December Spiritual Monthly Guidance

Form Follows Function

Spirituality in abundance, prosperity of the soul, awareness of the trinity: spirit-mind-body (the form) transformed, empowered, recognized in all conscious actions, manifestation in harmony, balance and brotherhood (the function).


A most wonderful time of year

December becomes our beacon of light, transporting us all into the potential of the coming New Year. Amidst the universal lessons and influences, the perpetual month of cheer and good will becomes magnified, both internally and externally. Our traditions and celebrations, from the lighting of the Menorah to the decorated holiday tree, all external becomes symbolic of the current lessons, and collectively a most wonderful time of year. As the Star of David was said to have foretold of new beginnings, we are saturated with positive energies.


The universe in its Divine intention has struggled to shower upon us, leading to this moment (December) of enlightenment to and for all. What could be a more appropriate month than that which already is symbolic and revered for its optimal light of the collective love, brotherhood, unification of the spirit and filled with the most significant traditions, beliefs and conscious effort.


From relationships that receive healing, forgiveness of trespass, and as each of us shine our individual light to its brightest, all become joined creating the “form” that engages all areas of life to its greatest potential in all ways “function”.


Our universal lessons and the collective potential

December offers and invites our spiritual core to reflect on the previous months, releasing that which has been unable to rise and/or serve the greater good. With significance and profound symbolism, spirit is everywhere and the universe makes use of our human traditions and conscious efforts towards placing people above purpose to raise our vibration to that of the highest note. The music of our soul rises in crescendo and each voice distinct and unique becomes an important part of the song. We sing in a perfect blend of harmony and joy. There is little chance of going astray and mildly we are warned only to give “voice”, to join one another releasing any fears that urge us to listen, rather than join. For it is the voice and unique light of each that combine to create the wondrous potential.


Relationships and interactions

Reminded again of the positive energies arising from each and every possible direction and source, we are now in the highest of our true source. The spotlight becomes healing old wounds, forgiveness, and release. We are literally driven to repair damaged or fragile relationships, reuniting with old friends and family we may have shunned. It becomes commonplace this December that old wounds, grudges or disagreements no longer seem significant and many lack true recall. While this month is known for being the season of “cheer and glad tidings” placed or sandwiched between layers of enlightenments, over and over we find love overcomes adversity.

Destiny, fate and the intended seem to work much like the iconic “cupid’s bow” and this month more than ever we will find lovers reuniting, re-acquaintances with old flames, and what seemed surely impossible suddenly is being lived. Noted for being a month of social invitations and gatherings, many of us will directly or indirectly be guided to a life partner or romantic encounters important to our growth and that which can lead to a life mate. Again there feels to be little that blocks us or that, my guides feel, requires warnings. Our greatest threat in missing these scattered and abundant opportunities will or could be missed or resisted only if we over analyze or disallow or disable our heart, soul and emotions to rule needing or seeking reason above instinct.

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As per usual, my guides show the strong correlation between universal energies and lessons versus predicted weather developments. December’s weather becomes strongly indicative of what is needed rather than wanted. And within those patterns lurks the residual of the prior year’s spiritual warfare and attempts at our awakening or past needs for change. Therefore, our main weather theme will be receiving what is greatly needed above that which is simply desired. Just as we are asked to trust our spiritual intuition, we must trust and accept that which pours or saturates the planet is that which has great need in the now or preparation for its future. Those that suffered in drought receive rain in abundance; just as those flooded (or that which universe deems to lay in wait) will see drier climate. There feels to be in all things (such as heat in summer, cold in winter, rain, sleet, snow, etc.) that which rises above what are the “average” for each locale, season or expectation.Weather patterns and the spiritual symbols

There always exists at some level chaos among the most stable of energies.

As seen with prior months, forecasts may often turn or shift unexpectedly with numerous “under-predicted” events. Because or in conjunction with spiritual influences coming from all directions and a myriad of sources, so it can be said of Mother Nature. All points of sky, land, sea and wind will contribute and become influential. Embrace the truth and the Divine knowledge that all exists or rises for the greater purpose. As humans we are not expected to consider that a dry summer requires a wet winter to reset the nature button, in perfect order and alignment of the food chain or to the significance of avoiding larger, greater or potentially more devastating natural events. Embrace that, there is that which rules the land and not only for the pleasantry of the now, but with great care, concern and the wisdom of the future.

Economy, careers, jobs and finances

As my guides channel their insights, currently the price or cost of fuel has dropped to unprecedented lows. After or following months, even years of economic hardships and struggles, we seem to be under the much needed strength of a strong economy. Although this feels to be the global trend continuing through December, there are some countries that may feel to be “outcasts,” in the sense they are continuing to rapidly decline with economic crisis.

December will bring at least a glimpse of restored prosperity, or the vision of what is necessary, for financial change suddenly becomes attainable. Traditionally due to the numerous holidays, vacations and celebrations December is a rather weak month for potential job or career moves or changes. However, due to the unique uplifting and enlightened awareness, the month proves to be bountiful in terms of networking towards opportunity and change, even if the actual or literal switch takes effect after the New Year.

We are encouraged to stay close and united to our true path and purpose.

Whether a total career change or the startup of a new business or venture, our ability to manifest is peaking at its highest potential. All avenues should be thoroughly pursued. Real estate remains fairly stable but my guides do warn that changes lie ahead in the new year, so where possible or feasible, selling and/or buying should be placed into action this December. If the intention truly exists and serves the greater good, be sure to keep some focus on such changes or the completion of transitions already in place. December is also a month of “financial resolution”, so whether a legal matter is pending, a settlement, final decisions and especially disbursements, again be sure to take any necessary follow up action as December shows to be a powerful and profitable month where much is finalized, completed or satisfied.

