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The mystery isn’t how to chat with an angel. That’s easy: Pull up a chair; find a spot in nature; have ‘pillow talk’ before you drift to sleep. The tricky part is hearing their responses!

Below are a few tips for putting yourself in the best possible, most receptive state and what to expect when you do receive an angelic message.

Imagine. One of my favorite ways to communicate with my angels is not to talk at all! While sitting quietly or in bed right before I fall asleep, I picture being wrapped in the protective wings of an angel. During times of fear or grief, the sense of being enveloped – hidden, even – by these glorious beings will leave you with a feeling of peace and comfort. The message that you will ‘hear’ isn’t one of words, but of feelings and sensations. Often reported are feelings of being cared for or that someone has concern for their concerns and often a sometimes almost irrational knowing that all will be well.

Look and Listen. Always approach your angels with respect – but be yourself. Don’t worry about flowery words or poetic prose. You are most clearly heard when you speak, simply, from your heart. This style of communicating is a great choice when you are concerned about which direction you should go and are asking for angelic guidance. Should I leave him?; Will she change?; Would I be better served finding another job? are all good examples of the kinds of dilemmas that are often answered within the world around us.

000013353262XSmallCreate a Ritual. Sounds complicated! Really, it’s just a matter of creating a special “place” where you go to talk with your angels. It can be a spare room that you’ve decorated with angelic images and candles; it can be the corner of the kitchen; or it can be a beautiful “place” you’ve created in your imagination that you ‘go to’ each time. It doesn’t matter where your Place is or what color candles you choose! The idea behind creating this real or imaginary space has little to do with the space itself and everything to do with the mindset that you have while you’re there. The distractions that can creep in with the other styles of chat are lessened!

“One is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.” As Dorothy Gurney’s saying goes! One of the best ways to hear your angels clearly is in and through nature. Silly as it sounds, take your shoes off and stand barefoot in the grass. “Hug” a tree. Sit quietly in the wood or by a flower garden. Take a nature hike. The energy of the pure-world will help you to connect and really hear clearly.

These are just a few tips to help you hear the messages that your angels have for you.

It’s been a pleasure blogging about these mystical, magical, ever-loving beings. May you see angels all around you – in those you meet, in nature and even in your quiet repose – each and every day!

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