Coming Out & Embracing Change With Love

Coming out about one’s sexual orientation can be such a difficult topic to address, but when the time arises, it is important to know how and react with love and sensitivity  to this revelation.  We are going to address both sides of this topic:  for the individual who is coming out and for the friends and family of the individual coming out.

Now, for the person coming out, this can be an incredibly ‘fearful’ time.  Be open to accepting and loving yourself.  Congratulations for having the courage to come out!  May more people aspire to be proud of who they are.  One of my clients asked me “so now that I am finally coming out, what do I do?  Do I need to change everything all at once?”

By Guillermina Galván, M.S.O.M., Ac., D.D.

By Guillermina Galván, M.S.O.M., Ac., D.D.

Know that coming out doesn’t mean you have to change everything in your life all at once.  If you want to, then great, but jumping in with both feet is not for everyone, so do whatever feels comfortable to you.  Take whatever steps are necessary so you still feel in control of your own life and be positive about it.  Your own happiness is important, happiness within your heart, your soul and your body.  Being happy about who and where you are in life helps you be healthier and stress free.

Embrace the change of finding your own inner light and being ready to share that with the world.  It is truly an exciting time!  Let that happiness create a golden energy that you breathe in each day and it fills your body and creates a golden globe of protection around you.  Protection from all harm.

My Master once said “to be without judgement is enlightenment, and courage without anger is true courage.”  So be courageous and proud, release any resentment or anger within yourself or those around you.  Happiness begets happiness, so be around people that support you and love you unconditionally.  It is when we are strong within ourselves that our own peacefulness shines the greatest, then we can shift those around us.

You are in complete control of your life and positivity flows within you and around you.  You are an amazing being.  It takes a profoundly amazing individual to stand up for themselves.  Your strength should be honored and respected.  Welcome to you new awakening and welcome those you love to theirs. In case you feel lost and are seeking advice from an outside professional, you can contact me through Kasamba as an LGBT psychic adviser.

Now, for the friends and family members of someone who is coming out, I would like to let you know that support is the most important action at this juncture.  Nothing  is more vital than supporting someone you love when they are vulnerable.  One must understand, your loved one finally has the courage to open themselves up to you –this is a crucial time to show that your relationship and love is solid, whether you are a family member or friend.  This relationship that exists is so valuable and is a much needed support system at this time.  The reaction one has with the person coming out can either destroy their confidence or fill it with unrelenting positivity to take on the world with an open heart.  Remember, the greatest method to help show support and comfort to someone you care for is through unconditional love.

Examples of how to show your unconditional love:

  1. Let it flow. Let the person open up to you and just listen to what they have been waiting to tell you.  That person has been there for you, so be sure to completely be there for them.
  2. Be supportive. Let that person know you are proud they have had the strength and confidence to come out.
  3. Go out. Take them out to tea or dinner.  Show your loved one that you love them just the same as before and nothing has changed.  This will let your loved one know that you do not judge them, which is everything and will help your loved one find the strength within.
  4. Offer to help. Ask your loved one if there is anything they may need.  We can wish all we want that this world is a place without judgement, but until that day, there may be times where your friend is not getting the support they used to get in other avenues in life because they came out.  So, step up, and be that person for your loved one –offer to help and always give extra support.
  5. Seek within yourself.Just in case you might have difficulty with your loved one coming out, then it’s time to go inside yourself and really find acceptance.  True enlightenment is to be without judgement and be with understanding.  If you need to meditate or pray to help release any judgement, then by all means please do it!  Find peace with it because someone you love who is a great part of your life needs you during an important, beautiful time in theirs.

May we all aspire to be more true to ourselves and walk with confidence, strength, joy, peace and without anger or judgement.

We are all beautiful, bless you all!

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Chat Now With: Guillermina Galván

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