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Gemini – Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

Read your Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope to get insights into your love life for this month from a top astrologer.

While Venus, the planet of love will leave your relationship sector on 4th February, she leaves your relationships in extremely safe hands, the hands that will guide your relationships through to the final weeks of the year. When Venus leaves, she will leave behind Jupiter and Ceres, one of the largest and most powerful planets in the solar system and the other a dwarf planet. When Venus comes full circle, returning to your relationship sector in November, remarkably both will still be here and will have spent every day between Venus’ departure and return working as a team. This is remarkable, for Ceres returned for what should be a three month visit late last month. Instead, when Jupiter turns retrograde in April so will Ceres, with the two working as a team all year. Ceres is Venus’ sister planet, but as the queen of nurturing, her focus is on first understanding your needs and then updating your priorities to ensure those needs are met. Having lucky Jupiter in your relationship sector until December, makes this the most auspicious and important relationship year in over a decade. To have Ceres here until Venus returns in November, gives your relationships a guide. Venus’ job was to leave you with a clear sense of what you want from your relationships, so you can set the course that Jupiter will maintain all year. That is no longer required, with Ceres able to help you redefine your priorities as the journey continues. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships you don’t need to know what you want or need for relationships. You not only have luck, time and the relationship gods on your side, but support to help your needs and priorities evolve as the journey progresses. The Moon begins and ends with the Moon in your relationship sector, keeping you emotionally connected.

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