December 2014 Forecast: Something’s Gotta Give

December shows to be a tumultuous month that allows or provides one last opportunity for humans to assert spiritual control and prepare for a new year. For many of us these past 11 months have been filled with choices and change, chaos versus calm and the Universal message of seeking higher ground. For those that learned to release the burdens, December closes the gap between the past and future. However those that have resisted changes or shifts for fear of regret or lack of faith. December starts the countdown before a new beginning. With one final chance to embrace change before sweeping us along inevitably shifting our lives’ and direction.

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By: Maya Moon


My guides have always shown that weather patterns often symbolize the Universal or Collective energies of intention and December is brimming over with extremes and unexpected weather shifts. A month or season that many recognize as the “holidays”; we will be unable to remain focused as our attention is pulled in many directions. The recent disruption of peace among countries will rise in crescendo and will not accept being ignored. The focus for this month becomes our ability or inability to adapt, to centralize our connection to all the pieces of our life and that of the Universe. The circle that joins all aspects of our personal and spiritual life quickly closes the gap and the time for ruminating is gone. Relationships, careers, and the trinity or trine both within and external finalizes as we scatter and scurry to keep up. Something surely has to give as we face the final hours of the Divine message to join, collect, change or be changed.

December rides like white water and as humans we can either paddle through the perils or be taken hostage by the rough waves. But make no mistake, the ride will not wait nor stop for anyone and timing IS everything.

1) The culmination of the “trinity” or “trine”

This entire year Universal influences have whispered and spread the word that the time for re-attaching or connecting mind, body and spirit is now. Not only were we constantly reminded of the need to align our own spiritual energies but also the message to reconnect to the Divine or the Collective. The past 11 months offered ample opportunities and creative direction and most of us have heard the call. For those that have continued to resist release or learning to let go and embrace the future; December is the finale in making a powerful choice. All of us are headed into the New Year; the difference will be in the way we cross over either in control or struggling to stay afloat. Our Universal message is contained in the title and each of us as individuals need to prepare for necessary changes, both spiritual and external. Choices, decisions, crossroads and shifts need to be firm and quickly made else we again will be at the mercy of the “whitewater”. Those that have begun their shifts and have been preparing to embrace the future will find a few struggles and delays, but the outcome for the end of December will be bountiful and rewarding.

2) Relationships and romance

Those that have shifted their current relationships into the highest alignment and harmony will incur little change or damage. By months end all will be stabilized and hands-437968_1280the rewards again full of abundance. This month shows great potential for those trying to become pregnant, adopt or otherwise become parents. Avoid conflicts with the past in the form of past persons or relationships. December is the time to avoid repetition and the need to move on and forward is strong and within such lays the opportunity for love and life partners. For those that have clung to damaged or dysfunctional relationships due to fear or lack of faith; prepare to be struck with endless challenges as the Universal forces will take apart what is not meant to be united.

3) Career, finances and material abundance

While December is generally not the best month for business transactions or job/career changes. Due to the myriad of holidays and celebrations; this December is actually quite productive when the intentions are positive and one is either leaving a toxic environment or beginning a new venture for the greater good. There may be short delays in the first half of the month but the second half shows to be prosperous and abundant. Our economy in the global sense is on a strong rebound (at least temporarily) and the selling/buying of real estate for residential should be incredibly attainable. Those relocating or looking to sell, buy or move should hold off for that “special” one as we are in a strong cycle this December for manifesting homes, or residences, business and all career moves and change.

4) The media and the status of peace versus war/conflict

The media continues to “latch on” to any viable news that can cause fear regardless of the source. While my guides warn that there are “underground” rumblings of violence from several sources (countries and groups) they feel that there will be no outward acts or action during December. They do predict there may be some security threats and a potential security breach for the US, London and the UK, but nothing that will be of major concern.

5) Weather patterns

A reminder that my guides feel that the weather aligns with Universal or Collective energies and is often symbolic or associated with current lessons, cycles or phases. As we all watched the US was hit about a week or so ago with an enormous winter storm that shut down several major metropolitan areas. The weather for December remains extremely unstable. As we are seeing currently (especially focusing on the US) temperatures and patterns are shifting from record breaking lows to unseen or above sky-404060_1280average warm. In December the biggest threat comes from above as opposed to below. There appears to be several times throughout this month where the “perfect storm” culminates bringing bands of snow and ice across most portions of the US. While meteorologists are fairly infamous for being off in predictions, December will be extremely challenging. Many predicted storms will simply vanish while other’s gather in intensity and speed taking all by surprise. Travel plans will be disrupted as my guides feel there is a dark grey cloud coverage that will linger over the US and surrounding countries bringing sub-zero temps and again large amounts of snow and ice. In between will be almost spring or summer type weather, so very chaotic yet each pattern that hits shows strength and stability.

In conclusion December offers prosperity and opportunity for those that have worked hard at reuniting with spirit and the whole of humanity. We do “reap what we sow” and no month could be more indicative of that then December. Something’s gotta give and all of us will need to be flexible and able to bend, whether in our career, relationships or preparing for the unexpected weather.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a blessed holiday season and look for my “2015 yearly guidance” to be posted in January. We will review the predictions made from 2014 and my guides will offer insight and guidance as to the year ahead. If you would like more information, or a person reading then feel free to contact me through Kasamba or click on the button below. ~Namaste~

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