How to Beat the Daylight Savings Time Blues

We all know the Fall Daylight Savings Times as the day of the year that we get one glorious extra hour of sleep. But the fun doesn’t seem to last much longer as we are faced with long dark nights and less time everyday to enjoy the sun. The gloomy effects you may experience around this time of year don’t happen to just you; S.A.D., or Seasonal Affective Disorder affects 10 million Americans (75% of which are women). We have provided you a guide on how to beat the blues and have your best winter yet.

1. Get Moving

Psych Central states that being more active can actually help prevent the winter time blues. Going to the gym for a quick workout or going on a brisk walk around the neighborhood not only gives you something to do to fill the long nights, but can also boost your mood.

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2. Plan Something

Plan to do something fun like going to a concert, a ski trip, or a weekend getaway with friends. Having plans gives you something to look forward to and helps fill up the long winter. Even try setting a goal or starting a project that you can work on throughout the winter.

3. Aim to Eat More Whole Foods

If you’re feeling sad, what you eat can affect your mood and your health. A good and well balanced diet can help fight off S.A.D. Larry Christensen, a professor of psychology at University of Southern Alabama at Mobile recommends eliminating lots of sugar from your diet. Foods high in sugar will cause your blood sugar level to spike and fall fast leading to mood swings. Eating more foods with whole grains helps to keep your mood stable throughout the day.

4. Make Your House Cozy

People tend to spend more time in their house in the winter than in any other season. To make you time at home more enjoyable, add comfy elements such as a soft throw or new pillows. The holidays are also approaching so get yourself in the spirit by decorating your home. You can always go out and buy decorations but there are also inexpensive DIY projects that you can do by yourself or with friends to get you in the holiday cheer.


And Most Importantly…

5. Bring Light into Your Life

Researchers have discovered that the most important way to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder is by being in the light more often. There is less sunlight during the day so you have less time to absorb the natural rays. If you can, try to take a walk outside during your lunch break to catch the sun while you can. Also, add some artificial light throughout your house so your body can get the sunlight it needs.

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