February Spiritual Monthly Guidance

Abundance or Redundancy?

As we enter into February, the second month of what shows to be a spiritually powerful year, and on the heels of an intense and vibrant January, there is much in mixed energies for this February (see my January 2016 guidance and the year ahead for details on insights, energies and patterns). We seem to have choices, changes and influences coming from all points and directions. In addition, we will be in the “post-shadow” of the first and somewhat significant Mercury Retrograde of the year.

Although the universal energies and/or intentions are not nearly as invasive as we experienced in January, we are still ways off from a full reprieve or a time of resting without the almost constant feeling or influences that keep us engaged and aware.

Our spiritual quest towards embracing the greater good continues to shape our individual journey. 

As we complete the tasks at hand, we begin to enter into the abundance that seems to be the “promise” or lure. Or depleted, or stripped of that essential faith and hope, we can easily slide into redundancy where our intentions just never seem to make it across that finish line. There is still work to be done as this as any profound or worthy cause is progressive and often a lengthy process, or we grow weary of the seemingly endless demands, and rather than true change, we continue to repeat what should be, rather than creating such.


Universal Messages and Lessons

The core of 2016 – and February is no exception – is uniting our spiritual beings with the collective (brotherhood) and Divine (that which is recognized as the greater source or highest power). This month allows us to begin to recognize the abundance that is possible and for many, the rewards both intrinsic and external are finally delivered. Although we are still in somewhat of an “infant” or beginning stage of reaping what has been sown, there is plenty to go around for those that manifested, created and took the risk for a brighter future.

So the message is much like a bonus program, the intention is to acknowledge the abundance without allowing it to be enough. 

It is to enjoy the slice with gratitude and thanks, but also to become the incentive for continuing as there is certainly more ahead for those of us that can keep pace with our spiritual growth, and face and accept all the changes now and those that are to come. The warning, or what must be avoided, is the tendency to be too easily fulfilled, so that our energy is influenced. Then, all we can create becomes a repetition, rather than the ongoing process it was or is meant to be. While certainly for some the biggest hurdles were managed, those outlying areas of our life and the efforts needed to keep constant contact with our higher-self to continue to receive the abundance remains the core of our mission.

So for February, we align and harmonize with what we have so courageously shifted, basking in those achievements, while never losing sight that there is even greater potential waiting ahead. 

So we garner strength from the gifts and abundance given, by embracing new challenges and shifts rather than repetition or reproduction of what has already become the past.


Love and Relationships

Although for many February is the month of “love” symbolized by the Valentine’s Day holiday that falls mid-month, universally it may lack the vitality of attracting romance that January seemed to favor. February IS a month of love, but our Universal lesson and the collective message and energy leans more towards self-love and expression, and love in its most general form and display. As we work harder for and with self, we then build from the foundation up an unshakable core identity and rebuild the skills to trust in our own judgments, intuition and self-validations. In this month of honor self, we are literally preparing or setting the stage for attracting the highest possible energy into our lives, even if we do not see that outcome quite yet.29
We are also focusing on the collective love and the relationship of total acceptance of all individuals, all for one and one for all, which relies always first on that very private relationship with self. We also should be tuning in or fine-tuning our connection with Divine so that rather than being an abstract thought, it becomes a solid and key factor behind all that we do.

February brings a sense of empowerment and the ability to place want over need. This activates our independence and as we have all been urged, it continues to support the release of toxic and dysfunctional relationships. For any that slipped past the intensity of January or were forced to be postponed due to circumstance or avoidable situations, abundance comes as freedom to let go, and to desire that rather than feeling forced.

For those involved in healthy relationships, the strength comes through steps of independence which strengthen those bonds.

For those involved with somewhat new or not yet fully committed relationships, February will march at a slow but steady pace. Allowing us the opportunity to be sure that intention and agenda match and again we will be reminded that want should always replace need. So although some will meet that special person, the highlights for love in February are illuminated towards self and in preparation of finally being ready to attract that which is desired.


Weather Patterns and Forecasts

As predicted in the yearly overview, weather for February should be fairly predictable in terms of what is considered normal or expected. There appears to be a bit more reliability, which relates to our universal message, so we should expect to have a few positive surprises but the overall patterns will be returning to a more normal state.

