Cancer Woman And The Mystery Behind Them!

The Cancer woman. A mystery wrapped in an enigma.

 Just when you think you’ve figured her out, she’s off in own world again, safe in her emotions, where you will not find her.  She embodies all that is feminine. By that I mean she is love, lust, passion. On the flip side she can also be fear resentment and anger.
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Anyone who’s had the pleasure of being in a relationship with one will attest to that. It’s always about the emotions and their feelings. They are generally ruled by them. More than any other sign that I’ve known. Those emotions can be joy on a level that you and I will never quite experience. Or sadness and grief that we are so lucky never to have to go through. It’s not easy being a Cancer Woman.  She is ruled by the moon. So it’s generally a good idea to keep track of the moon cycles with her. A full moon may bring on a greater need for closeness. Where a new moon will bring out the best in her and she’ll want to go on a road trip in the middle of the week.   So her mood will be as the waves of the sea, influenced by the gravitational force of something far away that you can only catch a glimpse of when the night is clear. It’s the light that shines in the darkness.

Cancer Woman Personality

A Cancer Woman loves stability but can do anything on the spur of the moment too! She is easily pleased by your attention. Little things like a walk on the beach or taking a little time out just for her will make her day. She will be forever appreciative of how you put her first.  She takes nothing that you do for granted. With that being said, don’t bother trying to impress her with gifts. Jewelery has no meaning to her without a happy memory behind it.

Early on in her life, she will have loved. The only question then is are you the first or not. If you are the first person to have fallen in love with her and her with you, then you’re in luck. You’ve found a true soulmate. Someone that will do almost anything and everything to make this relationship the best that it can be. They will both live and die for you. Gladly.

You are now their world and every thought will be about how your lives will be, the planning will go in fine detail. Every aspect of your lives is already set in motion and she will do everything to make sure that you are both happy and content!

BUT,  if you happen to be anything but that first love, you’ll quickly realize that everyone else that has hurt her still casts a shadow over her.  You will be battling against the ghosts of the past. That’s not to say it’s impossible. Far from it! But you do need to take that into consideration going into this. Her expectations of you will be sky high.  She’ll be on the lookout for signs that you will do what others have done. Whether it be cheat on her, lie, or any number of things that some unsavory person has put her through. That goes with the territory. Already discouraged? Don’t be.

They don’t know how to love half way.  They can be guarded but don’t withhold emotionally.  At all. They are loyal to a fault. That fault being the ability to overlook blatant flaws in your personality. They will even cover up a crime. Need someone to bury the bodies? Your Cancer Woman will bring the shovel!
Just be ready to share all the details though. She doesn’t like to see that you are hiding anything. Not a thing can be kept for her. She’ll keep your secrets. But for her to open up to you and feel secure she’ll need to know that you are willing to do the same and more so. So expect to share more and more. That’s OK. You’re in a safe place with a Cancer Woman. Even if she repeats what you told her in some a moment of frustration, she will never share it with anyone else.

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Her friendship circle is a very small but good one. She can be very shy and introspective.  She may seem weak at times. But don’t be fooled. Her core is as strong as steel. There is not a sign with a stronger core than the her. A Cancer Woman is a combination of many emotions that are at their extreme at times.  When they are good. They are great. Great love, great sex, great passion, not holding back in any way and doing whatever it is that will make YOU happy!

You’ve got to know what you are getting into it. She is very easily hurt. Will always pay attention to how you speak and how you even look at her. She needs to know that you still approve. Even if you’ve told her that you love her an hour ago, she may need to hear it again.  That’s how much you mean to her. Remember, you’ve become her sun and moon. The bright shinning star in the heavens. You are the reason that she is happy again.

A Cancer Woman is the essence of all that is a woman’s emotions, good, bad and everything in between. She feels everything, experiences everything to a degree that escapes most of us.  It’s truly a gift imparted by God according to His Divine portion.

If you are lucky enough to meet one, and even luckier enough for them to want you, then you are indeed a fortunate soul. You’ve found someone who will give you everything that you want and need on a silver platter. All they ask in return is your undivided attention, love and loyalty.

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  • Hi Zuco,
    I cheated my wife with a Cancer Women and this women is driving me crazy, what should I do?

  • Im a Cancer woman, and everything here is totally true about me!

  • Indeed Tina, this post reflects one of my best friends who is also a cancer women.
    Great post Zuco!

  • Holly Ann Irwin

    Rather familiar words. I’m a 3/7 surviving Pisces from the suicide of my angelic 7/3 Cancer Mother. She shot herself at the age of 73…two days after my 44rh birthday. 3/9/16 changed me for the way forward better ~ stay resilient / true to the beautiful sun/moon sign that Life
    gifts You with. Share divine acceptance, love and virtue. Taoism is the soft & present path that services my assets to then service and feel
    Only the Best in all of Humanity (Animals n’ the Spirit of The Struggling Universe too)

    Thanks for your time and sincere share,
    Holly Ann Irwin (my Mother’s Daughter)

  • Holly Ann Irwin

    Thank You

  • uhuuh!!!! right information Zuco

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