34 Questions That Will Make You Fall in Love Again

Sometimes in the midst of the chaos of life, we get caught up in a routine and forget to take care of the relationships that matter most. You and your loved one may have fallen in love some time ago or fallen in love quite recently and haven’t been able to express your thoughts. If your relationship has recently gone through some hard times, then it is time to try to fall in love again after a broken heart or being hurt. Asking each other questions can help remind you of the reason you fell in love, why this person means so much to you, and will help you understand your partner so much more. So what questions should you ask each other? This list of 34 questions about your partner and your relationship together will help you fall in love again, fast and strong.


Questions to ask your partner about themselves: 

1. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?

2. What is your best memory as a child?

3. Describe your family in a few words.

4. What are you most grateful for?

5. What is your most embarrassing memory?

6. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be, and why?

7. What is the top thing on your bucket list?

8. If you can jump on a plane right this second and go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

9. If you can do anything in the world, what would you choose to do?

10. If you could gain one new character trait or power, what would you choose?

11. When did you last cry? And why?

12. If you knew you were going to a deserted island, what two things would you choose to take with you?

13. Would you ever want to be famous? In what way?

14. What is your greatest fear?

15. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

16. What would make up a “perfect” you day?

17. Describe yourself in a single word.



Questions to ask your partner about the relationship:

18. What was your first impression of me when we met?

19. When was the moment that you knew you loved me?

20. What’s your favorite memory of our relationship so far?

21. Name the 3 characteristics that you love most about me.

22. What is your favorite thing that I do for you?

23. Do you like hugging or kissing me more?

24. What is your favorite sexual memory of us?

25. Have you ever dreamed about me?

26. What is your sexual fantasy?

27. Do you have any deal-breakers? Something that would seriously consider making you end the relationship.

28. Do you ever wish I could read your mind? When?

29. Have you ever gotten jealous seeing me talk to someone of the opposite sex?

30. What do you think is my best physical feature?

31. What movie reminds you most of our relationship?

32. What things do I say or do that make you feel loved?

33. How can I best show you my support?

34. Do you think we’ve met before in a previous life?


A recent love experiment was done where people on first dates asked each other some of the very same questions listed here and the results are suprising!

So after doing this activity: Did you fall in love again with your boyfriend? Fall in love again with your girlfriend? Fall in love again with your husband?

If you learned some new and exciting things about each other, then you can consider this activity a success! We would love to hear back from you guys! Share in the comments below you and your partner’s reaction to the exercise.


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