Finding Your Path to True Love and Happiness

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Do you find yourself questioning if the one you are with is truly the love of your life? If yes, do not feel alone. A recent poll showed that one in every seven adults are in a long-term relationship with someone who isn’t the love of their life — and an even bigger percentage state that they have met someone who they feel is the love of their life since being in that long-term relationship. Yet, they continue to stay in their current relationship. Why?

As a love and relationship specialist, I have found that it is hard for people to accept that it’s time to take a step back and evaluate their relationship out of fear of hurting the other person involved or being left alone. It is easier to stay in a bad situation than take a risk to create a better one. However, the fact is that sometimes people are not in the relationship that brings them true love and happiness. That is not to say that a damaged relationship is doomed to fail, and cannot be healed. A person can be in the relationship that they are meant to be in but need a better understanding of how to handle certain obstacles.

The question is, when your heart is involved, do you recognize which situation you are truly in? Is your current partner the love of your life, or is he/she just holding you back from being with the one you are meant to be with?

Do not allow yourself to make a decision on something so important as love out of boredom, frustration, or need for attention. Take the time to invest in yourself and your true happiness long-term. If you are really with the person you are meant to be with, that person will understand your need to work on your own personal growth. That person will also be there for you when you are ready, and appreciate the fact that you are trying to make the relationship better. Focusing on all the what-ifs just adds to your stress level. You cannot change another person. However, you can change yourself, which will reflect on how others see you, and your outlook on what or whom you truly need in a relationship.


Start within yourself, and soon you’ll start to see how your love relationship becomes clearer and happier day by day!

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