Is it Love you are Seeking?

seekyourdestiny_with_ginaAuthor: SeekYourDestiny with Gina

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they endure a relationship that shapes who they become as a partner. These relationships often end in heartache. Yet, They teach you so much about what you really want, and need out of a successful relationship. Often my clients say they want someone who is their perfect match.

However, Are you subconsciously choosing a lover knowing that the relationship will not work as a way to avoid pain, and rejection? Finding love is only half the battle. Keeping it alive often feels like the war. No relationship is perfect. A new relationship is being formed while an existing relationship is saying it’s final good-bye as you read this.

000014412683MediumThere is someone out there now looking for someone just like you. Yet, That doesn’t apply if you are not really ready for love or know exactly who you are as a partner. You can’t expect someone to commit to you, or give you unconditional love if you don’t have love for yourself, or know what you can bring to them as a partner.

As a Love and Relationship Expert, I have found that people tend to seek out partners who compliment them in some way or those that they settle for in the belief that they themselves have some unsolvable problem and it is easier to accept less than to take a risk in the unknown for something more rewarding. Then eventually every relationship reaches that point where you have to ask that ultimate question.

Did I finally get it right or Is this just another bad version of all of my past mistakes? Because you feel broken in some way, and seek out someone who can heal you or distract you from what you really feel inside. Staying in a broken relationship doesn’t always show your strength. Sometimes, You gain the most strength walking away, and standing up against your deepest fears. That is when you figure out who you truly are as a person, partner, and finally learn what you need compared to what you want.

So, If you are looking for the wrong person. Let it be the right wrong person. The kind of person that you can see, and know without doubt that he/she is the kind of problem worth having. Someone who is all wrong for you in just the right way; a problem who is absolutely worth your trouble – this is love.

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