Healing One Step at a Time

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How do we heal so much hurt? One of the most important things in life is the steps that we take!  At times we want to rush, skip steps and feel better.  Unfortunately, the patterns seem to repeat themselves so it’s not wise to skip those steps. We gain the knowledge that is in those steps and that in turn helps us to heal in many different ways…when we heal, we then begin to realize how valuable and important we are in this lifetime!

Envision a tree that is trying to bloom in the spring, creating all these buds that will bloom and bring forth the leaves that make it so healthy and green! Yet this tree also had to take the necessary steps in order to allow those buds to become beautiful green leaves and it was one step, one day at a time… That consisted of patience and belief,  something that most of us are not wanting to deal with or understand or just flat out lost all hope….

If we were to take our steps and the use of the patience, much as the tree has, it would produce so much green for us that we would be stepping just as beautiful as the tree!  Now how do we start these steps, how do we produce this bud in us that actually helps us to heal? It’s not as complicated as one might think but the main key is the patience to stepping back, taking a breath and looking at the full circle of our life.

Nurturing that inner child and seeing ones self worth is grand steps towards allowing the healing process to begin…seeing life with new eyes and knowing that you are just as important as the next person. Your inner child is your bud and a lot of us have let that become dormant . It is important to gently wake that bud up and open the doors for the healing to expand and take your life in hand.  The steps will not only change but sift our life towards a more positive gain!

So many steps come into play for the healing process! No matter what we are doing or what the situation is, there are steps … one at a time …and patience! Our Life is worth taking this time and loving this life that has been given to us!!!  Let’s listen to that inner child, it is sure calling out to us!

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