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Dawn McIntyreAuthor: Dawn McIntyre

Dear Dawn,

While I am not happy in my job it is bringing in good money for me. It pays my bills and helps to fund my home based business expenses.

I would be creating problems at work if I left because it is a skilled position that would require a lot of time to re-train another person to fill my spot.

Is there a way that I can quit my job without causing them problems in finding someone new and financial problems for myself until my home business is profitable?

Thank you for your guidance, O.S.

Dear O.S.,

The guidance I am getting for you is to not let go of your job at this time; when your business is more profitable you can pull back to a part-time position with your firm and then eventually leave altogether.

Spring will be the time to pull back to a part-time position at which time they can hire someone to be trained and fill your shoes without the extra burden on your shoulders of leaving them and yourself, high and dry, so to speak. By this time next year you will be doing your business on a full-time basis.

Six months may feel like a lifetime for you right now but if you can focus on the pride you have for the great job you are doing it will help you to get through this time with a greater sense of joy and peace.

Your home business will be successful and will offer you the resources and time to enjoy your life more fully. I sense that this is very important to you and your partners.

Is there something about your home business that you can be learning right now?  I am feeling that some additional education in your area of business will serve you and your partners to succeed more quickly. It is in the area of marketing and will require some research on your part as to the best course to take. This is actually something that you and your partners can do over the next few months.

If you were to quit your job now the stress would have an adverse affect on you and your business if only because it will create unnecessary worry about money, your bills and funding your business.

You can handle both right now and you will be glad in the end that you did; it will create a win-win for the company you work for, for you and for your business.

Every day is new day ….Just for today take pride in the fact that your work is of excellent quality and you are appreciated where you are.  Have peace in the knowledge that it will not be this way for much longer and the financial success and freedom you desire with your business is completely within reach.  I wish you the best and send you much love and light on your path to success and living the life of your dreams.

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