Five Things I Do For My Wife Every Day

Marriage can be wonderful and fun. You get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, therapist, healer, and comedian. When you first start out in a relationship with your wife, you find yourself constantly doing things to please each other, but over time, sometimes the fanfare dies down as you settle into a content state. So what can you do to go from being static with each other to two people madly in love?

We recently came across stories of husbands in happy and loving marriages who go the extra mile to make their wives very happy. These marriage-saving things they do can be used by anyone at any point of their relationship to ensure a happy relationship that they desire.

So what do these men do or say to make their wife happy?

1. “I Do Small Things For My Wife Every Day” 

The little things really do make a difference. And the science backs it up; a study performed by UCLA confirmed that couples who split up the responsibilities were happier than relationships where one person performed most of the chores. One husband found that something as simple as helping his wife around the house made her more appreciative.

“My wife and I both work full time jobs so when our day at the office is over, we are exhausted. But the work doesn’t stop there, because we have to pick up our two little girls from daycare, cook dinner, and a million other household chores. So when my wife asks me to take out the trash or clean the dishes, my automatic answer always wants to be “no,” but I remind myself how saying “yes” will mean so much to her.” -Derek, New Mexico


2. “I Talk to My Wife Every Day” 

Try setting up a time once a day where you and your partner communicate about your day and what’s going on in your lives. A husband shares how he and his wife learned to reconnect by talking.

“When my then girlfriend, now wife and I moved in together 4 years ago, we got into a really comfortable routine of coming home from work, making dinner, and then watching TV. One day, when we were getting into bed, I realized that we hadn’t had a real conversation in awhile. So from that day on, we decided to carve out at least five minutes every day to talk to each other without any distractions. Now there are days where we end up talking for hours while other days we just catch up for a few minutes. The difference in our relationship really shows.” –Jacob, Tennessee

wife and husband


3. “I Show Affection To My Wife Every Day”

You might not always find the time to fit in sex every day. In fact, a study by the University of Chicago shows that less than 33% of couples have sex once a week. Just because you don’t have sex daily doesn’t mean that all affection and intimacy has to disappear. Timothy discovered a cute way to show affection to his wife.

“Jessica always leaves for work earlier than I do. We started this ritual that every day before she walks out the door, she turns the handle and yells out to me “bye.” I then come over, hug her, and give her an extra long kiss. No matter how mad we are at each other, we always do this special tradition. Adding this into our morning routine has helped to keep my wife happy, because it’s an extra reminder before she starts her day how much I love her and find her attractive.” –Timothy, New York

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4. “I Sweep My Wife Off Her Feet Every Day”

After you get married, that doesn’t mean that dating is now over. Adding an extra boost like a romantic candlelit dinner or going on a new adventure together is something you should find time for in every stage of your relationship. One husband realized the way to keep his wife happy was by sweeping her off of her feet time and time again.

“My wife and I have a tradition that on Saturdays we go on a fun adventure. Whatever we do, it’s always my surprise. Throughout the week, I send her texts or messages with hints about what the adventure might be just to tease her. This tradition is something I hope we can still do together for a long while to come.” -Christoper, Florida

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5. “I Tell My Wife ‘I Love You’ Every Day” 

And one of the most important things to show your wife you love her is telling her how much you love her. One man was able to repair his failing marriage by making this change.

“Years ago, my wife and I decided to go through marriage counseling because after many months of fighting and bickering, we didn’t know what else to do besides get a divorce. The marriage counselor told us that marriage is like a plant and it needs to be water and fed often. Saying ‘I love you’ everyday reassures my wife that our love for each other is still present.” –Greg, Connecticut


These 5 changes that can be made by any partner in the relationship can really make your marriage work well again. Have any other good marriage advice that you would like to submit? We would love to hear it! Share your advice or thoughts in the comments below.

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