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Capricorn – Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

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Venus is taking the old adage of ‘better late than never’ to a whole new level this month. For while the planet of love is late returning to Capricorn this year, had she returned with the Sun, as she often does, she would have missed the boat. Held back by a retrograde phase in the second half of 2018, Venus won’t return to Capricorn until 4th February and the timing couldn’t be better. Venus has managed to miss your birthday month so was not impacted by the housekeeping required at the start of each new solar year. Venus is able to focus on her romantic influence, until leaving early next month. Also held back by a retrograde phase last year is Mars, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos, finally returning to your romantic sector on 14th February. It is exciting enough having the planet of love in Capricorn on Valentine’s Day, but to have Mars return that day is a chance for the love gods to get your attention. Venus and Mars were both held back by retrograde phases, with Venus late returning to Capricorn, and Mars late returning to your romantic sector, yet they have both returned at the perfect time. And with Uranus beginning his seven year visit early next month, this is just a taste of things to come. The Moon will move through your romantic sector from 11th February to 13th February, with these romantically charged lunar vibes helping to set the scene for Mars’ return on Valentine’s Day. In the meantime, with the North Node spending the whole of 2019 in your relationship sector, your relationships are not only in good hands, but this sets the scene for an opposition with Venus. This won’t happen until 25th/26th February, but both have a vested interest in anything this might expose, along with the means to turn any relationship tension into an opportunity for more authenticity.

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