes self-serving or geared for ONE group or one set of beliefs.

The light that is shining endlessly for this year will illuminate
not only the positive but also ferret out the negative.Embracing our true spirituality from all sources is the light and comes from a place of love. It also prepares us to become guardians for and of that same collective and greater good; therefore, changes and shifts that serve the positive will be eventually the outcome for all. There will be many scuffles around power, and personal agendas will quickly be revealed and stamped out like wild fires. Although we MUST be willing to risk insurgence to bring back true order or fairness, as long as the majority rise to the justice and follow through, it will be impossible for any of those in the darkness or carrying a negative plan to succeed.

Individuals in the dark will simply not find the usual or expected support to continue with any type of oppression or control. The media will be quite focused on the reports. 2016 may begin with much squabbling and with those that seem eager to incite others not for change but for chaos and to garner viewers. It is a temptation of power and control, but as the year settles in more and more of those figures well respected in the media community will begin to feel the overwhelming spiritual awareness and will be reluctant to share that which truly does not serve the greater good.

National and Global Security

There is simply no way of avoiding the fact that nations are under attack, and the penetration and infiltration of these terrorists is still unknown. My guides strongly believe that this is spiritual warfare and goes well beyond prior experiences with militias or groups that wished to harm at ANY cost to self.

With the recent bombing in California (U.S., in December 2015), our candidates seem quite focused on the “war on terrorism” as the frontline for garnering votes. While there is little doubt this is a major security breach and that no country feels to be safe or off the radar, my guides show me a group that have united in the collective context, but rather than with spiritual awareness, there almost feels to be a lack of spirit or soul and pure darkness and evil. This was also mentioned in the December monthly guides prior to the latest “hit” on an office building. In part, this is also why we are being asked and urged to prepare spiritually and to each seek the position of a spiritual “guardian or warrior”. And this should not be confused with violence as our spiritual light is more powerful than any automatic weapon.

As we join forces with collective and Divine energies, we are essentially raised up far and high above the intentions and even the ability of action from those terrifying threats.

Just as a literal army of soldiers takes power from the sheer numbers and the dedication to the outcome, so it is true with the collective, and perhaps even more so as Divine (that which is the creator and/or source of all things) has the power to change outcome so long as the lessons are learned and the light of intention becomes the way of life and world view, rather than just a plea for help without commitment.

So although I sadly am shown that there will be further incidents, around June of 2016 a large break will come leading or guiding our security teams, to stop this group by eliminating and/or capturing their main sources or their leaders. This also becomes a prime example that while we are forced to accept what is now, there is nothing that can penetrate and literally diffuse the power of those manifesting harm as significantly as the spiritual collective aligned with Divine, the light of positive intentions and the courage to manifest or sacrifice all necessary for the success of the greater good. And therefore now, more than ever, people are placed above purpose, and personal agenda’s set aside (not identity, just the self-serving) to rally and rise to a roar and to guard and protect further infiltration by instead sending love to all. Look for more details in January guidance.

Just for fun: 2016 Celeb Predictions!

Here are some predictions regarding public figures and the entertainment industry, along with any information I receive involving well-known artists, musicians and actors.


  • My guides share that a well-known singer, female, who recently gave birth to her first child (within the last year) will again become pregnant about midway through the year and will announce she is expecting twins!
  • We will all be shocked when a very famous, loved, respected and honored female is in the headlines for illegal or alleged illegal activity regarding some type of tax issue. The matter will be resolved but a public apology will be issued and it’ll be somewhat similar to the “Martha Stewart” drama. This female will be charged on less serious allegations, without jail time and will actually receive more support than disappointment.
  • A well-known couple, known for acting careers and also for their long term relationship, will reunite towards the end of 2016. Since both will have existing partners, this will make a tremendous impact on fans, as many felt divested during the original announcement.
  • The legendary creature “Bigfoot” a.k.a. Sasquatch will prove to be real. My guides have predicted this for about a year now and believe that they already have irrefutable evidence, but such will not be brought to light until this coming year, like around May 2016. There will be lots of other changes in the industry and a few unexpected surprises.

To Sum Up

2016 is following on the heels of a very progressive and noted year. As humans, we will come to place with less emphasis on religion, cults and cultures as we move into a year in which by the year’s end, spirituality will become a household word or term. Our universe and the Divine or source/creator has been leading us to finally fully embrace the total and complete concept of energy, how it affects all aspects of our life and the total turn around possible when we allow such major changes.

As we become spiritually aware and guardians of such spiritual energies, we shape, mold and change our own personal lives,and affect, in all positive ways, the lives of others.

While it may not sound as profound as it actually is, 2016 is to change our entire concept of life, our world view and our relationship to self. So each piece, factor or twist and turn on our path and purpose becomes magnified, and once embraced, our energy is forever changed to seek the highest and to maintain such energy. We also then relate in all relationships, to all those we engage with at the highest possible level: from the way in which we arise in the morning with total grace, harmony and balance, to all that we encounter from seeking our true purpose in all ways, to holding those with power and/or control to that same altruistic ideal.

2016: The year of our spiritual guardians, the total and complete reunification of spirituality, the essence of life, the core of existence with or without our physical vessels.



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  • Thank you Maya. Reading this made me feel like you were my guardian angel personally speaking to me and yet this is the first time Ive actually ever read anything you’ve written. My birthdate is 3/5/1971. This was probably one of the most difficult years in terms of relationships. My heart has been severely broken. I did some self examining because i wanted to convict myself because i didn’t want to let go of people i truly love. These were 4 major relationships ranging from my ex fiance, my mother who gave me away when i was 2(weve always struggled) i finally gave up, my defiant 16 year old son had to send him to live with his dad just short of putting him in military school (which might have been better for him)
    My job which pays you pennies and treats you like crap. I have taken a long hard look in the mirror. I thought this kind of heart ache had to be attached to karma or something. I finally resolved that i have to forgive and let go of that which no longer serves me. And if i keep connecting with the same type of people I’m going to continue to experience the same results. Im just attracted to something different. I feel myself going in a different direction(for the good) thats almost out of my control. After reading your article, I’m excited and hopeful and optimistic. Thank you

  • Where is Scorpio in this? I have ideas hope it plans out.

    • Hello Jane,

      Happy New Year!

      Maya Moon wrote a 2016 Spiritual Guidance and Forecast outlining her main predictions for the year to come. She, however, did not go into specifics about each sign. If you would like a more in depth personal horoscope according to your Date of Birth, please click on the link below and talk to one of our psychics specializing in Astrology.


      Wishing your the best in 2016!

  • Looking at what is happening in Lesotho I find these predictions really astonishing, I notice the truth from far more so when it comes to the period in between January and June, 2016.
    My warmest reguards

    • Hello Thabo,

      The 2016 Spiritual Guidance and Forecast included a weather prediction for the whole year, which included that there will be a quite stormy time this year. Something we know about the weather is that is can be very easily prone to change at any moment’s notice.

      Wishing you a wonderful 2016!

  • Yes. Much greetings.

    Let’s thank God in all available healths. According to this prediction of 2016, you are right. But did like to know about my own life and career plus financial. How will I control my family. Because I am in hard time.
    Apart from that you said this year US will be in elections. Will it be fair?



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