August Spiritual Guidance- Taking Command

Taking Command – Reaching our Highest Demand


August shows to be a profoundly powerful month that seems to offer endless potential for those ready or willing to take charge, take risks and align or steer torwards the unknown. The polarity of energy in this month is whether to find, gain or compromise to satisfaction of what has thus been gained; versus coveting that which just may lay beyond sight or reach but with the promise of more in all directions.


Our Universal Messages and Lesson

While many of us have certainly found hard these last several months it can appear and for some may result in a chance to stop and “count the spoils.”

Having witnessed in prior months economic growth, spiritual development, there are many of us humans that have indeed reached a solid position intrinsic and externally. However that is not quite the reason for so much abundance, nor is August thick with intentions, manifestations and what simply can be “just enough” versus heading out again (metaphorically) to continue the victory march or the strong August energies that urge us forward.

It is a time for taking command, but rather than allowing ourselves to be satisfied with what has been earned thus far, we extend our spirituality along with our risks, holding onto the hope that each new sacrifice, each step further brings us more in the core, the balance and the validation of self and empowerment. August is not a month to deny, to quietly self-reflect but to grab hold of and reach ever higher, ever wider closing in on the circle to be the best we can be.


Love and Relationships

For many of us long term relationships with family, friends and even romance may be a bit tumultuous. Although platonic relationships or those with family and perhaps colleagues may not be unfairly tested, romance is a key element for August 2016.


For those already involved in life partner or committed relationships, prepare for some turbulence as both partners will be consumed with the energy to strike out to their destinies. And those that are healthy couples may encounter some struggles and negotiations deciding which path results in the highest yield of happiness, with the occasional issue of power and control flaring up.

For couples that have remained together in chaos despite earlier lessons, this quite possible could tear fragile or loose, ill-fitting bonds apart. Always remember it will serve the outcome in the highest way for all. For those that are single but looking or open to love, romance, soul-mates and life partners; August feels to be exceptionally strong.

Along with such a strong “call to action” the polarity of bonds, attraction and chemistry is quite powerful and August becomes a month when “love at first sight” proves to be true AND lasting.

 All in all although not a slow dance, chemistry, attraction and moving ahead with existing partners or meeting new partners is more like a fast and furious salsa dance, anything is possible, but being ignored.


Talk to a love psychic and discover if your love life in August will encounter trouble or be smooth sailing in paradise.


Jobs, Careers, Business and Economy

August will be bringing some changes when it comes to the economy, business and jobs. We should be seeing and feeling a rising trend in prices globally and although not hugely significant, purchases, goods, services and products tend to be on the rise. August offers a fair bounty of new jobs, careers and opportunities, and many of these will be quite lucrative actually. Keep in mind the “race”, as jobs or career chances will come and then disappear just as quickly so for those truly wanting change they need to be ready to pounce.

For those involved in small businesses of their own, self-employed etc., prepare for some significant ups and downs. Try to rest assured that it will even out by month’s end but as we humans began moving, changing and pursuing, there is the cause and effect in private business of up/down/down/up. As far as real estate we see prices rising for the first time in months and it continues to be a buyers’ market. For those that can postpone selling it would be advised, where buyers will have some very lucky or fortunate deals ahead.


Weather Patterns and Trends

We have had(or at least for most of us) globally had rather mild weather conditions no matter the current season. Although a few breaks through patterns have occurred, they have been few and far between over the last few months. August shows that same strong, core energy and influence shadowing the weather as it has or will with our spiritual lesson and message. It seems nothing will be mild, or less than, so it feels prudent to prepare for a smattering of storms in almost all locations and generated through all of Mother Nature’s capability- sky, ocean, land and earth.

There feels to be likely several significant weather events ranging from the US to the Far East and southern hemispheres. As always, this frenzy of weather is well matched to our spiritual lesson in being ready and able to adapt, collect our things (metaphorically) and head towards the intended journey and outcome.


Politics, Government, World Leader, and The Media

As much of the campaign squabbling seems to lessen (for those countries currently in or under election year such as the US) we almost feel a split of energies. As one part moves at a more regal and/or professional demeanor, August energies and influences will bring back some of the more demeaning and those acting or portraying themselves more as bullies than world leaders or candidates for such. Spiritually those that have pulled down and/or apart their people or have tried are slowly losing their grip on society and therefore August with its powerful forces may actually help bring about their downfall. August also sadly proves that terrorism still exists, but as my guides have channeled for a few months now; the bolder our enemies become the closer we get. And we can all fight or join the battle whether voting for a leader, president or standing against terrorism; it IS true spiritual warfare and the light always ends the reign of darkness. So for those that are attentive to the media, things have changed over the last 3 months and August is no exception. Those within the media are giving a much more accurate and less biased reporting so it can be as it should; the people make the decision based on what resonates within.


Your August Takeaway

August comes in with the demand that WE take command thus expanding our horizons, those literally perhaps but most importantly spiritually. We need to be ready for the call or the analogy my guides used was the “race to homestead” which translated just means that prepare for changes that serve our highest or best interest and without hesitation we are asked to grab and go if you will.

The influence and energy is strong, but it needs to be as it is time to heed the call when and if it comes so we can pursue our path without hesitation or trepidation.


August is a strong and powerful action cycle and we need to obey the call, grab our signs, and race to our destination or journey for whatever awaits those that lay claim.


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