Interpreting Your Dreams Without A Book

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Dreams can tell us a lot about our deep inner selves. Our hopes, dreams and fears are often revealed throughout these nightly journeys. Whether you believe that your dreams come from your subconscious mind or an external influence, learning to interpret your dreams can give you interesting insights into your own mind.

The thing is, no two dreams are like, as no two dreamers are alike. Using a book to interpret the symbols in your dreams can only take you so far. While psychologists and other professionals believe that certain symbols represent the same thing for just about everyone, it’s impossible for any one person to interpret what they really mean to you.
For example, a dream of losing your teeth is said to represent a fear of fading beauty. Yet, if you have an intense fear of dentists, it could mean something entirely different to you. Perhaps your dream is telling you that if you don’t get over that fear fast, you’re going to end up visiting the dentist way more than just for routine checkups! Learning to interpret your dreams without a book requires understanding yourself while also being objective.

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5 Tips to interpreting your dreams on your own:

  1. Keep a dream journal. If you want to analyze and interpret your dreams, you have to remember them! Keeping a dream journal not only helps you recall each dream, but also allows you to better see patterns. For example, perhaps you always dream of showing up to class naked right before a big meeting at work. This may tell you that you feel vulnerable and self-conscious about talking in front of important people.
  2. Know yourself. Really take the time to examine your own true hopes and fears. Make a list if that helps. Sometimes we think we’re afraid of, say, the dark when really we’re afraid of someone jumping out of us in the dark. Perhaps you think your hope is to become a wealthy entrepreneur when really you want to travel the world. We often think our hopes will lead us to another hope. In the example, becoming wealthy enables you to travel. Knowing the true, ultimate hope and fear helps you better understand yourself on a deeper subconscious level, which in turn helps you interpret your dreams.
  3. Analyze dreams as if they belong to someone else. While it may sound counterproductive to interpreting dreams on a more personal level, sometimes you need to step back away from yourself to see the bigger picture. Pretend your friend asked you to interpret the dream. What would you tell him? Your answers are influenced by your own experiences, so really, the response is still based on your own feelings.
  4. Practice lucid dreaming. By learning how to lucid dream, you’ll become a more active participant in your own dream. This allows you to note details that you may not recall when you are merely an observer of your dreams. It also allows you to alter the dream to more closely investigate situations or symbols that are confusing.
  5. The most important thing to remember about interpreting your dreams is that only you truly know what they mean. If you think, for example, a spider represents your first grade teacher, then you’re probably right. After all, you know your mind better than anyone else.

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