How To Deal With Stress During The Holidays

It happens to most of us, holiday season comes around and we are immersed with family and the sheer overwhelming energy leaves us stressed.  We all may get stressed for different reasons maybe:  we don’t get along with a certain relative, we feel obligated to be there instead of where we want to be or we don’t have a lot of money for travel and gifts.  For psychics it may be our empath or telepathic gifts that make it a bit much to be around so many other people.  So what do we do when we feel like this?  Definitely avoid provoking other members of the family whom have stresses of their own.  Then work on helping ease your stress and those around you.


By Guillermina Galvan

Breathe before you respond.  We breathe all the time yet it is so often overlooked as one of the best ways to calm the mind and body.  Count your breaths as you breathe.  Count to 30; calm enough to respond in a kind way?  If not, then count to 100.  Regardless of what the tides may bring remember that the holiday season is about love.

Compliment others.  Such a simple thing to do but how often do we compliment someone from our heart.  When we come together during the holidays as family and friends we can support one another by giving each other a gracious and honest compliment.  It is amazing how such a simple little compliment can bring a frown to a smile and change the energy in a room.

Sharing is caring.  It is true sharing is caring, so when you gather together bring something that everyone can experience and enjoy.  It can be a game or food made from the heart.  Yes, we can buy already prepared food yet making food from the heart has more value.  While you cook or prepare the meal for the gathering put on your favorite music:  sing, chant or dance.  Your happiness goes into the food and then into your friends and family, no better sharing than that.  Everyone picks up on energy one way or another whether they recognize it or not.

Know when to take a break.  If the energy is getting to be a bit too much -take a break.  Be the one that volunteers to go do a run at the store or just go for a walk.  It’s okay to take a break when everything gets too much, staying calm, full of love and joy is a great part of what the holidays should be about.

Hugging the tree.  This is an internal qi gong practice that helps you have more energy and cycle your energy with Mother Earth, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Stand:  with your legs hip distance apart, your feet pointed straight ahead, your knees slightly bent, Tree Huggingpretend like you are hugging a tree with your elbows below your shoulders, and wrist below your elbows.  Stay in this position for 5 min if you can without moving.  Breathe through your nose and into your abdomen.  As you inhale your belly inflates and as you exhale your belly deflates.  Imagine the energy of the Earth coming up from the ground through the arches of your feet and up from your perineum and circle around making a ball of energy in front of your lower abdomen.  Focus on gathering as much energy as you can while you are practicing.  When you are finished bend down slightly before standing straight up and take a deep breath.

We all have our different activities that help calm us for the holidays, we need take the time to practice whichever techniques we most gravitate towards.  If you are unsure which technique to use to help you through the holiday, call your favorite psychic.  Your psychics are there for you not just to help predict your future outcome but to help you through difficult situations and avoid them if possible.  Enjoy your holidays and make it a positive one, remember you are in complete control of your own life.


Chat Now With: Guillermina Galvan

Chat Now With: Guillermina Galvan


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