The Secret To Attract Your Soulmate

A Complete Guide To Attract Your Soulmate Fast

Forget about dating sites, your mother’s well-meaning advice and the blind dates your friends are convinced will be instrumental to attract your soulmate & find true love and happiness.

And the litany of alluring yet admirable traits and qualities you’ve penciled into your Law of Attraction affirmation journal in order to draw in “the one?”

Don’t even bother.

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I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but none of these things will help you attract your soulmate.

That is, none of these things will actually work to help you find your spiritual life partner (your soulmate) unless you open yourself entirely to G-d with a genuine surrender and complete receptivity for the love and happiness that has already been planned for your life.

Believe it or not, to attract your soulmate is much more about where you are in your head and your heart than it is about where you are located geographically, e.g., the right place at the right time to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.

Before you try anything else, do yourself a favor. Move through the following soulmate preparatory rites of passage, as challenging as they may be. Facing yourself honestly will open the doorway to receiving your soulmate into your life in a real and lasting way.

Attract Your Soulmate: Make Peace with the Past

The foundation for your new love relationship cannot be built on the bitter terrain of past disappointments or what you might perceive to be “romantic failures.”

Forgive, release and heal. And for good measure, repeat the aforementioned steps as often as necessary until you feel a sense of peace about how things ended.

The truth is, there are no mistakes in life or love. Every love experience has meaning and value.

Yes, even the “it was wonderful but then just fizzled out” love. Yes, even the “sad rejection of an unrequited love” love. And most especially, the love “you wish had never darkened your doorstep in the first place” love.

All of your past relationships or near-relationships played a significant part in the much larger plan G-d has for your life and ultimate journey to wholeness and healing.

Instead of berating yourself for finding him or her even remotely attractive, let alone agreeing to become intimately involved, realize that you did the best that you could with the information you had at the time to make the decision(s) which you thought would turn out exactly or nearly as well as you had hoped. Forgive yourself. Release the past. Heal your spirit.

Attract Your Soulmate Fast: Realize the Blessing of Now

You will not be able to connect with your soulmate and build the love relationship that is rightfully yours until you can honestly appreciate the inherent blessings contained in this moment.

You are where you are right here, right now, for a reason. You are not lost. You didn’t make a terrible mistake. You haven’t missed your chance. You didn’t fail. You didn’t screw up irrevocably so as to doom your life to utter and complete loneliness until the sweet release of death.couple-731185_1280

You are single, divorced or have just ended your current relationship because there are abundant blessings contained in the “pause” between significant connections with another human being.

Timing is everything. When something is meant to happen, it will happen and nothing can stop it. But it will not happen a second before G-d deems it to be fully ready to begin.

The truth is the potential for something wonderful is always on the horizon. However, appreciating all the blessings you have in this moment is key to unleashing more.

Try not to struggle. Don’t fight what is happening. Relax instead. Be at peace. Be grateful for everything you do have while remaining hopeful for everything you don’t yet have in your life the way you want it. G-d is always faithful and lovingly provides for our highest good.

Attract Your Soulmate: Trust and Surrender the Outcome

For all the longing and desire we have for a particular person, who we are usually convinced is our “one true soulmate,” we must understand the most fundamental spiritual truth about love and relationships in the human experience.

G-d is omnipotent and infallible and loves us enough to want better for us than we want for ourselves.

If you knew today that Mr. or Ms. Right had the potential years down the road to make your life a living hell, would you still insist on moving forward into a serious relationship with him or her?

Of course not.

Don’t try to open a door that G-d has closed. It’s closed for a reason.

If a particular person is meant to be in your life, he or she will most assuredly be there. Nothing would be able to stop that connection. But if your potential soulmate is not meant to have access to you or your heart, thank your lucky stars things didn’t pan out.

This is not to say that soulmates who have drifted apart cannot be reunited or reconciled. They can. But it is to say that while that process is in flux, it is wise to surrender the outcome to G-d, trusting you will be gifted a love relationship with “that particular person” or “someone better” when the time is right.

How do you know when you find or meet your soulmate

A soulmate connection is the definitive love experience. Nothing compares to it. When we discover our soulmate, we eagerly offer him or her a boundless supply of unconditional love.

Ideally we receive the same in return.

Outside of the parent-child relationship, the soulmate union is the closest we will come as human beings to fully experiencing the true depth of G-d’s love, mercy and compassion in human form.

Soulmates instinctively emulate G-d’s deep and abiding love for their spiritual partner.

A soulmate connection is a grace. It is a gift from G-d. As such, it only makes sense to step up and do everything possible to ensure the relationship has the best chance for success, including moving through the soulmate preparatory rites of passage, or the “spiritual dirty work,” first.

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