April Spiritual Monthly Guidance- Free to Be!

Free to Be: The Art of Creating the Reflection We See

Contributing Advisor: Psychic Maya Moon


After a somewhat “moody March,” we enter a rather tumultuous yet exhilarating April. Just as for many people April is synonymous with spring, new beginnings, flowers blooming, birds singing, the essence or vibration of this April’s energy will not not so much be chaotic as inspiring. While the overall message or influence of 2016 still rings in attunement with spiritual unity, we also begin to branch off empowered with a surge of power and renowned faith in self. Faith and hope exist within through the power or influence of both the collective and Divine, yet in April that unity encourages our own creativity and exploration of self, purpose and path.


The reflection, or the mirror, that guides us is not about the openly external view, but about all those tiny seeds of hope, ideals and visions that have been safely tucked away. And in April they burst free and bold. Inter-dependence seems to be the key to our own independence and recognition that what is not tried cannot be, and so risks are rewarded with recognition and the freedom to be. We were the caterpillar before and in April we spread our damp wings and take flight. It is a month for striving towards the purpose and the need to create or invent that which we resonate to or with.


With strong energy urging us forward, for most this is a month of unlimited empowerment, as the horizon or future is suddenly close in sight.


Universal Messages and Lessons

Rather than “marching” forward in perseverance, April brings the creative artistry to each and every life area. And the message or lesson becomes the tapestry of inspiration rather than adherence to one single facet. Obstacles are self-created; they are created by those that lack vision or allow fear to overcome hope. It has been a continual support from the universal that the pursuit is the glory and it could not be truer than in April. Self-awareness leads to embracing our individuality, which in turn brings us to a higher level of benevolence towards others. We are truly “free to be”.


April Monthly Spiritual Guidance

Love and Relationships

Because the creative spirit is loosed, many of us may find our connection with others to be somewhat surprising or unexpected. We may gravitate towards those in the romantic arena that are not our usual “type.” As we have all been on a journey to release toxic relationships, regardless of their nature (friend, family, romantic), we seem to naturally glide towards a higher vibration, seeking a spiritual attunement over prior sought-after qualities.


Romance continues to blossom and many that have spent long periods alone may find a renewed sense of desire for love and romance.


Those that have refused to budge or move from stagnant relationships, especially romantic, may find they are caught in a “triangle” or struggling with unexpected connections to those that is not their current mate or partner. There is a risk for bitter and difficult endings but take heart, literally as following love will always prevail as the highest path. As opposed to last month, for many past connections may present, however, these will be those separated by the external rather than internal issues. So for those that still or have continued to long for a past connection, April shows strong potential for that person to reappear leading to an almost “storybook” romance.

The heart sees much clearer this month and the reflection is most certainly that of true love.


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Economy, Careers and Business

While actual job or career changes seem to come to a bit of a slowdown, the opposite is true of entrepreneurs or those investing in their own creative future. Universal energies surge with support for those that risk the traditional to embrace the intrinsic ideals, and proprietors, small businesses, and those just starting out have an almost paved road to sure success.


The economy remains stable and strong, with little change in either direction. As the real estate market seems to tighten a bit, some areas may experience a somewhat significant increase in housing costs due to the baseline strength of overall economy. When selling or buying is more than just a change of residence but the result of a greater path and/or purpose, keep faith strong as many will be tempted to make rash or hasty real estate decisions. Those seeking change for that greater purpose with the fortitude to hold off for that “ahh” moment will find unexpected rewards in residential and even business development. We are also likely to see a rise in building, construction and development as again those ideals and creative flows are realized.


April Spiritual Monthly Guidance

Weather Patterns and Forecasts

April feels to again reflect the spiritual message with some unprecedented and rare occurrences. There is a very “wet” feeling for most of the globe yet this “surge” seems to serve a greater purpose once the initial surprise or shock is absorbed. Although some devastation is unavoidable, it shall open or create the path for all things new, renewed or renovated. Not just in the form of repair of weather damaged areas (as we are currently seeing across the US) but in creative forces stepping forward with innovative ideas that literally break the mold with engineering and structural changes. Bridges, walls, and much that is connected to water (think of the flow of creating and reflections) that rise from destruction to create amazing and stronger barriers of protection.


So while my guides do predict a very stormy April, typical for many areas, most major events arise from water sources and lead to the invention and creation of that which surges new and improved systems. So the greater good is again served by the creative ideals of that same universal energy and influence.


Government, Politics, World Leaders and The Media

For those not aware, the U.S. is currently embroiled in the throes of a political battle such as never seen. However, April’s influences bring the truth and clarity ever closer to view. My guides predicted that March would show the media adhering to a higher standard of unity for the collective good, and although we have not quite seen evidence of these intentions, I assure you they exist and are soon to be revealed.


We have, since the beginning of 2016, been given great conscience to the collective and humanity as a whole. Purpose for the people rises above the one or selfish and April follows this trend with a much more traceable path. The self-righteous and self-serving will be blocked in our spiritual movement. Although there is some toxic anger and frustration in the people being oppressed or tragically abused, the Divine will intervene and with our creative hearts and the love in which we pursue a mate, so shall we pursue and protect the meek, the mild and the worthy.


National security

As expected, we still face global threats from insurgents banding with evil intentions. While there is sadly still power in those determined to destroy, their intentions also lead us to their demise. Therefore, we must hold strong with faith and the universal influence that we are all, “free to be”.


April should lead us to new information and unexpected allies are finally found or created. All in all, great strides will be made. Under the fire, the ashes of unity find that commonality once again as we connect with our creative power manifesting and winning the spiritual warfare.


To Sum Up

April is a month of creation, both in the spring pro-creation of literal life and those ideals, visions and the reflections we choose to be and to see in the mirror of life, self and collective. It is a month of self-expression that is benevolent and warm, never self-serving but giving as our true self is loosed from its cocoon to join the others. Just as the myriad of colorful butterflies, we are free to be and within that freedom, we also free our illusions, prejudice, bias and judgment falls aside making way for the universal embrace. It is a time of renewal and risk, exploration and destination. Our pursuit and our truth becomes the symbol not just of self, but of the universal message that we each create what tomorrow shall be.


March Monthly Spiritual Guidance


  • I was surprised but delighted to find this on my computer today. Enjoyed the incite very much appreciated.

  • Am I going to be going away im the 12th april when I attend the police station

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  • Thank you so much Maya..amazing how you’re named Moon because I’m so obsessed and amused by the moon. And tonight being a new moon, I pray and hope that my path leads to more Divine Love and Light than ever before..that also the gates of abundance, prosperity and peace will open and flood my life as well as my loved ones’. God bless and gratitudes. 😊

  • Growing up in the 50s and learning about my self thru good parents that guided me. I firmly believe that our maker has plans for us all.We do not always take the correct direction and sometimes fail in our life.I know from past experiences that I have guides and am conscious of them most of the time.I believe free will can be a positive thing but it can also be dangerous. We can always do better but try to remember that we are not alone.

    • Hello Don,

      We are so happy to see that you have a very strong faith and that you feel you are on a good path in life. Thank you for sharing such wise words with us. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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