Although weather is an ever present energy that symbolizes our spiritual state, it appears to take control and Mother Nature seems content to follow along a more dignified pattern. There should be little, if any, major weather disasters again, other than those that are traditionally expected in the current season for each location. So for those in the midst of their winter, expect a fair amount of cold and snow, while summer seasons remain mild yet wet. Any storm tracking or most especially that which blows in from the sea will do so only in preparation for the greater good of all seasons rather than disruption for cause.


Economy, Career, Jobs and Real Estate

The economy certainly falls under that “abundance” or feels to be something of a bonus for many. Careers flourish, businesses thrive. For those that are continuing to pursue their true path, opportunity remains strong, as long as the intention is want rather than need. But for those that fall into that trap of becoming “redundant,” such as seeking to replace a job with a job, or looking to expand or change but neglecting to replace the intrinsic satisfaction and the personal desires or visions, obstacles and blocks may appear, rather than potential. The goal and the gift of abundance are rewarding the change and the continued process of such.


Government, Leaders and Politics

All in all, the economy remains high, strong and stable with energy and resources priced lower or maintaining lower prices while careers, jobs and businesses are built on solid and equitable profits and continued opportunities for success. The real estate market continues to be prime for buyers and even those who are looking to sell do so under that same higher energy of want or desire rather than need. Unless there is more to be gained, foreclosures should continue to decline and those selling to make changes for improvement or desire should be easily able to compete and sell in this very flexible market.

As a reminder, the U.S. is facing the Presidential election this year, so candidates are active in vying for nominations. While January showed us some intense and often ruthless campaigns, February seems to take a gentler and calmer approach.

Good and strong leaders with the greater good as the main agenda grow in popularity and strength. 

Those not really supported by the mainstream of their country or territory will begin to lose their footing and hold as their power-hungry agendas are exposed and mistakes are plentiful. Just as we are moving into the highest of spiritual awareness and the grace of the greater good, while increasing our identification with self, Divine and empowerment, each of us will be heard and those seeking only control and manipulation for their agendas will begin to crumble.

My guides mentioned several times that there was a strong sense of “spiritual warfare,” and February will give us a few glimpses into what success can offer, success defined as embracing that highest energy. While there still exists those that seek to harm, because the core is spiritual and in darkness, February shines a bright light and it will become more and more difficult to hide as the true nature of the beast shall always become known. A great month for the leaders of love, benevolence and the greater cause, these will be the heroes of tomorrow and together across the globe build a better future for all.

Security, Threats and the Media

As already mentioned above, those which have banded in global threats will find their path blocked. While we may see some that slip through, our collective energy is a force and strength quite difficult to overcome. We have already seen the unity among countries and in February this trend continues to remain high with more coming aboard to join forces.

All individuals that embrace the collective, form a chain of energy that works much like a strong shield. 

Protection is high on all levels, thereby keeping the potential for destruction quite low, perhaps not entirely vanished, but certainly low and highly difficult to penetrate.

The media is beginning to follow a new path, as they too are a part of our brotherhood. Although change IS a process, there will be evidence of their intention to keep the public appraised of all that is news, but without all the drama and with a general feeling of balance. So while we may still see reporting amidst the old feelings of being first on the scene of what is most disturbing, there is a gradual shift to human interest in the light. The unsung heroes, the positive changes made, even the upcoming reality series or cable type shows and entertainment demonstrate that the industry is turning towards those that left their mark or made history by what they gave, or the symbolic nature or status that we currently feel as that love towards all.

To Sum Up

February begins and ends as month of gratification and the intention to enable us to push harder, move faster and embody all that we as spiritual and human beings are truly capable of. It is a month of renewed self, identity and empowerment and enough of a glimpse into the future that we are once again engaged to continue this spiritual movement.

Faith, hope, and love still are the buidling blocks for all that we fabricate, create, and manifest. 

And abundance is not just now, but also that which defines our future. We avoid redundancy by avoiding stops or allowing self in all ways to be satisfied with just this much.


For where there is some, there is more and it certainly could not be truer than in February.


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    however, I still feel uncomfortable about this issue. I don’t know if you can help, but if so
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    Thank you.

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