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Aquarius – Monthly Love Horoscope for April 2019

Read the monthly love horoscope below for insight into the month for the zodiac sign of Aquarius from a top astrologer. We also have horoscopes for all 12 Zodiac Signs 

Because the Sun returns to your romantic sector on or around 20th May each year, April is not a month when you can expect too much in the way of romantic activity. Yes, you will have the Moon always making its monthly visit and occasionally you might have Venus or Mercury return to your romantic sector in April, though if they do it will be towards the end of the month. Imagine your surprise then, when you move into the new month with not just a bit of romantic influence, but a massive amount. Surprise because even in the final hours of March this wasn’t your reality. It was during the final hours of March that Mars, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos managed to get in just before the door closed and is still in his early hours here on 1st April. Because Mars is already here as you move into April but only just, he is able to get your attention from the get go, jumping out and shouting ‘surprise’. Because Mars is here for nearly seven weeks and won’t leave until 16th May, he will spend the whole of April firing up your romantic passions and fighting spirit. With the Sun and Mercury returning next month, before Mars leaves and then Venus in June, this is the start of a romantic wave that will continue through to July. What Mars began in the final hours of March Venus, the planet of love will bring home in the early days of July, brings you the start of something special. This is Mars’ first visit to your romantic sector since 2017 and with so much focus on your relationships over the last few months and even more so last year, now that romantic matters get their turn the love gods will grab this with both hands and run for it. The Moon will move through your romantic sector from 9th April to 11th April and as the first visit since Mars’ return, these romantically charged lunar vibes will add fuel to his romantic passions and fighting spirit.

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