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Cancer – Monthly Love Horoscope for April 2019

Your Monthly Love Horoscope for the zodiac sign of Cancer reveals astrology insights for this month from a top astrologer. We also have horoscopes for all 12 Zodiac Signs 

In a year where there is planetary activity in your relationship sector throughout the year, but only activity on the romantic front in the early and later months, it is a given that the focus is on your relationships this month. However, there is a sea change, with relationship matters starting to take a back seat and in a year when your personal and relationship needs are being policed, a rise in focus on your own needs. Since Pluto’s return to your relationship sector in 2008, this has been the point in every year when relationship matters slow down and due to a retrograde turn, take a back seat. This month both Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde, however not until later in the month. It begins with Pluto’s retrograde turn on 25th April and continues with Saturn’s retrograde turn on 30th April. With the South Node, in your relationship sector from November 2017 to May 2020 always in retrograde motion, this will shift a lot of the focus onto the past. While it is Mars’ return to Cancer next month that will both shore up your personal support in a year when a balance between your personal and relationship needs is being policed, a shift begins this month. It begins with the asteroid Juno, queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships’ return to Cancer on 21st April, just days before Pluto and Saturn are due to turn retrograde. Juno’s focus is always on authentic and committed relationships, but looking at your relationships from within Cancer and therefore from your perspective, will make balancing your personal and relationship needs a lot easier. In the meantime having Venus, the planet of love in an adventurous part of your chart until 21st April will offer some light relief, bringing the spirit of romance and adventure together. With the Moon in your romantic sector from 20th April to 22nd April, romantically charged lunar vibes will provide a soft exit.

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