Do you turn LOVE down with someone whose Sun sign is not COMPATIBLE with your own?

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If you think you need to be with a sun sign that compliments your sun sign and steer away from those that don’t fit that pattern, you could well be missing out on meeting that soul mate that you have been looking for, for life times.

In all the time I have been reading in regards to love relationships I have found that even if air and fire signs are supposed to collide or you feel a water sign is just too emotional for you, to find the one that is compatible with yourself you really should try not to be so tunnel visioned.

Although the position of the planets at the time of our birth affect us in many ways so do our birth numbers shown in our birth date and our birth given names. So make sure you are not turning down that Taurus because you fear they could be boring, that Scorpio because of their directness or the Aquarian that thinks love to death just because they don’t fit with what your Sun sign suggests you are compatible with.

I believe that a soul mate can be any sun sign and we should be open to giving every living soul that shows an interest in us a second thought before jumping to any astrological or numerological decision in regards to whether they are right for us or not. This may sound contradictory of me to say so since I do look at soul connections between your numbers and whether a relationship looks to be compatible enough to work from your birth numbers, however a soul mate is someone that you are likely to have karma with from a past life and is not necessarily a love partner. They can also be a parent, sibling or close friend that you have no love attraction to that you have a journey with this life time to perhaps pay back some karmic debt to or teach some karmic lesson to.

iStock_000016765645SmallWhatever the case may be make sure your heart is open if you are looking for love…Thinking that if it is love you will be attracted to the person straight away is a myth because when this happens it is usually the physical appearance of the person that is the first thing connecting us. And from my experience a lot of those type of relationships start off with lust and end in one or both getting terribly hurt when the lust wears off and the personality clashes or bad habits or other issues start to show.

I believe that we can all have great relationships with all types of sun signs regardless of what our chart tells us and I have a few techniques that I have tested and tried for a couple of decades now with clients that work.

So if someone says to you when you are interested in someone “Oh don’t date him/her because they are a Gemini Capricorn Aries” or whatever sign that is not supposed to compliment your own in love don’t let that stop you from being that little bit inquisitive to go on a few dates and just see why the attraction was there in the first place…to be too picky can mean that you never find the right one for you because you turned them down years before through wrong, staid thinking.

I can usually tell more about the compatibility of a couple through their first name and date of birth than I can by their sun sign alone…and then of course there is the moon sign that shows how they deal with the emotional side of life but I will leave that for another blog.

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