Energy Patterns Tap Into The Hidden

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From the time we are born we begin to form emotional bonds with those around us. As these bonds form they connect to each other. The love for your mother and father will form two threads stemming from the same main thread. The love for siblings will branch off the mother/father threads because they are all immediate family yet the emotional connections remain separate ( to each their own ).

Try envisioning a spider’s web, how it is formed and you pretty much have the visual of a person’s energy pattern.

When I read energy patterns I look for the threads that tells us the true feelings and thoughts of that person. I also look for outcome, time frames and fears that may be blocking your love interest from opening up.

An energy pattern will not show details about the hopes and dreams of a person unless they have thought it or felt it already. So if you wanted to know, “will we marry?” and they haven’t thought that far ahead yet I will not find it. In those cases we can recheck the patterns in a couple weeks and see if that answer shows then.


Having someone’s energy pattern read helps you to know their emotional state of mind which is very important in any relationship when you need to make a decision that effects that relationship.

Having your own energy patterns looked at can help you figure out why you keep having failed relationships and what you can do to improve your chances of having a loving healthy relationship.

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