January Ask A Psychic: Dear Dawn


Dear Dawn,

I have been in a relationship for a couple of years now and am not sure if this is really the one.  Are we soul mates or is this just temporary?  I do love this person but have some doubts that it is a forever union leading to marriage.  Can you please advise me on what this relationship is about or if I should stay or leave? 

Thank you, F.M.,

Dear F.M.,

I feel that your confusion stems, in large part, from lingering feelings that you have towards to an ex-boyfriend.  By releasing all of your emotional ties to this ex you will be able to open your heart more to the gifts of your current relationship.

There are many ways to release these ties and the one I would suggest for you to do is simply through the power of intention.  Set a crystal clear intention of being free of any old attachments as well as the intention to open your heart and live more fully in the present. This is a very powerful and effective way to transform your doubts into clarity of mind and heart.

I am also feeling that you have been experiencing what is commonly referred to as “red flags” throughout this relationship.  These flags are meant, in your case, to serve as areas of your relationship that need healing.  They are not deal breakers as many red flags can be, but rather, opportunities to heal and grow together and bond more deeply over the next year.

Ultimately, I see that your union is blessed with the kindness and genuine caring of your partner.  With the opening of your heart and allowing this love to be received you will be at peace with your partner and be able embrace the healing between the two of you as well as individually with grace and serenity.

A wonderful affirmation for you to say out loud every day, or even write it down, is “It is safe for me love and be loved”.  Our real power, in life and in relationships, stems from our capacity to love; to love ourselves, deeply and unconditionally and then to extend that love to our life and even the world.

The gift you will receive from this is all areas of your life will transform, heal and grow exponentially for the better in the New Year.  We often start the year by setting resolutions for ourselves.  What I have found is most effective is to set intentions instead.

Every day is new day…  Just for today, and for the New Year approaching, set the intention to say “yes” to love and healing and growing through joy, abundance and peace in all areas of your life.  Your relationship and your life will be incredibly rewarding from doing this.  I wish you and your family the best during this New Year and that 2014 marks the turning point where life becomes full magic and miracles, through the power of intention and love.

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