5 Stranger Things

Do You Believe in These 5 Stranger Things

The world of I’ll believe it when I see it, is quickly turning into a world where psychic phenomena are increasingly being believed in, despite their unseen nature.


With more and more TV shows and movies revolving around the subject, it’s no wonder the percentage of people who believe in ghosts, psychic abilities, and the paranormal is becoming more commonplace.

Based on different studies and polls, highlighted in an infographic from the Psychic Guild, here are some of the 5 stranger things people believe in:


The Haunting of Hill House, Fact or Fiction?

Amityville Horror, American Horror Story, and now Hill House, are just a few of the examples of ghosts wreaking havoc on families living in haunted houses. Although Ghost Hunters has yet to actually catch any, that doesn’t stop people from believing in ghosts. These stats may seem a bit ghostly, but what do you believe?

42% believe in ghosts, spirits and haunted houses.

38% strongly believe spirits and ghosts of the dead can come back.


Hello God, It’s A Lot of Us

Whether you believe in God, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, or any of the other super best friends from South Park, you’re not alone. From the beginning of time, people have questioned the supernatural powers of forces beyond our comprehension. Most Americans believe that psychics, spiritual beings, and consciousness have the power to heal as seen in these Godly stats:

80% of Americans believe in God or the existence of a higher power.

66% believe in supernatural healing powers.

54% are convinced the human mind has the power to heal the body.


The Psychology of Psychic Support

The psychological benefits of seeing a psychic may be subjective, but that doesn’t stop people from seeking their help. Some want to validate their feelings, accept losses, gain hope or connect to possibilities for their life. The belief that a gifted psychic or astrologer can see the future or connect with your higher self to guide you to your best destiny, has had kings and queens and common folk consulting psychics for centuries. You might just be surprised by these mind shattering stats:


42% of Americans believe that astrology is scientific.

23% of Britons have consulted a psychic, with 57% believing they were truthful.


Is Psychic Phenomena Real?

If you believe in the supernatural and that psychic phenomena can and does occur, you are in the majority. On top of that, almost as many people believe in ESP (extra sensory perception) or a sixth sense. ESP includes the psychic abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, and mediumship. Psychics, fortune tellers, and mediums have used ESP to channel the dead, see the future or uncover past lives, but you don’t need second sight to believe these stats:

57% of US adults surveyed believe in psychic phenomena.

50% are sure that ESP is possible.

16% have actually experienced ESP themselves.

That’s right – as confirmed by the Psychic Guild – over 50% of American adults believe in the power of a psychic reading!

What else do people believe in?

They not only make great cookies, but people actually believe in elves. Whether it’s bigfoot, the loch ness monster, elves, ogres or pixies there are cultures around the world who have popularized paranormal creatures and beings. Are they simply the things of tales and children’s stories or do they actually exist?

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