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Kyanite (pronounced Ky-ah-nyte”): The Balance Stone

When I thought about starting a series about crystals I thought:  “Well this is old-school!” Most folks know something about crystals.  It was then that I thought to do a series on the more unusual crystals that are not commonly known and those crystals commonly used.  The first in this series is Kyanite.

Kyanite is considered a healing and alignment stone, a cleansing and clearing stone as well as a stone that opens communication balances energies.  Kyanite also acts as a transfer of giving and receiving healing energies.  It’s really a multi-purpose stone that is often overlooked in an arsenal of stones and crystals.

Kyanite comes in various colors.  It’s most common color is blue, but it also comes in black, green, and orange.  Each of these colors carry the basic properties, however each color of kyanite carries properties that work best in certain areas.  The blue, green, and orange stones come in the form of “blades” while the black stone comes in the form of a wing.  Some think black kyanite resembles an angel’s wing.  Any of the stones help in terms of balancing electromagnetic energies.

I tend to think of kyanite as the yin/yang of stones because of its capability to promote balance and its unique quality of never picking up negative energies.  Kyanite never needs cleaning or clearing and will also clean and clear other stones.

After a particularly stressful time in my life, I found myself “blowing out” electronics.  In a two week period everything from lightbulbs to my toaster, my microwave to my stereo system just went “poof!”  Now I keep a huge hunk of blue kyanite on top of my computer and often use a blade of blue or wing of black kyanite during meditation to help quiet racing thoughts.  It’s also the perfect stone to carry with you.  I keep a piece in my wallet, and it is an excellent stone to keep in a chakra bag, with rune stones or medicine bag.

Different Types of Kyanite and Their Uses:

1) Blue kyanite generates energies that bring more tranquility to one’s life.  It is also excellent for working with the throat chakra by balancing negativity to speak one’s own truth and also assists with public speaking.

2) Black kyanite generates energies that ground the body while aligning the chakras.  It is most helpful when balancing the root chakra.  I also find black kyanite particularly helpful if I find the energies around me are particularly negative.

3) Green kyanite is aligned with the heart chakra.  It also connects one particularly well with the natural world.  A small piece can be used when planted along with a plant to improve growth.

4) The lesser known orange or yellow kyanite is aligned with the sacral chakra.  It has a unique ability to promote joy in addition to creativity and general sense of lightness of being.

radiating kyanite

Image from http://geology.com/minerals/kyanite/

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