Soulmates and Perfect Love – How Will You Know When You’ve Found It?

Dr. Phil LOVE and HOPEAuthor: Dr. Phil LOVE and HOPE

If you have known love, then you have known happiness — happiness that transcends anything else that exists. Love is a reality in which few things matter as much as the source of all that you know to be good. When you know that, you can then begin to understand the love of a soul mate.

Soul mates are the ideal match, the true perfect connection that complements our existence on this plane. They are the key to the lock in your heart, the door to your spiritual awakening. The one person who loves you as you love them.

The truth is that each and every one of us is rewarded with this experience in our lives. The fortunate few meet early in life, establish a physical bond to complete the one on the soul level. You know each other at first sight; the eyes have it, every single time.

When that eye contact is made, there is no denying what you feel and know. A rush of sensations comes over you, you begin to receive images, knowledge, and feelings that you never experienced before. At first, because this is all new to you, it’s shocking. It stops you in your tracks, you don’t know what to think, what to say, or how to act. You may find yourself in an embarrassing position where you either talk too much or freeze up, unable to say anything. Your logical mind begins to go after these new thoughts and feelings but is only able to deal with the surface. The rest of the feelings sink in, part of you, your mind, and your heart.

You often ask yourself if you are imagining things. What you’re feeling doesn’t make sense. You struggle to keep from giving in to these feelings that are much more advanced than they should be considering the lack of real dialogue. And yet, despite that, you can’t help but feel the pull and the magnetic energy of your other half. It draws on you all the time, something that needs to be explored, felt, and touched. You think of them without wanting to, without trying, and at the most inopportune times you find yourself seeing their face in your mind’s eye.

Why?  Because that connection existed in the beginning of time itself. It was made before there was a place called Earth, bound by a love that predates the very concept, that completes your soul’s purpose. It is not going to be ignored.

It’s beyond your ability to control. You may find yourself wondering if you have gone mad. How could you allow yourself to become so naive? This is not who you are. This is so out of character for you.

And despite that, you can’t walk away.

The conditions can be harsh, the way long, and the answers impossible to find. You are driven by a power that is coming from within, that propels you forward in a way that makes it clear what the outcome will be.

The challenges that soul mates face can be the most difficult. Signs point in every direction, people get in the way, the past constantly attempts to show its power. Fortunately, at the end of the trials and tests, there is joy.  Every night has its dawn. The rewards outweigh the wounds of battle. The happiness erases the pain of the past. You have become as one with the soul that is a mirror of your own, whose very spiritual DNA is identical, whose life’s path was made with you in mind.

If you have known a soul mate’s love, you have known true happiness. Let us help you find that soul mate now!

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