All About Angels: Angels 101

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Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you. — Francis de Sales

We’ve heard they are tiny enough to dance by the millions on the head of a pin one minute and, the next, grand enough to appear eight feet tall with robes of brilliant white light, sporting gossamer wings. (Although, any being who can dance on the head of a pin is, by definition, pretty darned “grande”!)

Who are they? What are they? Can we see them? Hear them? Talk with them? Do I really have one assigned just to me? What powers do they have? How can I know if they are around me? In short: What’s the deal with angels?

Over the next few weeks, in All About Angels, we’ll take a look at those questions and, hopefully, bring you closer to understanding, recognizing and experiencing the angelic realm — and learning more about how to embrace it as a part of your everyday world.

Let’s get started with a crash course: Angels 101!

angelTranslated from the Hebrew and Greek, Angel means Messenger. It’s in this role that we most often experience their work. They can be the silent whisperers that tells us Sue doesn’t have our best interest at heart; or prompt us to share our story or offer words of gentle encouragement to a stranger.

Angels have never been and will never be human. They are solely (and soul-ly) spirit. Simply put, Grandma Ellie may have been an “angel,” but she will never be an Angel!

That being said, angels are known to manifest in human form. They can be the young woman who smiles at you just when you need it most; the good Samaritan who waits in the dark with you until the tow truck arrives; the elderly man struggling with his grocery bags — giving you the opportunity to be kind and helpful.

Their presence isn’t always as obvious as the lady sitting across from you on the bus. Angels can appear as flames of fire and even rushes of wind.

Timing is their forte! One of the easiest ways to know you’ve experienced angelic intervention has to do with the “when.” Were you waiting for the train, confused about whether or not to look for a new job, when the wind blew the want ads section against your legs? Or you overheard someone talking about how happy they were that they made the decision to stay put in their company? Messages from the Messengers!

In literature, angels are historically referred to as being male. In truth, they are genderless — being only spirit — and can assume both feminine and masculine forms.

Even angels have a hierarchy! Nine to be exact: Angels, archangels, virtues, powers, principalities, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim. It’s best (and easiest) to think of them as Orders rather than who-is-more-important-than-whom. Each Order has an area of expertise and accountability.

Next time we’ll look at the Archangels and the special, specific ways they can help us in our lives.

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