5 Steps to Have a Meaningful Winter

Can you feel it? I do. It’s now impossible to notice the absence of summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s dark, it’s colder and for some of us, there is even snow.
Summer has officially abandoned us for another 222 days as of the writing of this article.

November can be a powerful month for you spiritually, but can wear on you emotionally as you transition from full sun to full moons!

I’ll cover the different ways that can help you adjust and even take advantage of this special time of year.


1. Get connected

Whether or not you’re in a relationship will not change this one fact. Loneliness will find a way to start creeping into your life. The shorter days trigger a need for us to seek shelter and comfort. We don’t feel it’s quite appropriate to go out at 7pm because, frankly it feels like 11pm. It’s a period of adjustment. You’ll find that staying in touch, connecting with and being consistent about your friendships and
maintaining them will go a long way towards keeping you feeling happy.


2. Embrace the change.

If you can’t beat them? Join them!  Bundle up, take a walk in a field, a nature path or the woods. Take a moment to witness the changes around you. What they mean. Do you hear the trees? What colors are the most vivid? As you surround yourself with nature, you’ll reset your vibrational frequency to one that is more in tune with nature and less so with the hectic, nonstop, online pace that now live in. Seriously, the trees will talk to you.

3. Don’t forget your senses.

Aromatherapy, incense, rose waters, colognes, essentials oil, all crucial in our already hectic lives, more so now that we are experiencing the loss of so much sunlight. Culture and society may have changed but your nature hasn’t quite caught up yet. So fill your home with pleasant and uplifting scents like Frankincense, Myrrh, Bergamot oil, Lavender and the like. Play music. Add a background track to your life! Your spirit will thank you.


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4. Be Crystal Clear

Crystals are wonderful tools in the aid of balancing out energies. A great example is the Orange Calcite. It’s a stone of happiness. It uplifts the creative side of you. If you have a yearning for doom and gloom during these times, then Common Citrine Quartz is great to keep around. Red Jasper is also a great choice as it also promotes healing. Get blinging!10_2

5. Yoga, feng shui, reiki please!

Get out, get a routine, get active, and get that energy moving. Take in some Reiki by a fellow healer, join a meditation group, feng shui your home again. As winter approaches the way that we communicate also changes. Quiet moments and soft conversation is welcome over louder get togethers. Intimate conversations flow more easily.  This is where wisdom meets knowledge and the two create understanding.


Mother earth may be going to sleep, but your spiritual insights and visions are more vivid and intense during the month of November.

You can find yourself more easily in tune also. I’ve personally found this time of year the most spiritually rewarding and insightful. I’m sure you will too.


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