~Action versus Reaction~ January 2014 Predictions

Chat With Maya Moon D,Div.Author: Maya Moon, D, Div

Traditionally January is seen by most as the beginning of a New Year and a time of great celebration for change. Most if not all of us have made our “New Year resolutions”, committed to healthier lifestyles, diet and myriad of change we know we need. But like the cold and bitter winds that blow in most geographic locations that are in the midst of winter, the Universal winds of January will be unrelenting and near impossible to ignore. Change remains the focus but these shifts will pay less attention to our personal or trivial “resolutions” as the Collective Conscience prepares humanity for a time of great change for the greater good of all.

1)    Weather patterns will continue to remain unstable; warmer climates will see significant patterns of cold, while those deadlocked in winter may experience a barrage of storms, again both wind related (tornadoes, cycles) and frigid cold temperatures that fluctuate.

2)    While many of us have prepared for the changes that are set into motion in January, some shifts are unexpected and our reaction will begin to define the year and our personal growth.

3)    Obstacles and warnings; fighting or resisting these Universal changes by reacting instead of action will only create more chaos in our emotional and spiritual being/energy so acceptance and faith needs to be strong.

January has always been symbolized by most as a strong month for change, ambition and personal growth. January 2014 is iconic in the sense that higher powers, whether you recognize such as Universe, God, Creator sweep us into changes and shifts to empower our spiritual energy for the positivity that lies in the months to come. The weather will continue to meet or exceed records especially in the colder regions, but also affecting the Midwest and southern states of the US and many countries globally. Those that are separated by the equator and therefore are actually in their summer or spring will also be affected by winds, high profile storms, both at land and sea. If we have been following the flow, we only need to continue our action and stay focused on plans and intentions. For those that have procrastinated or tried to avoid much needed changes, whether career, home, relationships, we will be forced to face crossroads and the choice will ultimately be that of “action or reaction”.

For many of us some of the changes that blow into our lives January 2014 may seem unfair, unexpected and even catastrophic, but the guides and Universe show the bigger picture. All of these shifts bring us current to the connection we share in energy and in the spiritual plane. There will be challenges and upheaval for some, but Faith is our backbone and remembering that change almost always brings a positive outcome.

We will see this coming, as signs have been posted in our life for the last few months, and action versus reaction becomes an imperative choice many of us will be making.

For those that react with fear or try to hold back such change, we will be about as successful as keeping the wind from blowing off a hat, causing emotional and spiritual vulnerability and the risk of poor decisions. If we embrace change with the sense of faith and take action before it takes us, we will find the transition to be smoother and the outcome of stability and enrichment following on its heels.

January 2014 is a euphoric opportunity to move our lives into a higher direction, awareness of the world as a whole, and accepting that these “winds of change” are essential to our growth again within our own spiritual being but also in our external life and all relationships.

As these changes begin, we can harmonize and align ourselves by joining forces with the inevitable and taking the steps to action so we are not victims of mere “reaction”.

While our personal resolutions can certainly be made, it’s important to prepare for the bigger picture and focus on a larger scale of change, keeping foremost in our minds that these changes ARE going to bring positive outcomes, and what is broke won’t need to be fixed. So if you find unexpected changes, shifts or decisions, take action quickly and decisively and ring in the amazing New Year with dedication to your highest self, patience and perseverance. Monitor your “reactions” and avoid setbacks, chaos and anxiety by preparing for what is unavoidable with faith, gratitude and hope. This New Year promises to be one of substantial intrinsic potential, we just have to be willing to let those winds blow and follow the path that we are destined for.

I wish you a healthy, happy New Year and hope that we all can embrace the significance of what lies ahead in the coming year.

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