April 2015 Monthly Guidance – Just Right Now

Just Right Now

Join me as my guides channel their insight, guidance and predictions for the coming month of April. As we cross over from the rather fast moving Universal energy of March; April beckons us to stay close to the moment, the present or the now.

Our Universal or Collective lesson focuses on maintaining that higher spiritual connection we grasped from previous months but with the added influence of aligning strongly to the present.

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Chat with Maya Moon

Much like the entertaining and undeniable skill of trained acrobats; our potential lies in our ability to balance as well. As we continue to be urged forward to seek and/or create our destiny, we are also encouraged to truly grasp the moment, finding gratitude and filled with hope. April brings the strong energy of continued changes; however at the same time we are asked and taught to balance as though on a tight wire so we never lose sight of the now, the present.

Weather patterns symbolize the constant flow of the “now” as it may appear we tend to repeat certain patterns, almost identical replicas of the day or week before. Over all and globally regardless of the seasons; the weather should be much more recognized as what is considered “normal” and should neither be too calm nor overly threatening.

Relationships once again step into focus as we are presented with the ideal Universal energies to truly release the past, and let go of the provocation or anxiety surrounding worries about the future. Again the theme of “just right now” becomes a strong intention with the ability to guide us to being grateful for all that we have now without dragging the potential down or out of reach with that which is out of range.

The media, both journalistic and paparazzi seem to be fairly repetitive as the stories all relate to the same Universal lesson with seemingly only the names being changed. Jobs, careers, business and finance reflect the same lessons; no matter what is predicted or assimilated, it just continues to be right now with little if any significant changes.

1) Our Universal lesson and Collective energy: Although our lesson is not to come to a literal stop. The learning curve is to continue our empowerment of change, spiritual awareness and the pursuit of our dreams and potential. However the slight twist becomes that of learning to remain in the now, the present. This can be defined by the ability or blessing of letting go of what came before (fears) and avoiding too much presumption of what lies ahead (anxiety/chaos) so that we remain strong, empowered and in motion but with the gratitude of right now and the ability to absorb what is right before us.

2) Relationships, romantic and other: Relationships once again step into the limelight as we begin to celebrate that within self (our core relationship with self) and those encounters with others. While soul mates, life partners or serious romantic become the focus as we learn to see through eyes of joy and gratitude. We no longer need to cling to that which came before, nor become pressured about what lies ahead. Instead we can truly walk hand in hand, again with gratitude ever present and the ability to simply be in the now, with that being good enough for happiness. The same does hold true in all relationships, but those united with someone special have the potential to reach a state of being that brings clarity and light, rather than dread or old fears or anxiety provoking stress.soulmates

3) Weather patterns: We saw a bit of this last month where repetition seemed to be prominent in weather patterns. In April the weather (according to my guides always symbolic of our Universal energies) seems to be closer aligned to the “normal” for each season and area. However most important is our ability to accept whatever is given. If it rains we can appreciate the flowers blooming, if it dries out, we are grateful for the chance to be outdoors. And instead of being obsessive about the weather to come, we are now more than ever able to accept and even embrace whatever is brought forward for that day or time, with little or no worry about the maybe’s or could be’s.

4) News and media: The media may almost be tedious. For many of us the “just now” is simply the repetition of similar occurrences, where just the names or places have been changed, but the actual “news” is not really news at all but more an attempt to fill airspace. My guides do feel that the media often seeks to shock and create fear or chaos and April could lay the perfect foundation for humans to learn to disconnect from one event indicating the potential for growth or an “uprising” and if we choose to simply be in the now, we are in the perfect phase to allow these to be heard and dismissed. There does not appear to be any catastrophic events that will be headed our way, or cause for concern. The only chaos is that which is being attempted and our choice to accept such or decline that energy for what we have right now.

5) Finance, jobs, business and economics: Much like the news or media, there may be a great deal of discussion, prediction and foretelling of girls-407685_1280what could, may or might occur. However the truth is April is a very solid month, with finances holding strong and all those seeking their destiny or true path able to stay on course with success, prosperity and abundance. The difference once again lies within our own self and identity and whether we accept what we have not and maintain that in faith or we allow ourselves to drift off into the “what if’s” and “maybe’s”. The biggest obstacle for the economy in April is simply allowing yourself to move out of the now. For those that resist this, the present offers day after day the chance for new ideas, consistency and as we seem to be repeating, gratitude for what has been given.

April is predicted to be a month that continues to move at a fairly quick pace, but with the amazing potential for each of us humans to truly live and embrace the now. And if a problem should arise, it can easily be overcome by the reminder of; “it’s just right now”. And for all the many positive possibilities that we are all equal in aspiring to, achieving and attaining, we can embrace the entire month with the mantra of; “it’s just right now” for in truth that is what our spiritual being, light and path is truly about, its highest purpose, right now~

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