Friday the 13th: It’s Not What You Think!

What is the meaning of Friday the 13th?


In our Western hemisphere, Friday the 13th is generally considered a very unlucky date and the number 13 is seen as the unluckiest of numbers. There are generations of us who have been branded with the Friday the 13th series of Hollywood movies. Most buildings don’t have a 13th floor. This is how serious the extent of our negative belief is.

The whole idea of 13 being unlucky stems from old Christian views. The day of the last supper, plus Judas Iscariot is considered the 13th member of the group. From that point on, the number 13 has been avoided and even considered unlucky and a lot more emphasis has been placed on the number 12 instead.


The Number 13

What’s very interesting is that 13 is the number of the Goddess in most ancient religions and belief systems, and it is the BEST day to cast a spell!

  • The number thirteen shows up in nature, ancient religions and even our bodies.
  • There are 13 moon cycles in a year.
  • A woman’s menstrual period comes 13 times a year.
  • The Death Card is the 13th in line in the Tarot. It represents transformation, rebirth, new beginnings, sometimes preceded by a struggle.

Without the period of menstruation, a woman would not be able to give BIRTH to a child. Before birth first comes the struggle.

In the world of 13, the moon is the biggest player. Having 13 cycles in a year, there is no denying the power of the goddess over her subjects at night.  Night is when the moon rules. Knowing the cycles of the moon allows you to know when to start or stop a venture. A great time to cast a love spell is in the beginning phases of a moon cycle.


What about Friday?

The word “Friday” has six letters. 6 plus 6 is 12. One short of the number thirteen.

  • Friday is also the 6th day of the week. ALSO, one short of the seventh day
  • The 6th Tarot card is the Lovers card and claims Venus as it’s planet.

Friday got its name from a love Goddess. Friday is a translation from old Germanic for “Frigga’s day.”  A Germanic goddess of love in marriage. Friday in French is Vendredi. Vendredi also has its roots in Latin as does the Goddess Venus. Venus is where Vendredi comes from. Frigga is married to Odin according to the Norse beliefs. Oshun the Goddess of Love in the Yoruba religion, her day is also Friday.


Combinging the life changing power of 13 with the Day of the Goddess is powerful magic. Not something that you should be running or hiding from. But embracing and using for your own benefit. 


Friday the 13th

When is the next Friday the 13th?

The next Friday the 13th is in May 2016 – just around the corner! And there won’t be another one this year (in 2017, we’ll have two, in January and October).


What is special about this Friday the 13th?

This one is going to be a quarter moon, meaning it’s an opportunity to strengthen new beginnings. Give that lover a call. Follow up on that new prospect for that job. Start a new diet. Start a new project. Start a new relationship.

Now would be a good time to also get in touch with your own personal Kasamba advisor and see what they see you should do and be prepared for! Even if you received a prediction a week ago, this Friday the 13th is going to give you an opportunity to use loopholes and bypass some things.

The unexpected can also happen in that one 24-hour period. Things could turn on a dime on this Friday the 13th.  Predictions that were days or weeks away could suddenly appear on this day, throwing your plans awry. Whatever does happen, remember that before the spark of life, comes the struggle.


Honey Jar Magic

Friday the 13th is the best time to cast love spells. Its feminine Goddess energy enhances the spell like no other day. While you can cast any spell, Friday the 13th especially favors love spells for new beginnings and genuine affairs.

Honey Jar Magic, for example, is a simple love spell that you can use to sweeten the pot between yourself and your love. Talk to a psychic advisor now for instructions.

When it comes to spells in general, please know that you can always use your intuition and imagination as you allow your guides as well as your inner Goddess energy to add to the spell. Whether it be tools, flowers or pictures. Whatever you do, don’t doubt yourself.


Enjoy Friday the 13th. A day for LOVERS!


Talk to a love psychic now about how this love-filled day might affect you!




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  • I’m married but years ago I fell in love with a man who lived far away and it just did not work as the years went on we did finally meet again I wrote him a letter and told him how I felt But he was married and I too two many years apart only made us be good friends. But I no we still cared for each other but it just could not be. My ?????? Is one year ago he passed away and his wife never told us how bad he was and I never got to say good buy to him I just can not get him out of my mine and my heart. Understand my marriage is so so we really do not comunacate too much and he can not even have sex any more for 20 years but I married for better or worse but hopefully some day I will have a good realation ship with my friends wife and that way I can see his grave and visit. I’m I wrong to feel this way thank u

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