5 Tips to Get Back into Work Mode with Passion

Transitioning back to work after a summer vacation isn’t always easy. If you feel you are not sure where to start and how to effectively get the ball rolling, you are not alone. “Post vacation syndrome” is real and common. It’s a time of adjustment for everyone, and your reciprocal office friendships can support your transition and help ease you back into your daily routine.

Reconnecting with coworkers is key to feeling at home at work. Here are 5 easily applicable tips to make it happen.

1. Prioritize your actions

It’s okay that you can’t respond to hundreds of emails on your first day or even during your first week back from vacation. Organize your e-mails by sender, and flag the ones that are from your superiors. Skim all subject lines and read the ones that are about important projects and tasks. Now that you know which ones need your attention a.s.a.p., talk to your boss. Show up with a smiling face, and share a few anecdotes from your vacation. Ask her how hers was. Connect with her. Then, make sure you are on the same page regarding priorities.

+ Don’t forget to turn off your automatic out-of-office responder!

2. Invest time in people

After you get organized and you have your priorities sorted, energize your office friendships. Take a coffee break or go out to lunch with coworkers. These breaks can be great opportunities for you to develop solid connections. If there are new people in your team, try your best to make them feel welcome in the group. Ask people about their summer vacations, listen to the answers, and share fun stories from your vacation. Like in love relationships, if you can make real, meaningful connections with healthy boundaries, the office will enrich your life. It will become a place you want to be in.

+ Brought delicious goodies from your vacation? Share with coworkers.

3. Revamp your office space

Bracing your immediate environment and making it personal by adding love to it will make you feel motivated and eager. Take a look at your desk with fresh-from-vacation eyes: what do you need to feel that this is the place you want to be in? An idea could be to add colorful accessories. Or, do you have new pictures with your significant other or children? Put them on your desk and tell your coworkers about the stories behind them.

+ Add a box of candy; it’ll make coworkers want to stop at your desk and talk with you.

4. Focus on what you like about your job

Is being back in the office is turning out to be harder than you thought it would? It may be because you are focusing more on the negative aspects of your job than on the positive ones. Like in a love relationship, there will be things that are working out, and things that need extra work. Remember, even dream jobs require people to do things they don’t always like and to interact with difficult folks. That’s just how life works.

+ Make a list of positive aspects; it will help attract more positivity into your life.

5. Remember YOU

Throughout the next several weeks, why not take a day off here and there, and turn it into a mini-vacation just for yourself? Spend those days doing things you enjoy. Forget about errands – read a new book for pleasure, attend a meditation workshop, go to the gym, explore a new area in the city, or just hit the mall! Need a bigger change? Take up a new hobby and get good at it.

+ Your relationship with yourself should also be a love relationship. Treat yourself well.

Once you get your groove back, being in work mode can feel great. Just remember to always invest in your office friendships and yourself. Bring love to everything you do.


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