5 Tips To Bringing More Romantic Love Into Your Life

Who doesn’t want a little more romantic love?  Whether you are single, or you are with your ever after, there are ways to bring more romance into your love life.

Ever notice when you get out of a relationship or are a little down and out you start to get unwanted physical manifestations.  Such as: sore neck, back or bloating.  Our emotions are strongly connected to our physical body.  Applying these tips in your life won’t just open you up for more love but can end up helping your overall well-being: body, mind and spirit.


By Guillermina Galvan

5 tips on bringing more romance into your love life:

1. Releasing the past.

This can range from needing to release a current negative relationship to not being able to release emotional issues of the past of what has happened with an ex- or current love.  Emotions settle in our body in different places from our intimate ones to our tendons and muscles.  What are ways we can release our past?

Ways to help release the past:  Chanting or singing something you absolutely love (if you don’t know a chant even ‘Om’ works, it helps the heart, lungs and spirit align), massaging your hands on the area between the index finger and thumb, Short ½-1 day fasts (under Healthcare Practitioner’s guidelines) and internal qi practices.  There are a few different types of internal qi practices that can go inside and heal us they include Yoga, Tai Chi, Sundo, Ba Gua and Meditation.  Above all in letting go, have acceptance and forgiveness of past issues.  We must fully accept that what has passed, has passed, and now we must be in the present.

2. Write a list.

What is it that you want more of in your life?  Manifest your dreams!

If you are single then write down every detail you can imagine for your ideal partner to have.  Then every night before you go to bed read the list and say, “Thank you universe for helping bring this partner into my life.”  Remember all of our words hold power so speak the words that you want to manifest in the attained tense.  The power of our own free will is so often overlooked, let us embrace it and take a hold of our future!  Then first thing you do in the morning is you say, “Thank you universe, my spirit and to the spirit of my future love-for helping my dream partner manifest into my life” (as if it has already happened).

If you are already with your wonderful mate then write the list of more ways to help bring romance into your relationship and ways you would love for them to as well.  Without trying to change them but solely working on yourself and your part of the list this will create a shift within your relationship.

Remember positive energy is contagious!  The happier you are the happier they are!  So spread that wonderful happiness that lies inside of you.

5 Steps For a More Romantic Love Life

5 Steps For a More Romantic Love Life

3. Become the change.

Soulmates do exist and there is not just one perfect mate out there for you!  Those on the same wavelength of soulmate connection as you have a connection whether you two have met or not.  More work that you do on yourself helping your mind, body and soul find peace and be healthy the more work your soulmate will be doing on themselves.  Newton’s 3rd law of motion: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”  Same thing applies to soulmates and their bonds.  So even if you are having some down time on relationships –take this opportunity to grow! It’s is a wonderful experience and it helps your match to feel the affects and work on themselves too.  Making the relationship that much greater when it does happen.  Or if you’re already in a relationship they’ll see you shift and it will inspire and motivate them to work on themselves.

4. Be Positive.

I cannot stress this enough.  So often clients come to me asking for help because they are living in depression without any hope left for love.  Never forget the power of ‘free will’ ladies and gentleman.  It is intense the magnificent changes that can come about by simply your attitude.  Words are like positive or negative energy.  What we say often enough begins to manifest.  So give your life strength in the positive direction.  Say and think ‘I will find love, and love will find me, my partner will be ready for me single and available.  My future partner is my bliss as I am theirs.  We bring health, happiness, romance and belief in happily ever after to each other’s life.’  Find your own phrases and make them come to be.  Always speak in the positive!

If you’re in a relationship then you want to try and speak in a positive way about it as well.  “My partner and I are understanding and supportive to each other.  We are always finding new ways to bring more romance in our life.  We fall in love with each other more each day.” Positivity is so important and powerful!

5. Take Action.

I cannot begin to tell you about how many clients I get that are looking for love to find them yet they barely get out of the house or make themselves available.  Remember you are a wonderful soul just as you are and you are beautiful just as you are!  So go outside, go for a walk or join a club that you love.  Find a few different avenues and try them a few times.  Have fun with it!  If you prefer internet that is okay too! But one must be proactive to see results.  Your perfect match needs a little help finding you so help them out.  Not just once and you give up you have to find time and enjoy it. 1-3 times a week be active in some social event.  When you go to walk outside or go on that match site say aloud before you do “I’m available and my perfect match is too and we will find each other and live happily ever after.”  Find your phrase and be active!

If you are already in a relationship then be active on making quality time for each other.  So many wonderful married couples lose sight of making sure they have that date night once a week. Take time to honor and nurture the partnership of you two.  Don’t just say you are going to go on a romantic weekend vacation or have that date night once a week, actually do it. There are always ways to bring about a more active love life in your already amazing love.

For the singles: while you are manifesting your partner to appear in our life take each moment to be grateful and to give yourself love.  Have confidence in who you are and above all remember you are a wonderful soul.  There is someone out there for you, keep your eyes  and heart open and your hopes up.  We are all divine and unique creatures in our own way.  There is someone out there that will love you, but remember to love yourself too.  Have fun in life and the more happiness that flowers from your soul the greater of a magnet you are.  Happiness can come in 10,000 different forms, be proud of being you.  Blessings of ever-after love to all you lovebirds out there!  Smile!

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Chat Now With: Guillermina Galvan

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