Filling In The Gaps – How To Make Amends With The Present

We should by now be familiar with the teachings of Universal law(s) and among other factors the importance of living in the now or present rather than escaping into the future or trapped in the past. As my guides continually teach that the present or the “now” generally always serves our highest good-therefore path; there are on occasions when full commitment to the present seems unattainable.

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As we navigate or maneuver through our life journey, lessons, Karma and our free will or choices. We are at times presented with situations which make living solely in the *now* challenging or quite difficult.

My guides refer to these temporary states or energy as “gaps” which if not appropriately understood and/or successfully dealt with can cause major blocks, obstacles and even on occasion life altering shifts. What can often begin as a minor or temporary gap does at times have or carry the potential to be a profound shift, disrupting not just the current energy or state of being but significantly impact our future and a desired result creating undue stress, chaos and mixed signals both in our own spiritual connection and our highest connection or vibration relevant to the current reality and again that of the future.

So what exactly is a true *gap* in our present or current energy or path and how do we recognize the difference between a *gap* and avoidance, fear or our inability to accept what is shown to be the current reality?

For the most part all humans will face at one time or another, regardless of the specific cause or factor; the often difficult and unpleasant reality of our path or a factor along our path. These conundrums usually become apparent or noticed when the now, or the reality of the present feels or is absorbed by our highest self with no apparent satisfactory answer. In general, a situation which we have devoted resources, whether time, money, hope, to a perceived or desired outcome which currently appears to lack any validity, proof or sign that such is to be realized. While hope and faith may still remain in place, there is some point, or shift in which what has been desired, manifested or expected begins to feel further and further away.

rock-formations-289199_1280 gapThe difference between that, which may still be considered a viable outcome or result, simply lacks any and all support towards the continued hope or desire.

When we hit what my guides refer to as a *gap* the current energy or state of being, whether a relationship, career move/change or any other potential is totally without the slightest indication of possibility, and the current state of the present of now becomes almost intolerable. As spiritual beings, we are driven by our spiritual urges, energy and always with some form of expectation or assumption that a particular outcome is only a matter of time.

A *gap* occurs when current realities or that which is of the present or the now is so overwhelming in the contradiction to what was perceived that we become unable to manage that which is, when compared to that which could be and acceptance of such reality becomes unbearable of extremely chaotic and even fearful.

plasma-640323_1280 energyAs spiritual beings we are created to hope, to believe in the potential and existence of infinite outcomes and blessings, gifts or life enhancing possibilities. So while our spiritual journey and path among or amidst our specific lessons and Karma is to always be open to the greatness of life itself, there are those times when hope cannot serve us, nor can hope protect us from facing what is or can be.

So a *gap* occurs when the truth or existence of the present/now is in total contradiction to what was perceived, hoped, expected or desired. These *gaps* can be hazardous to our spiritual being not just for that particular scenario but if we allow, can create a negative foundation for our future energy, vibration and state of being.

An analogy of what would be considered a gap could be the following; a person whom has been out of work due to circumstances beyond their control, the economy, location etc. And let’s assume that such person has manifested all of their resourced into applications, resumes and interviews. Although we are spiritual beings, we are required to live in the physical world, in which money, paying bills and such are requirements of such a world. So after applying, going through a lengthy process for hire, the last interview goes extraordinarily well and we are all but guaranteed the position is ours. Filled with relief, excitement and gratitude, we begin preparing for our new job, only to receive an unexpected and unprepared call that the position was granted to another candidate.

As you can easily imagine the confusion, upset, chaos and frustration from such scenario would be very high. No matter how many times we relive this process, we cannot find anything to support the actual outcome of not being chosen. The “reality” of the present situation is in total contrast to what had been perceived and with good reason. This is not a situation in which we allowed “false” hope to lead us astray, nor are we given or provided any information on how/why the energy or intentions of the company or those in charge of hiring offer absolutely no consolation, no explanations or logical sense. We are then forced to accept this current *gap* as our unfortunate reality. And not matter how senseless or illogical, how difficult such is to accept, we simply have no choice. We can assume as well although there may be and likely will be other job offers, this particular expected offer has for reasons we cannot understand been withdrawn or shifted.

While this is only an analogy of a *gap* quite often as humans we are faced with such gaps that leave us literally child-646201_1280no choice but to deal with the what and do our best to move forward in the future. It serves no greater purpose to allow ourselves to become unable to continue our pursuit, whether a job, a relationship or a home. And it also cannot and does not serve our highest good to spend additional resources in trying to salvage specific hopes or attempt to use denial to keep our emotions and spiritual disappointment in check.

As we are meant to live in the present, with full awareness of what the future still has waiting, with only time being or becoming the difference between what we choose to believe and the risk for disconnection.

When we face these *gaps* that lie between the present and the future; all we can hope to achieve is acceptance of what is and being able to absorb such reality, at least during that period of time, without becoming defined by gaps, or allowing such to take control of our spiritual sense of self and our ability to connect to the Divine, Universal and all that is possible to become, create or embrace as the potential that exists well beyond the *gap*.

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