The 7 Day Love Challenge

We have a love challenge that will indulge all of your senses and improve your relationship with your partner. This is a weeklong challenge, but it won’t take up more than a few minutes each day. This challenge is designed to help you and your partner so whether you decide to skip a challenge or spread the challenge activities across a month, it will still be effective. So if you’re asking yourself “How can I improve my relationship?” or looking for a fun thing to do with your partner, this challenge is made for you.


Day 1 of Challenge: Cook up dinner together.

Food always seems to taste better when it is made with love. You guys can decide together on what dish to make. You can even try out a fun new recipe. To find recipes for healthy and delicious meals that you can cook together, click here.  If you normally step on each other’s toes in the kitchen, divvy out beforehand the roles of lead chef and supporting helper. When someone takes the lead, it leaves out room for argument and will help you guys practice good teamwork. You guys can also step up the heat in the kitchen by making your dinner a competition. Have each person cool a dish and then decide together the rightful winner. Make sure to have fun, so open up a bottle of wine, slip into something comfy, crank up the music, and enjoy this special night.

Day 2 of Challenge: Give each other a massage.

A sensual partner massage is sure to help you achieve a stronger emotional and physical bond. Giving a massage in bed can be nice, but you can hurt your back from twisting it into uncomfortable positions and you won’t be able to fully reach all of your partner’s sensitive spots. Massage therapists encourage couples to try “The Melt Set Up,” a specific massage that Patrick Swazey and Demi Moore made famous in the movie “Ghost.”  So how do you do this massage that the name itself makes you excited?

  1. Ask your partner to sit on the floor cross legged while you position yourself behind them on your knees.
  2. Prop your knees with a pillow or rug to make sure you remain comfortable throughout the massage.
  3. From this position, you have access to your partner’s entire back, shoulders, neck, arms, and upper chest; all of the areas of the body that absolutely loved to be touched.
  4. And don’t worry about a specific or fancy technique; the touch itself will make your partner excited.


Day 3 of Challenge: Do a spontaneous thing for each other!

Spontaneous is the name of the game and love is the prize. At the beginning of many relationships, couples generally make more of an effort to do things for each other. Try bringing this back for the day by doing something special for your partner. In order for this activity to work properly, set some ground rules and make sure to set a budget. There is nothing worse than someone feeling disappointed when your partner spends less than you. We recommend that if money has to be spent, the budget should be very small such as $10 in order to avoid extravagance. This way, you and your partner will be focused instead on the thoughtfulness of the gift. When you are thinking of possible ideas of what to do for your partner, think “What does he/she love?” For example, if they really love sports and you are not a fan at all, you can surprise them by making their favorite game time snack and watching the game with them.

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Day 4 of Challenge: Tell each other reasons why you love them.

Writing a list of all of the reasons why your love partner will not only improve relationship communication, but will also give you a whole new understanding of your love. A study done by Dr. Pannebaker at the University of Texas at Austin revealed that writing can help clarify your thoughts and feelings and help resolve disputes with others. For this activity, you and your partner should each write 10 reasons why you love each other, no more or no less. If you’re having trouble thinking of the perfect reasons, try thinking of the main reasons why you love your partner, and then you can break it up into more specifics reasons from there. Something that might be helpful to remember when you are writing your list is to think of all of the things that your partner does NOT do such as unnecessary complaining or criticism. When you finally complete your lists and share the reasons with each other, make sure to have an open mind and remember that everything they are saying is a true compliment and coming directly from the heart.

Day 5 of Challenge: Dance with each other

Picture the final scene in Dirty Dancing that is shared between Johnny and Baby as they dance to the famous “Time of My Life.” Now you don’t have to have the dance skills of Johnny or know choreography like Baby, but you can share in an equally fun dance with your partner. You guys can choose a music genre that you like best such as slow dancing to jazz or getting excited and wild to a more upbeat song. Whatever style of music or dance you choose, the burst of cardio activity is sure to get your heart fluttering and ignite some passion. To really kindle the passion for each other, try not kissing when you are dancing. When you communicate just through your eyes and touch and take away the option of kissing, you guys might be so turned on that you will need to take your dance session into the bedroom.


Day 6 of Challenge: Make love in a different place than you normally do.

Couples in happy relationships report having sex with each other at least once a week. There is no doubt about it, research across the board proves that regular sex really does help improve a relationship. Sometimes after many years of marriage or just being downright tired, couples continue to have sex, but they find themselves in a bit of a rut.  For this challenge, try shaking up where or how you become intimate. If you are like most couples and have sex in bed, try and do it on the couch or in the shower. And if you guys have a desire to take things up a notch, try a sex position that you haven’t done in ages or in uncharted territory. This fun rendezvous will give you guys something to talk about for a long time to come.

Day 7 of Challenge: Go out for a date

The last day of the challenge requires a little more than a few minutes to complete, but it is important in order to finish the 7 Day Challenge on the best note. Decide together on what to do or have one person take the lead and plan the night. Once the plan is set, the main idea is to go out and enjoy time just the two of you. Many couples forget the importance of date nights. It’s one of the only nights that you both spend time focusing on each other without any disturbances such as television, kids, or work. Remember you guys have a lot as always going on in your individual lives, but this is the night to really let loose and celebrate your relationship together. When you guys are on your date tonight and are looking for an activity to discover fun things about each other, click here.



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