All about Angels: The Archangels

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Arch Angel,” translated from Greek, means “Chief Angel” – and chief they are! What are their roles? Can we call on them by name? Why would an angel so powerful rush to my aid? Do they have specific talents?

Archangels are the angels that we hear most often about in literature and within the Judaic, Islamic and Christian faith traditions. They are heavenly messengers on steroids! If you are seeking a subtle approach, this isn’t the Order to invoke. This group means business.

It’s easy to imagine that lengthy prayer and deep meditation would be the key to asking for and receiving guidance from this special Order. What we must always remember is that – like all Orders – the Archangels were created to assist us as we take this sometimes pretty scary journey – Life! Calling out to them by name; asking for them to be with you, to help you, to guide you – just as you would a dear friend – will work just as effectively. The real key, always, is sincerity.

Each Archangel is divinely gifted with certain responsibilities and talents. Following are the names we’ve assigned them, their specialties and how we interpret them through art. Although we traditionally recognize seven, here are the top four!

Michael, whose name means, Who is like unto God?, is brandishing a gleaming sword in michaelhis right hand and, in his left, a green palm. He’s the war-savvy angel that we call upon to help us in our daily battles. Initially, Michael was charged with removing Satan, himself; but in our every-day-world, we can paint his purpose with a broader brush. For example, when you are fearful walking to your car in a dark parking garage – it is Michael to the rescue! “Michael protect me!,” summons this mighty warrior and protector to your side.

Gabriel, or Might of God, is often illustrated as holding a lantern in his right hand and a gabrielmirror of green jasper in his left. God often chooses Gabriel to carry His most important messages. Gabriel is the go-to angel when we need to clear away confusion and receive the wisdom that we need to make important decisions – and gain the confidence to act on those choices. “Be by my side, Gabriel. Please help me to see clearly and go forward with courage” will ensure you aren’t alone when it comes time to make a difficult decision.

There could be no better translation of Raphael than God’s healing. In art, Raphael is raphaeloften painted as guiding Tobit with his right hand while carrying an alabaster physician’s jar in his left. When summoned, Raphael brings with him an emerald-green light of healing and comfort … but there’s even more to this beautiful angel! Raphael is the angel of happy meetings. Getting us through those difficult, conflict-ridden situations; Raphael holds our hand and leads us into the path of those we are meant to meet. Raph, as I like to call him!, is the angel best summoned when we are looking to meet that special someone. “Raphael, please be with me, guard me, guide me, heal me and those in my life so that I may know true peace.”

True to his name, Uriel – or Light of God — carries a sword in his right hand and a flame in his left. I like to think of this not-so-well-known archangel as the Path Lighter. When we urieldon’t know which way to turn, can’t see the truth in a situation or have lost our way along our path, it is Uriel’s light that leads us home. Here’s a lovely way of asking for and receiving Uriel’s intercession: close your eyes then ask, “Please light my next step with God’s light, Uriel, so that I may not stumble; and give me the courage and confidence to go forward on the path you have illuminated.” Then open your eyes! You may find that the answer you’ve been seeking is right there for you; or you may go through your day or week receiving subtle messages and guidance that steers you in the right direction.

I would love to hear about your angel encounters! Please feel free to email me with your stories and questions – I look forward to chatting with you!

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