Cracking The Secret of Your Life Path

~Just a reminder that the following information is the culmination of my Esoteric studies, my experience as a medium, lightworker and Psychic and the teaching and visions shared by my guides~

Our life path is the journey we undertake as spiritual beings challenged with living as humans in the physical world. Our path is composed of Karma, (pre-destined or pre-arranged lessons, goals and the evolution of prior spiritual ascensions) free will and choice, (the ability and potential to shift and co-create the future with decisions, choices or changes made along our path) and finally our reaction or “cause and effect”. The ever present participation in all things related to our spiritual being and our humanity.

Our “purpose” is seen or explained as having 3 main components; the Universal (that which serves the greater good of the whole, humanity, all living beings, and all things spiritual). Our personal or individual purpose; that which brings to our spiritual core and our human present existence the potential for receiving the highest vibration or energy of balance, joy and intrinsic alignment therefore illuminated as happiness. And lastly our Karmic purpose; in some ways similar to our Karmic path; our Karmic purpose is the continuation of our spiritual evolutionary process in which the completion of such may be referred to as a “state of grace” or “Universal understanding”.

Chat with Maya Moon D,Div

Chat with Maya Moon

Consider that each encounter, experience, relationship, challenge, achievement and even mistakes all combine together to produce our life path, which we may see as the journey to our purpose(s); Universal, personal and Karmic.

To simplify the process of understanding how these components influence and interact, imagine a large Oak tree. The base and trunk of such tree represents our life’s purpose. It contains all of the elements necessary to assist us on our life path. And much like the mighty Oak tree, it continues to grow and is comprised of all things past, present and future. Each tree is as individual as we as spiritual beings and humans are. Some have stood for hundreds of years while others perhaps only 50 and also are those newly planted whether by the scattering of the acorns or deliberate planting.

The branches of such tree then represent our life path; lessons, obstacles, achievements, mistakes and potential. Within those branches are that which is Karmic (the supposed to be) and that which is deemed by free will. If we study the Oak tree in its full life cycle, we can follow that some branches perhaps weighted down by snow, or no longer able to receive the necessary nutrients to survive, die and eventually fall off. And in replacement, there is the almost constant budding of new branches, beginning as tiny buds, and stretching out to become strong branches that then may continue to evolve with leaves. In the ever constant pattern of the buds that develop into leaves, and then the leaves as they turn in fall into a glorious rainbow of color are shed in late fall or winter, and this process is repeated over and over again. This represents the present, the now; the constant flow of energy influenced by our Karma and free will, repetitive yet always different, the seasons may be somewhat unchanged, yet again each leaf from bud to fall is unique and completes its cycle. As spiritual and human beings, we too follow our path, cycles and phases, and while the main road may appear to be or remain the same, the twists, turns, curves and detours are in constant motion.Colorful Tree of Life

So often clients become concerned with their “true path and purpose” and inquire as to how one might evaluate this journey and by what standard of measure we may use to determine our adherence to that which is the “true” path or purpose opposed to being led or choosing to stray too far off of that main road.

So in determining our journey and purpose, while there are of course many influences both positive and negative that can be or act as gauges for where we currently stand the most accurate measurement or sign of being where we need to be lies within our energy.

Because we are humans, we have to factor in our emotional state of being (energy/mood) and also our cognitive (what we think, expect or assume) all of these elements are also energies and therefore they do create influences or cohesions, sometimes helping us to push forward while at other times they can become blocks or obstacles. For example fear is often absorbed into our emotional and cognitive functioning and fear is probably the number one enemy of walking our true path, or staying on our true path to reach or attain our true purpose(s).

So instead we look at our state of being; this can be a bit confusing when we attempt to separate our mood from our energy, as mood often attempts to cover up or otherwise overshadow our true spiritual energy. One way to determine the difference is our “mood” is always the result of some external source, a person, experience, and most often comes from our past and is sometimes a part of the present. However our true spiritual essence or energy is the way in which we connect to and view self, which in turn influences the way we view and connect to others, also affecting the reflection or that which is received or transmitted back to us by others.

“What is my life path?”


So our true path is in alignment when we have achieved a state of grace; this is defined as the ability to release the past in any influential form on our present or future. Acceptance of the present or now, as it stands, without a constant drive or need to envision the future in order to accept the present. And while there are of course physiological and biological diseases including depression and anxiety which have nothing to do with our spiritual signature; it can also be said that other than a true medical issue any time we suffer without an underlying cause with anxiety and/or depression we are likely NOT walking that main road or path. Anxiety in the spiritual sense is produced by the inability to release the past, to be present in the now and to hope or acknowledge the hope or potential of the future without relying on it as the only resource for coping with today or the now.Man in state of grace

If you are walking the path you are meant to be walking, making choices or exerting free will which serves the greater good, then your purpose or those that are meant to be your purpose are simply waiting up ahead. And the future is viewed with anticipation and courage, not fear or blind hope. For those that eliminate the full potential in terms of the specific outcome becomes less important than the state of being in an outcome, chances are you have veered off your true path which then creates a longer journey fraught with greater struggle, difficulty and challenge.

If we embrace the belief that the ultimate purpose is “Universal understanding” or the “state of grace”; then in essence we all share a common purpose. To connect or to remain connected to all that exists and to recognize at some level a creator, God, Deity, Power or source that much like a light, shines within self and upon all within again the existence.

Mistakes; if the central belief is that of achieving the highest vibration in which understanding and acceptance become all things, or become the source of all things, then any mistake is simply a lesson or the potential to learn from to help our individual path and therefore purpose. For those that seemed destined or find themselves in repetitive patterns of the same mistakes, there has been a dislodging of the spiritual connection and once we become “plugged back in” to the spiritual grid, we can accept the lesson and return to moving forward. Mistakes then become the unlimited potential, while patterns become the blocks or obstacles.

Those that remain chained to the past eventually will self-define as that past. Those that place their spiritual well-being or energy onto another person or any external person, place or event expecting to be made “happy” or to find true peace outside of their own spirituality will remain in fear, and fear always blocks us from what is infinite in potential for creating our future. The same is true of those that are only comfortable or can only find joy, happiness in envisioning the future, as when the future becomes more important that the now, it is because we are unable to accept what currently is- the now and such person will be in a constant state of redirection, which is rather like a journey that simply takes on in circles. We may be on the move; however we are never really getting any closer to the destination.

Your potential life path or journey

So in essence, our life path is the road we walk. It is the journey that allows us to follow our spiritual energy, both the Karmic, personal and Universal which eventually brings us to each purpose we were born of or for.

Our life path is the culmination of the past, without allowing ourselves to single out one experience in definition of self. But rather to see all that came before; whether this life or all lives lived as the present. The present or the now is the choice, that which may be influenced somewhat by Karma but is also culminated by choice or selection. The future is that which we are creating by the lessons learned in the past, the Karmic influences and the choices we make in the now. The future becomes the potential for serving our highest good, while finding purpose along our path and such purpose is simply defined as the ability to accept, connect, to hope and to release.

It is the perpetual state of grace that overcomes obstacles with hope, but never substitutes what is now for what is to come. It is the ability to recognize the path already walked, so that we may take a new road or path, if not for our true purpose for the potential that waits along such path.

So what then is our life path and purpose? To accept, to connect, to perceive and to release. And within that state of being, that spiritual awareness, we shall all find that which constitutes our personal path and our journey to each purpose.

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