How to Open Your Third Eye Using 10 Proven Methods

In this post, we’ll cover one of the more common questions we see; how to open your third eye.  Your third eye is located between your eyes, between the bridge of your nose. If you activate your third eye chakra, you’ll be able to better connect with your higher self and strengthen your intuition which will guide you to make the right choices to achieve your heart’s desire and your life purpose.

How to open your third eye:

Meditate with a purple crystal on your third eye:

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to connect with your higher self and your innate intuition. While you’re listening to a relaxing, guided meditation session, lie down on your back and place a purple crystal directly on your third eye. Some great purple crystals to work with include amethyst, purple sapphire, lapis lazuli, and purple tourmaline.

During your meditation session, make sure to focus on your third eye, to see if any profound insights surface. You may find it useful to envisage a ball of purple energy floating directly above your third eye.

In order to get the most value out of your meditation sessions, it’s a great idea to find a dedicated meditation spot that you find relaxing. For example, you may want to meditate in nature or set up a meditation spot in your garden. Or you may prefer to meditate in a quiet area of your home. The key is to choose a quiet space, where you won’t be interrupted.

Practice positive affirmations:

If you believe in the practice of manifestation, write down a few positive affirmations about awakening your third eye on sticky notes, which you’ll be able to place around your home.

For example, you may place a stick note which reads, “every day my intuition grows stronger, on the mirror in your bathroom. As eventually, you’ll actually believe that your intuition is becoming stronger as each day passes.”

Pay careful attention to your dreams:

Instead of dismissing your dreams, try to write down as many details about your dreams as you can. Sometimes your higher self will try to communicate with you through signs in your dreams.

Pay particular attention to the themes and possible meanings of reoccurring dreams.

If you start using your dreams as a tool to connect with your higher self, you may activate your third eye.

As you start to forget the details of lucid dreams as soon as you start to wake up, it’s a great idea to jot down as many details from each dream as possible, as soon as you wake up. It’s a great idea to keep a dream journal by your bed, for this purpose.

For more information on dream interpretation, see our post How to Read All Your Dreams in 3 Simple Steps.

Incorporate specific essential oils into your everyday life:

There are specific essential oils that can activate your third eye. Key examples of which include lavender, sandalwood, clary sage, cypress, juniper, and frankincense.

There are two simple, yet effective ways to use essential oil:

  1. You can use a few drops of your chosen essential oil in a bath
  2. You can use a diffuser to safely fill the air in your bedroom with breathable particles of your essential oil.

You can also opt to use essential oils directly on your body. However, as many essential oils are potent, it’s important to mix a drop or two of your chosen essential oil with coconut oil to dilute your essential oil and to prevent it from potentially damaging your skin.

Purchase a third eye chakra singing bowl:

As sound waves have their own energetic frequency, you can use sound to activate your third eye.

For example, it’s well worth investing in a third eye chakra singing bowl so that you’ll be able to use your new singing bowl at the start of your meditation sessions. suggests that you can also purchase specific singing bowls designed to open up your chakras, alternatively, you can also listen to free singing bowl-based meditation tracks on YouTube.

Start listening to binaural beats:

Binaural beats are soundtracks that have been designed to positively affect your brain waves. Listening to binaural beats can have a similar effect as listening to singing bowls.

Start following your intuition:

The more often you listen to your intuition, the easier it will become to open your third eye. So instead of dismissing your inner guidance, take every opportunity to follow your intuition.

For example, if your intuition guides you to apply for a new job follow it, as your intuition will always guide you towards achieving your life purpose.

Add fresh, purple foods to your shopping list:

It’s thought that consuming fresh purple produce such as blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, prunes, and beetroot can also help you achieve your goal of becoming spiritually enlightened.

Start off each morning with a grounding yoga session:

You may be surprised to learn that there are specific yoga poses that can be used to stimulate your pineal gland which is connected with your third eye.

Some simple examples of which include hero pose, child’s pose, and downward-facing dog, all of which are beginner-friendly poses that can be completed by people with no previous yoga experience.

If you often feel anxious or disconnected, you should find that practicing yoga is an effective way to ground yourself and to feel more at ease in your own body.

Find fun new ways to express your creativity:

The main reason why it’s important to express your creative side is that when you’re being creative, you instinctively make choices that are guided by your intuition, instead of relying on the logical part of your brain.

As a result, the more often you take part in creative activities, the more often you’ll get to work with your intuition.

Some examples of fun, creative activities which you may enjoy include photography, calligraphy, writing songs, creating collages, jewelry making, painting, and sketching.

Just remember to let go of the desire to achieve perfection when you’re taking part in creative activities. As the purpose of being creative is to express yourself and to connect with your intuition, not to create a masterpiece.

So what are you waiting for?

So if you’re ready to open your third eye and to get in touch with your higher self, it’s well worth experimenting with a few of the techniques listed above.

This is especially true if you are interested in strengthening your intuition in order to help yourself make the best possible choices in life. This will also help you to get closer to realizing your heart’s desire and your life purpose.