Interview with Kasamba’s Featured Psychic

Take a look behind the scenes, get up close and personal with this month’s featured Kasamba psychic, SWEET SPIRIT OF LOVE in an exclusive interview. 


1. How do you describe yourself and the work that you do as a psychic?

I am Guyanese South American with East Indian heritage. I have been blessed to have been raised in a very spiritual home while living on the outskirts of the Amazon rain forest. I was exposed to and learned many mystical things early on in my life. I look like I am east Indian, but I have joy of life of a South American.

My readings are based on the energy I receive from you, whatever messages my guides give me and my own abilities. From there I take your questions and receive messages, answers and guidance that I relay on to you. Sometimes if you are too anxious, I will take a moment to help you find your center and bring you to a place of peace. 

2. What abilities do you have and how do they work?

I can feel, see, smell and hear things from our readings.  The visions I receive are crystal clear so I don’t have to guess at what it means or how it may impact things. That’s made clear to me right away. From there I help guide you to a place where we can make these things work.
3. When and how did you first realize that you had psychic abilities?
When I was very, very young I was always trying to be in the front of any spiritual rituals, not able to talk but wanting to be part of the action. I took part in all of them at a young age. When I was ten I started to sneak away from the Hindu temple to go and pray in a Catholic church. It was located behind a cemetery. One day my parents found me there. Talking to the saints as if they were real. To me they were real, they would speak back to me. I was able to see spirits and gods and speak to them from a very young age. So it is not so much my powers or abilities, it is them who speak to me to help me guide my clients.
4. Where did you receive your training?
I did a lot of training as a child because my family was filled with pundits. So they had me involved in all of the rituals, even the secret ones for blessings and for love. Later on I learned a great deal from the indigenous people of the Amazon river by my village. They welcomed me into their world, they saw that I had a good heart. I would get the little children medical help and do a lot for them. We were like family. They taught their mysticism and I learned a lot from them about herbs, plants, their spirits and gods.
5. What do you do to prepare yourself for a psychic reading session?
All I need is a quiet place. My guides are a part of me now so it’s effortless.
6. What kind of problems do you help your clients with, what type of questions do you receive?
I help a lot of my clients with love or career. I help them with sensitive issues that they cannot talk about with anyone. Even now I cannot be specific. I will say that I have clients who have been coming to me for a very long time and are very happy. I am happy for them because I see them doing well and where they need to be in their lives. I have not come across a situation that was too terrible or hard to overcome. Anything is possible if you have faith and the right guidance.
7. What can a client expect during and after a session with you?
I am very sweet, I am very honest but I have a heart.  I am very understanding and am not here to judge anyone.  I will be very clear about what I see, what can be done if anything to improve the situation and will put your mind at ease about things that you really don’t need to worry about.
8. How long do your sessions usually last?
My sessions go from 2 minutes to over an hour! It really depends on the client and how they feel. There is no minimum or maximum. Whatever they want to do is fine with me.
9. Do you prefer chat, phone of email readings, and why?
I enjoy both! The phone allows me to speak more freely but the chat helps with controlling how much energy comes through.
10. Are some people born with natural abilities or can everyone learn them?
We are all born with them. Some of us more than others. And even others get opportunities early on. But everyone can learn. It’s getting the practice that counts and it can take years of steady practice to get to the point of being able to do it for others. It’s a truly great responsibility as you hold peoples lives in your hands.
11. What’s your favorite animal?
My all time favorite is the Tiger! I love how strong and majestic they are!
12. How do you relax and recharge after a long day of helping clients?
I love to go window shopping. Ok REAL shopping! lol. I just buy things for people. I am a giver so anytime I see something that I think someone would like I pick it up for them. I’m told I have excellent taste 🙂
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