Politics, leaders, governmental entities

For those in the process of elections or preparing for upcoming elections or changes in leadership roles, prepare for the unexpected. Keep in mind that as “form follows function” for candidates, regulations, political changes, etc., if such is not aligned or capable of the function that serves the greatest good or in “form” has rejected, ignored or disconnected the potential (spiritually) events, disclosures, and surprising twists and turns will eliminate such candidates, and remove those already in power.

Unseen forces will bring all that is needed into the light.

Although some of these may not occur overnight, have faith that even the dimmest of flashlights can pierce the darkness. Those that remain “standing” are either that which can or will serve in the highest or the outcome of the collective choice. Any consequence of such choices will be within the boundaries that we have installed. So if mistakes or errors in judgment are made, the roads will rise and doors will be opened for rectifying or setting right that, or those that do not or cannot serve in the spiritual light or of the universal abundance. Once again we are asked to hold our faith and keep close the universal messages and influences and all that may have been wronged shall be set right.

The media is under major conflicts in every direction, being pulled between reporting that which in truth does exist, has occurred or is inevitable, and the strong collective energies and palpable or tangible forces that they too are within the light or the circle of spiritual enlightenment and deeply inter-connected to all. So it becomes a rather anxious and somber responsibility, felt so deeply by many that there are likely to be changes within the media. Those that may absent themselves, extend a break or holiday and even some that may walk away from years of their “front line” position of exposure and disclosure.

Security threats and global warnings

One does not need to have psychic gifts to feel the current events that have uprooted nations with tragic results. As an empath, it is with great heaviness in my heart that I channel the information my guides share. And I take this opportunity to extend my prayers to all affected by recent events and offer all prayers, manifesting the eradication of those that seek to harm.


For all that is of one, there must exist its opposite. My guides firmly believe that good always overcomes evil, and that the light always dispels the darkness. So this is not intended as a maudlin view, nor do my guides predict that which has the power to destroy. They do, however, share the following message, insight and guidance: Our world, that which is spiritual and composed of intentions, the light and all which comes from a place of love and truth as well as the external, the conscious which is the ego self, the literal or physical world in which we reside.

There cannot be the vision or the potential as we find this December for the highest form of enlightenment and our connection to the collective. If we review that “form follows function” and relate this time of amazing abundance and the elevation to the greatest good, we then must accept that there lies a bottom, or that which is well beneath what we can currently embrace. And the collective is our spiritual and human connection towards all living things, most important of those: people.

The “greater good” encourages and allows us to see, feel and enact those things or that energy, which places the group or the whole over that of self or of one. Although we see this daily in our lives without always taking note, when it comes from the highest source and from our own highest state, it is a continuous, ongoing circle that we give unto and receive back a larger portion. Although it is spiritual, therefore energy which is the intention behind all actions and every thought, we can put this power into perspective with the following analogy.

If after a natural disaster such as hurricane Katrina, each person were left to rebuild on their own, for self only and all those involved were working solo in clearing the debris from their properties, then attempting to rebuild whatever structure was considered their home, it would take each of those thousands of months of struggle to finish with much of the work being simply not possible to complete by ONE person. But by joining forces, when that same group of thousands went location to location, working together, each using of their unique talents and gifts, together, not only would each and every home be built faster, but the structure would be better, stronger and the “energy” shared with all those working for the greater good would become a tangible energy, vibrant, positive, shining just as the light of December shines. Rather than alone, dismal and dismayed, unable literally to complete their project, the feeling of aloneness, would be magnified and hope would quickly fade. There would be no “collective” literally or spiritually, and while there would be no giving, there would be no receiving.

This current formation of evil has preyed upon the weakness of those spiritually, purposefully, and consciously disconnected.

It invoked the ego-human side, twisting and warping the light so that there is a collective that exists, but the greater good is based on all that is dark and full of despair. Persisting on our spiritual instinct to join the collective energies, to be a part of the greater or bigger picture, the energy, the belonging, and the sense that what is being built is that which serves in the light and for the greater good. And this could not be further from the truth. There is NO greater good, only the false sense and the entrance of the darkness into that which should be of light. And much like those that walk alone, that feel no sense of belonging or yearn for a purpose, path or reason to be; they become the victims and eventually the evil-doers for those that are consciously aware and in pursuit of destroying the world, creating fear, instability and mistrust so that they become invisible. Although obviously they pose great risks to our universe in the physical and literal sense. As most of us bear witness to the most recent destruction, the agenda, intention and desire to manifest goes well beyond burning buildings, bombs, or gunfire.

The real threat lies within their version of the “collective” and their “form” is the insidious, monstrous agenda to remove or shift the true Divine connections. Then, they intend to replace and have already begun to instill their actions, and manifesting among those the belief that the power serves that same greater good. (Function) And that is wherein the biggest threat lies, their continuous invasion of each spiritual being (humans) to transform the light of the true collective into darkness, reaching epic proportions, which in turn can threaten the other side, those of us with our Divine connection to our true source- the light and of all that exists in the living– the collective.

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So now more than ever, as the collective, the universal, the united in spirit, in love and in light must stay true to our path and embrace the powerful influences, potential and opportunities that December shall descend up on us, so we may ascend as one.

For if we remain unshakable in our faith, our faithfulness to the greater good, and our connection to all that has been, is and shall be -the collective, then and only then can we win the spiritual battle close at hand.

And it is within the triumph of the spirit that all other manifestations become possible.

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