Holiday Gift Guide by Horoscope Sign


It’s that time of year! The holidays are a time of great love and cheer and yes, lots of shopping. Giving the perfect present for each person on your holiday shopping list can be tricky and possibly even stressful. You want to show all of the people in your life that you appreciate them, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. So we decided to take out the guessing and develop a gift guide by horoscope sign. Because what can be more accurate than science?

aries_sign Aries

As the first sign, Aries are known for being natural leaders and usually are the first ones to jump in and take the lead in a situation. Getting an Aries a present that represents their drive to succeed will be well appreciated.  Aries love to start new goals and take on new projects, so a gift to help them accomplish their next goal that they keep mentioning to you would be great. So if your Aries is intent on getting healthy, getting them a new pair or training shoes or some exercise clothes will show that you support their goals.

taurus_sign Taurus

A Taurus is known to appreciate all things sensual. To appeal to their special sense, consider getting them a nice box of chocolates or even a cashmere piece of clothing. The Taurus in your life is also sure to enjoy massages so giving them a gift certificate to a massage or a relaxing day at the spa would be sure to bring a big smile to their face.


gemini_sign Gemini

The Gemini in your life is probably very independent. They are known to leave in a moment’s notice and go on a great adventure. They will really appreciate a gift that shows you honor their sense of independence and spontaneity.  You can give them something that they can take on their next adventure such as a camera or journal. If your budget is bigger, you can surprise them with a weekend getaway trip. They will be sure to love the gift and will be even more excited if you told them that you also bought a ticket for yourself to tag along in the fun.

cancer_sign Cancer

Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign and just like water, this sign tends to go with the flow. They are most satisfied when everyone around them is happy and having a good time. There is a good chance when you ask them what they want, they will respond “No it’s okay, don’t worry about me!” The best gift for them is a present that shows that they are important to you as well. Possibly getting them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or buying them something from their favorite store will help them see that you appreciate them.

leo_sign Leo

The Leo is ruled by the Sun which makes this sign shine bright. Leos are known for loving big and flashy things, so if you are able to afford a fancy gadget or a nice piece of jewelry, they would be sure to love it. They are sure to love the nicer things in life, but they also have a side of loyalty so if you are on a lower budget, making them a homemade gift will make them see how much you appreciate having them in your life.8

 virgo_sign Virgos

Virgos are very observant and intellectual people. They would be sure to love a more complicated gadget or electronic. For a less expensive gift or for the Virgos that are less interested in technology, you can present them with a book or another present that honors their intellect.

libra_sign Libra

This sign is ruled by Venus, which is represented by love and money. The best present for Libras would be something that combines these two factors together. So don’t be afraid to buy a fancy present, but make sure you include a touch of love. An idea to honor both sides would be to buy them a nice watch or piece of jewelry and then also engrave a favorite saying between the two of you.

scorpio_sign Scorpio

Scorpios, like the elusive creature that they are associated with, will not give you an exact answer of the type of gift they want. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want a present. The best gift for them is something completely different than a typical present. Their sharp sense of curiosity delights in receiving unusual gifts that they may have never seen before. So don’t be afraid to get them a fun shirt or something completely impractical. They will really delight in a gift that honors their intrigue in the unusual.

sagittar_sign Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is associated with the Mutable Fire Sign and they are known for both their sense of flare and adventure. They would appreciate a gift for all of their adventurers such as a new travel bag or even tickets to their next destination. Their side of flare will also love something that really pops and they can have fun with such as a new toy or gadget.


capricorn_sign Capricorn

Capricorns tend to be very practical and appreciate organization. A present appealing to these traits will be well received, because sometimes Capricorns can be upset when people don’t understand their sense of practicality. Get them something that they could use everyday such as a great winter coat or a possibly a briefcase or purse rather than a bauble that may collect dust later on.

aqua_sign Aquarius

The Aquarius sign is associated with the traits of friendship and loyalty. They are most likely going to appreciate a gift that is a reminder of their great friendship or relationship with you such as a framed photograph of a shared memory. People of the Aquarius sign also sometimes feel the need to be alone for certain periods of time, so getting them a nice pair of slippers or a useful gadget for the house will be cherished.

pisces_sign Pisces

Pisces are the dreamers. They have a strong creative side, big imagination, and have a flair for art. Get the Pisces in your life something that appeals to their creative side such as a nice piece of art or even a pass for some art classes. They will really delight in being able to create or see a beautiful piece of art work in their life and then associate the content and happy feelings with you.


And sometimes, the best present you can give is just being your wonderful self. Happy Holidays everyone!

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