February Guidance: “Reduced Speed Ahead”

Join me as my guides share their insight into the month ahead. Offering guidance into the Universal energies, lessons, potential for growth and what possible obstacles or challenges we can prepare for.

Leaving the extremely powerful and fast moving energy of January both as the symbolic first month of the New Year and the specific influences; February takes a bit of a significant shift into a much slower speed. The overall lesson or collective energy is adapting to a slower pace without coming to a screeching halt, therefore balance is certainly highlighted. The weather patterns shift temporarily once again from almost spring unseasonable weather in some areas, to more typical patterns or systems expected for our particular season

By: Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon

We also enter into February with Mercury in retrograde until 2/11, adding to the potential for going “too fast” or being caught in total chaos. As we attempt to make use of the chance to catch our breath and gather resources collected thus far, there will remain the undercurrent of movement and intention turned to action. The economy seems to stabilize, however there will be at least 3 fairly strong spikes that affect our power resources (such as oil, coal and world trade) and we are likely to see the same spikes or the up and down in trade, stock market and even real estate. Relationships finally take a back seat to personal empowerment and we may find this reduced speed or shifts into a state of review and evaluation to be a bit draining.

1) The Universal lesson: 

Entering into the second month of a spiritually focused year; the emphasis is on balance and our ability to slow down with allowing our growth or path to come to a total halt. The energy from January was extremely fast paced and decisive and February offers some reprieve from the constant internal demands for change and shifts. Much like merging into a freeway or expressway, we are asked to pay attention to details and awareness of what is taking place around us. Because Mercury is retrograde for the first 11 days of the month, there will be some inner conflict in striving for balance as we struggle with what are past, present and future. The key to making the most of universal energies or influences is the ability to slow down without losing ground or becoming stuck. February is a short month in terms of actual days, but also carries the feeling of passing rather quickly therefore it’s important we align to the yield sign without over correcting. There will be some disturbances with past choices/decisions and again balance is the focus as we learn to accept what cannot be changed and set reasonable goals for what must be changed. This is a month for careful review and evaluation before making final or profound, life changing decisions. To make the most of the potential energy, we must maintain full and total awareness of all potential outcomes and use caution when it comes to irreversible changes, especially during the first 2 weeks. The positive factors or attainable outcomes are the luxury of time, and the gift of being able to truly ascertain each and all opportunity before making things final.

2) Weather patterns:

snowThose in the US are currently watching as a large storm tracks through the north east leaving a trail of large amounts of snow and interrupting travel plans and lifestyles. Although most of the globe has seen warmer and drier weather than per normal; be prepared as February brings about 2-3 significant and total reverse changes or shifts. Again we are shown balance and the ability to slow down without a total shut down and the weather certainly reflects this. There is just enough variety or unexpected and shorter term changes to prevent us from coming to a complete halt, or speeding ahead.

3) Economy finances and career:

February continues to be a strong month for personal business, bringing ideas into fruition and continuing or completing career moves or changes. The economy remains stable with the exception of a few of the “spikes” mentioned previously. Once again a reminder that this is a month to use cautious energy, avoid panic during ups and downs not allowing chaos to take over. There is some risk for panic and fear and such should be avoided as it bodes for later regret and remorse. February is a month to remain cautious but optimistic and another reminder that balance is the key to success.

4) Relationships love and romance:

It’s rather uncommon for the energy to shift in such a way that relationships temporarily take a back seat to personal growth, changes and spiritual connection. But February shows just that. For those that salvaged faltering relationships last month, February will feel a bit stagnant and again we are striving for balance and “slow down don’t stop” especially the first half of the month. February is not the best time to make any final relationship decisions whether family, friends or romance. If you find yourself currently separated or apart, this is a time to just let things be and not push for¬†ultimatums or final decisions such as divorce or similar.love-560783_1280 The complacency and low energy we may feel in February will be shifting and the risk of letting go of what actually is valuable is the risk in relationships. Postpone major decisions or changes unless these have already been well underway or were initiated in full force last month. For those in committed relationships, it may feel as though we are a bit disconnected from our partner and our focus is on self and sorting through or sifting through major disruptions. We need to adhere to our lesson of balance and refrain from defining such relationships during this minor period of interruption.

5) Political, media or major governmental moves:

Much like our relationships February will bring little in the way of significant news or influential reports of change or threats. All in all February will be rather boring and calm and any rumblings of change, unity among countries or within will end up postponed for the month.

For most of us February gives us a chance to sort through prior shifts, energy and challenges. Although we do feel a slight reprieve from the fast pace of Universal forces from January, it’s still important to our continued spiritual growth and path to remain wide awake and to balance our energy and life path so as we slow down we do not stop, thereby losing ground gained or momentum achieved in prior months. With a month that begins in Mercury retrograde, there is the undercurrent and some pull to reverse directions and get caught back into past issues. The past is never our destiny, so we are advised to avoid costly mistakes by allowing past temptations already resolved to resurface whether that references relationships, jobs, or just our general and overall energy.

February offers the great potential to renew and review, and evaluate what has been accomplished thus far and a chance to retreat without disconnecting so we can bring a fresh and new outlook to the months ahead.


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